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GFA League First Division

The GFA League First Division is the highest division of football in Gambia. The league began play in 1969.

GFA Premier League

The GFA Premier League is the top football league in Grenada. It was created in 1983 and is headed by the Grenada Football Association.

GFA Super Cup

The GFA Super Cup, known as BOV Super Cup for sponsorship reasons, is an annual football super cup held before the league season start in Gozo. The match is contested by the champions of the previous First Division season and the holders of the GFA Cup.


GFA may refer to:


GFAJ-1 is a strain of rod-shaped bacteria in the family Halomonadaceae. It is an extremophile that was isolated from the hypersaline and alkaline Mono Lake in eastern California by geobiologist Felisa Wolfe-Simon, a NASA research fellow in residence at the US Geological Survey.


GFA BASIC is a dialect of the BASIC programming language, by Frank Ostrowski. The name is derived from the company , which distributed the software.

GFA First Division League

The Goa Football Association First Division is the second highest state level football league in Goa following Goa Pro League. It is organised by the Goa Football Association.


GameFAQs is a website that hosts FAQs and walkthroughs for video games. It was created in November 1995 by Jeff Veasey and was bought by CNET Networks in May 2003.


Crytek GmbH is a German video game and software developer based in Frankfurt. Founded by German Turkish brothers Cevat, Avni and Faruk Yerli in Coburg in September 1999 and moved to Frankfurt in 2006, Crytek also operates further studios in Kiev and Istanbul.The company is best known for developing the first installment of the Far Cry series and the Crysis series, the open world nature of their games which showcase the company's CryEngine, and for pushing the limits on PC specifications to achieve advanced graphics and gameplay.

Gangan Comics

Gangan is a manga imprint of Square Enix Holdings. It originated as a manga imprint for Enix before the company re-branded as Square Enix.

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