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France at the 1896 Summer Olympics
France at the 1896 Summer Olympics

Thirteen athletes from France competed in six sports at the 1896 Summer Olympics. France won the fourth-most gold medals with 5 and the fourth-most total medals with 11.

List of English cricketers (1787–1825)

This is a list of English cricketers who played first-class cricket between the 1787 and 1825 seasons. The sport of cricket in this period had already acquired most of its modern features such as eleven-a-side, the three-stump wicket and the lbw law, although pitch preparation was rudimentary and play was largely dictated by the weather.

Frances (1859 convict ship)

Frances was a convict ship that transported a single convict from Madras, India to Fremantle, Western Australia in 1859. The convict, Patrick McDonald or McDonnell, was a soldier convicted of an "unnatural crime" by court-martial at Rangoon, and sentenced to fourteen years' transportation.

Frances (1839)

Frances was a cutter built in 1839 at Encounter Bay, South Australia. It was wrecked on South Neptune Island on 29 August 1840.

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