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⏱️ 22' | 0-0 🟨 Amarilla a Sidibe (Prat) #EbroPrat #80AñosJuntos⚪🔵

Minut 20' Teruel 0-0 @CF_Badalona Espanyol B 1-0 Brea Tarazona 0-1 Europa Ibiza IP 0-0 Andratx Ebro 0-0 Prat 🔴 El Badalona baixaria a Tercera RFEF. S'ha de guanyar. #Badalona

Si ja comencem així... comencem malament. Cal estar amb l'equip a les bones ia les dolentes. Sempre cal estar amb l'equip. Cal estar amb les bones vibracions. Tots animar al Prat. @CD_Ebro 1 @aeprat1945 2 Som-Hi Prat 2 @ElPratEsports


Els 11 jugadors per la jornada 34 de la #2RFEF 🆚 @CD_Ebro 

Som-hi Prat 💙

#SomPotablava ⚽️🐔

[Alineació] Els 11 jugadors per la jornada 34 de la #2RFEF 🆚 @CD_Ebro Som-hi Prat 💙 #SomPotablava ⚽️🐔

¡Muy buenos días y bienvenidos a una intensa mañana de fútbol! Minuto a minuto del Ebro - Prat pero sin quitar ojo a todo lo que pase en el resto de jornada de #SegundaRFEF. Comenzaaaaaamos


⌛️ ¡Con este 11 vamos a intentar imponernos al Prat en 45 minutos!

💪🏼 ¡Vamos, Ebro!

👥 ALINEACIÓN ⌛️ ¡Con este 11 vamos a intentar imponernos al Prat en 45 minutos! 💪🏼 ¡Vamos, Ebro!

L'@aeprat1945 ja és a La Almozara. Permanència, playout o descens: el Prat s'ho juga tot en una darrera jornada d'infart! A partir de les 11:30, el @CD_Ebro - @aeprat1945, les finals d'ascens del @voleiprat i el @CBPrat femení


📣 Avui juga el Prat la #2RFEF
⚔️ @CD_Ebro 
🏟 La Almozara
🕛 12h 
📺 @footters 
📻 @elpratradio 

#SomPotablava 🐓⚽

🔥 [MATCH DAY] 📣 Avui juga el Prat la #2RFEF ⚔️ @CD_Ebro 🏟 La Almozara 🕛 12h 📺 @footters 📻 @elpratradio #SomPotablava 🐓⚽

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The Ebro is a river on the Iberian Peninsula. It is the second longest river in the Iberian peninsula after the Tagus, second biggest by discharge volume and by drainage area after the Douro, and longest river running entirely within Spain.

Ebro, Florida
Ebro, Florida

Ebro is a town in Washington County, Florida, United States. The population was 270 at the 2010 census.


Ebroin may also refer to Ebroin , a 9th-century bishop.Ebroin (died 680 or 681) was the Frankish mayor of the palace of Neustria on two occasions; firstly from 658 to his deposition in 673 and secondly from 675 to his death in 680 or 681. In a violent and despotic career, he strove to impose the authority of Neustria, which was under his control, over Burgundy and Austrasia.

Ebro trucks

Ebro trucks was a Spanish brand of light and medium trucks and buses, as well as all-wheel-drive utility vehicles and agricultural tractors, with plants located in Barcelona, Madrid, Ávila, and Cordoba.

Ebro Foods
Ebro Foods

Ebro Foods, S.A. , formerly Ebro Puleva, is the leading company in the Spanish food processing sector. Ebro Foods is the world's largest traders/miller of rice and the second biggest producer of pasta (its Panzani brand is a market leader in France).

Ebroin (bishop)

Ebroin was bishop of Poitiers from 839 to his death. He took on the administration of the county of Poitiers during a troubled period and continued to faithfully support King Charles the Bald.


Ebrotidine is an H2 receptor antagonist with gastroprotective activity against ethanol-, aspirin- or stress-induced gastric mucosal damage. The antisecretory properties of ebrotidine are similar to those of ranitidine, and approximately 10-fold greater than those of cimetidine.

Ebro Delta
Ebro Delta

The Ebro Delta is the delta region of the Ebro River (Catalan: Ebre, Spanish: Ebro), in the southwest of Catalonia Province of Tarragona . It is on the Mediterranean Sea, and is the northernmost point, by some designations, of the Gulf of Valencia.

Ebro Darden

Ibrahim "Ebro" Darden is an American media executive and radio personality. Until 2014, he was Vice President of Programming for Emmis Communications' New York contemporary urban station WQHT (Hot 97).

Ebro in the Morning

Ebro in the Morning is an American radio show based in New York City hosted by Ebro Darden, Peter Rosenberg, and Laura Stylez. It currently airs from 6 to 10 AM. Common topics of discussion on the show include national news, politics, and celebrity gossip.

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