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Gatuso added a bet 'Elverum - Stovner SK' with odds and prediction 6.61 for Draw, stake - 6/10

Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2021 12:00 ⏰ Sport: Soccer ⚽ Country: Norway 🇳🇴 League: Division 3 - Group 1 Game: Elverum - Gjellerasen🔔 Odd: 3 Odd type: --check on website-- Predicted result: --check on website-- Bookmaker: Coolbet 📕 More on:

Leudismar marcano added a bet 'Elverum - Kongsvinger 2' with odds and prediction 2.15 for Elverum (-1), stake - 10/10

Freebettingadvice added a bet 'Elverum - Kongsvinger 2' with odds and prediction 1.91 for Over, stake - 10/10

Ivan4v added a bet 'Elverum - Kongsvinger 2' with odds and prediction 1.77 for Under, stake - 10/10

Brkey_25 added a bet 'Lorenskog IF - Elverum' with odds and prediction 2.35 for Lorenskog IF, stake - 10/10

Futbolmaestro added a bet 'Lorenskog IF - Elverum' with odds and prediction 2.05 for Under, stake - 10/10

3.DIVISION ❗️ 🇳🇴 Lorenskog - Elverum ⚽️ Under 3,75 📈 1,8 🏦 Comeon 💰 5 Units

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Elverum Håndball

Elverum Håndball is a Norwegian handball club from Elverum, Norway. Currently, Elverum Håndball competes in the Norwegian Premier League Men's Handball, and they have been successful title winners for several years consecutively.

Elverum Fotball

Elverum Fotball is the association football section of the sports club Elverum IL from Elverum, Norway. They compete in the 3.

Elverum IL

Elverum IL is a Norwegian alliance sports club from Elverum in Hedmark. It was founded in 1892, and has sections for handball, association football, ski jumping, gymnastics and swimming.

Elverum Stadion
Elverum Stadion

Elverum Stadion, also known as Sentralidrettsplassen is a football stadium located in Elverum, Norway. It is the home ground of Elverum Fotball in the 2.


Elverum is a city and municipality in Innlandet county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Østerdalen.

Phil Elverum
Phil Elverum

Phil Elverum is an American songwriter, producer and visual artist, best known for his musical projects The Microphones and Mount Eerie.

Elverum Authorization

The Elverum Authorization allowed the Cabinet of Norway to temporarily and legitimately assert absolute authority given that the Storting (the Norwegian parliament) was no longer able to convene in ordinary session in Oslo.

Elverum Station
Elverum Station

Elverum Station is a railway station located at Vestad, on the west side of Glomma of Elverum, Norway. The station is on the Røros Line, in addition to being the terminus of the Solør Line.

Elverum Hospital
Elverum Hospital

Elverum Hospital is a general hospital situated in Elverum, Norway. It is part of Innlandet Hospital Trust, part of the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority.

Elverum (surname)

Elverum is a Norwegian surname that may refer to

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