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Dynamo Moscow Bandy Club
Dynamo Moscow Bandy Club

Dynamo Moscow is a Russian sports club from Moscow which was founded in 1923. The bandy team plays in the new Ice Palace Krylatskoye in the outskirts of Moscow.

WVC Dynamo Moscow

WVC Dinamo Moscow is a Russian women's volleyball club based in Moscow which is currently playing in the Super League. It was established in 1926 and dissolved in 1992, but was reestablished in 2004.

VC Dynamo Moscow

VC Dynamo Moscow is a Russian professional men's volleyball team based in Moscow which is playing in the Super League. Dynamo Moscow won the title of Russian Championionship twice (2006, 2008).

Dynamo Moscow (women's basketball)

WBC Dynamo Moscow is a Russian women's basketball club playing in the Russian Premier League. Founded in 1923, it was one of the most successful teams in the early stages of the Soviet Championship, winning its first 6 seasons and 5 more titles up to 1958.

WPC Dynamo Moscow

WPC Dynamo Moscow is a Russian men's water polo club, that is part of the traditional Moscow-based multi-sports club Dynamo.

BC Zenit Saint Petersburg

BC Zenit Saint Petersburg , formerly known as BC Dynamo Moscow Region (2003–2007) and BC Triumph Lyubertsy (2007–2014), is a Russian professional basketball team that is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, since 2014. The club competes in the VTB United League.

Dynamo Sports Club
Dynamo Sports Club

Dynamo, also Dinamo, is a sports and fitness society created in 1923 in the Soviet Union.

Dynamo Moscow

Dynamo Moscow is a Russian leading sports club based in Moscow. Founded by Felix Dzerzhinsky on 18 April 1923, Dynamo Moscow was the first institution created from the All-Union Dynamo Sports Club and the only one still connected to the old Dynamo.

Dinamo (Moscow Metro)
Dinamo (Moscow Metro)

Dinamo is a Moscow Metro station on the Zamoskvoretskaya line. It opened on 11 September 1938 as part of the second stage of the system.

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