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Classe may refer to:

Classes of United States senators

The three classes of United States senators are made up of 33 or 34 Senate seats each. The purpose of the classes is to determine which Senate seats will be up for election in a given year.

Classes of computers

Computers can be classified, or typed, in many ways. Some common classifications of digital computers are summarized below.

Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles
Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles

The classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles (English: Higher School Preparatory Classes), commonly called classes prépas or prépas, are part of the French post-secondary education system. They consist of two years of study (extendable to three or exceptionally four years) which act as a preparatory course (or cram school) with the main goal of training students for enrolment in one of the grandes écoles.

Classen School of Advanced Studies

Classen School of Advanced Studies is a public speciality school serving students in grades 6-12 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma City Public Schools program participates in the IB Diploma Programme and offers fine arts courses as well, offering art, drama, and music classes to any qualifying student.

Classes of supply

The United States Army divides supplies into ten numerically identifiable classes of supply. The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation uses only the first five, for which NATO allies have agreed to share a common nomenclature with each other based on a NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG).

Classe Tous Risques

Classe Tous Risques is a 1960 French-Italian gangster film directed by Claude Sautet and starring Lino Ventura, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Sandra Milo. It was first released in the United States as The Big Risk.

Classes of offenses under United States federal law

The classes of offenses under United States federal law are as follows:

Classe, ancient port of Ravenna
Classe, ancient port of Ravenna

Classe was a commercial port located 4 km east south east from Ravenna, Italy. It was near the head of the Adriatic coast.


Class or The Class may refer to:

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