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Dritan Babamusta

Dritan Babamusta is an Albanian football midfielder who plays for KF Partizani Tiranë. He has been capped once for Albania.

Dritan Baholli

Dritan Baholli is an Albanian football coach and a former professional footballer. He has been assistant manager and fitness coach at Austrian Bundesliga side Rapid Vienna.

Dritan Smajli

Dritan Smajli is an Albanian footballer who plays defender for KF Tirana in the Albanian Superliga. He has previously played for Kastrioti Krujë, Besëlidhja Lezhë, Vllaznia Shkodër and FK Kukesi.


Drita may refer to:

Dritan Hoxha

Dritan Hoxha was an Albanian businessman left hand of strong leader Vajdin Lame. He was the founder of Top Media, Albania's largest media company.

Drita (magazine)

Drita is an Albanian literary magazine published by the Association of the Young Modern Artists of Albania (Albanian: Shoqëria e Artistëve të Rinj Modernë). Drita was one of the first magazines in the Albanian language.


Dritas is a village in the former municipality of Zall-Herr in Tirana County, Albania. At the 2015 local government reform it became part of the municipality Tirana.

Drita Kotaji

Drita Kotaji is the singer of the new wave Belgian band Bernthøler, active between 1981 and 1985, and well known for the cult song "My Suitor" . Singer and writer, she's is running a solo career and is also involved, amongst other projects, in the INK. duet, and teach at La Cambre (Brussels) and Arts² (Mons) art schools.


Dritan is an Albanian masculine given name, which is derived from the Albanian dritë, meaning "light".

Dritan Abazović

Dritan Abazović is an Albanian Montenegrin politician, current member of Parliament of Montenegro, and Vice-president of United Reform Action. Having finished elementary and secondary school in Ulcinj, Abazović graduated at the Faculty of Political Sciences at the University of Sarajevo, becoming a valedictorian and winner of the "Golden Badge" and "Golden Charter" of the University of Sarajevo.

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