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SV Lafnitz v Grazer AK 

first half goal line
~ over 0.5

Odds - 2.000

Stake - 🥩

INPLAY👨🏻‍💻 SV Lafnitz v Grazer AK first half goal line ~ over 0.5 Odds - 2.000 Stake - 🥩

SV Lafnitz - Grazer AK Bahis : İlk Yarı 0.5 Üst Oran : 1.60 Sinerjinizle :)

❗️Canlı❗️ Önce beğen, sonra oyna ; ---- Avusturya ---- 🍁SV Lafnitz - Grazer AK ⭐️1. Yarı Toplam GolÜst (0.5) 💰Oran : 1.50 #Canlibahis #CANLI #Livebet #inplay #Rolling

#inplay #fhg SV Lafnitz vs Grazer AK: over 1 goals (ht) @ 2.20 (5 units)

SV Lafnitz v Grazer AK Over 0.5 FHG

Матч Лафнитц(Lafnitz) - Грац АК (Grazer AK)Футбол. Австрия. 1-я лига

BOLA ROLANDO! Lafnitz [0] x [0] Grazer Campeonato Austríaco 2ª - 2020/2021 4ª Rodada 1 minuto(s) Fußballarena Lafnitz, Lafnitz, Austria 29 palpites nesta partida 22 (75.86%) no(a) Lafnitz 3 (10.34%) no empate 4 (13.79%) no(a) Grazer

29092020 18:30CET #Lafnitz vs #Grazer #livestream available with 1 providers

🔎 Starting lineups for the Lafnitz vs Grazer AK match are available:


🔎 Starting lineups for the Lafnitz vs Grazer AK match are available: ⚽⌛

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Details & Similar Teams

Grazer AK
Grazer AK

Grazer AK, founded 18 August 1902 as Grazer Athletiksport Klub , is an Austrian sports club, from the city of Graz in the federal state of Styria (Steiermark). The football section used to be one of the most popular Austrian clubs, mostly successful in the decade 1995–2005.


Grazer may refer to:

Brian Grazer
Brian Grazer

Brian Thomas Grazer is an American film / television producer and, occasionally, a screenwriter. He co-founded Imagine Entertainment in 1986, with Ron Howard.

Grazer Autorenversammlung
Grazer Autorenversammlung

The Grazer Autorinnen Autorenversammlung was founded under the name of Grazer Autorenversammlung in March 1973 and is one of the two major Austrian writers' association (besides the Austrian PEN). H. C. Artmann was its first president.

Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung

Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung or Graz Mutual Insurance Company is one of the largest Central European insurance companies. Its headquarters are located in Graz, Austria.

Grazer Philosophische Studien

Grazer Philosophische Studien/International Journal for Analytic Philosophy is a peer-reviewed academic journal on philosophy published by Rodopi Publishers. It was established in 1975 by Rudolf Haller and is currently edited by Johannes L. Brandl , Marian David (University of Graz), Maria E. Reicher-Marek (University of Aachen), and Leopold Stubenberg (University of Notre Dame).


In agriculture, grazing is a method of animal husbandry whereby domestic livestock are used to convert grass and other forage into meat, milk, wool and other products, often on land unsuitable for arable farming. Farmers may employ many different strategies of grazing for optimum production: grazing may be continuous, seasonal, or rotational within a grazing period.

Schlossberg (Graz)
Schlossberg (Graz)

The Schlossberg , at 473 meters (or 1552 feet) above sea level, is a tree-clad hill, and the site of a fortress, in the centre of the city of Graz, Austria. The hill is now a public park and enjoys extensive views of the city.

Kunsthaus Graz
Kunsthaus Graz

The Kunsthaus Graz, Grazer Kunsthaus, or Graz Art Museum was built as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations in 2003 and has since become an architectural landmark in Graz, Austria. Its exhibition program specializes in contemporary art from the 1960s onwards.

Graz Opera
Graz Opera

The Graz Opera is an Austrian opera house and opera company based in Graz. The orchestra of the opera house also performs concerts as the Graz Philharmonic Orchestra (Grazer Philharmonisches Orchester).

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