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Chilly Willy (wrestler)

William Jones is an American retired professional wrestler and former United States Army soldier, better known by his ring name Chilly Willy. He is best known for his appearances in Extreme Championship Wrestling from 2000 to 2001.


Chilly may refer to: Cold, i.e.

Chilly Gonzales
Chilly Gonzales

Jason Charles Beck, professionally known as Chilly Gonzales , is a Grammy-winning Canadian musician. Currently based in Cologne, Germany, he previously lived for several years in Paris.

Chilly Willy

Chilly Willy is a cartoon character, a diminutive penguin. He was created by director Paul Smith for the Walter Lantz studio in 1953, and developed further by Tex Avery in the two subsequent films following Smith's debut entry.


Chilly-Mazarin is a commune in the southern suburbs of Paris, France. It is located 16.9 km (10.5 mi) from the center of Paris.

Chilly (band)

Chilly was a German Euro disco/rock band from 1978 to 1983. They were created and produced by the producer, composer and book author Bernt Moehrle.

Chilly Scenes of Winter (film)

Chilly Scenes of Winter is a 1979 romantic comedy film, written and directed by Joan Micklin Silver. The film is an adaptation of the 1976 novel Chilly Scenes of Winter by Ann Beattie.

Chilly Willy filmography

This is a list of Walter Lantz "Cartunes" featuring Chilly Willy. All are entries in Lantz's Chilly Willy series.

Chili pepper
Chili pepper

The chili pepper , from Nahuatl chīlli (Nahuatl pronunciation: [ˈt͡ʃiːlːi] (listen)), is the fruit of plants from the genus Capsicum which are members of the nightshade family, Solanaceae. Chili peppers are widely used in many cuisines as a spice to add heat to dishes.

Chili powder
Chili powder

Chili powder is the dried, pulverized fruit of one or more varieties of chili pepper, sometimes with the addition of other spices (where it is also sometimes known as chili powder blend or chili seasoning mix). It is used as a spice (or spice blend) to add pungency (piquancy) and flavor to culinary dishes.

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