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ℹ️Alineaciones de los equipos ▶️Así sale AD Carmelita y ADC Barrio México para el juego de hoy. ▶️Lo gana Barrio México en el global por 0-3.

▶️Minuto a Minuto de hoy ⌚14:00 hrs ⚽Jicaral 🆚 LD Alajuelense (1ª División) ⚽AD Carmelita 🆚 Barrio México (Ascenso) ⌚17:00hrs ⚽CS Herediano 🆚 ADG (1ª División) ⚽🇧🇷Corinrhians 🆚 Santa Fe🇨🇴 (Libertadores) ¡AHORA MISMO! ⚽Cambute 0-0 Sarchí (3ª División)

Hlias73 added a bet 'Deportiva Carmelita - C.D. Barrio Mexico' with odds and prediction 2.30 for Deportiva Carmelita, stake - 10/10

🏆Liga Motorola de Ascenso ℹ️Cuartos de Final - Vuelta 📅Domingo 21 de noviembre ⚽Puntarenas 🆚 Santa Ana [2-1] 🏟️Miguel "Lito" Pérez ⌚11:00 ⚽AD Carmelita 🆚 ADC Barrio México [0-3] 🏟️Rafael Bolaños ⌚14:00 ▶️Minuto a Minuto solamente en el segundo juego.

⏱️Partido Finalizado. Puerto Golfito 0 (1) Marineros de Puntarenas 1 (4) Con esta victoria nos aseguramos la clasificación a semifinales, a espera del ganador de Barrio México vs Carmelita. #AscensoCR #TodosABordo #RumboAPrimera 🧡🤍 #MarinerosDePuntarenas

Robynapoli83 added a bet 'C.D. Barrio Mexico - Deportiva Carmelita' with odds and prediction 1.33 for Over, stake - 10/10

▶ Canlı ▶ Carmelita - Municipal Garabito ▶ İy 0.5 üst

Justiceroyale1 added a bet 'Deportiva Carmelita - Municipal Garabito' with odds and prediction 2.38 for No, stake - 10/10

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Details & Similar Teams

Carmelita Jeter
Carmelita Jeter

Carmelita Jeter is an American sprinter, who specializes in the 100 meters. She was the 2011 IAAF World Champion in the 100 m and a three-time Olympic medallist.

Carmelita (baseball)

Carmelita were a Cuban baseball team. They played in 1904 in the Cuban League and the Cuban-American Negro Clubs Series, and in 1908 in the Cuban League.

Carmelita Correa

Carmelita Viridiana Correa Silva is a Mexican track and field athlete who competes in the pole vault. She is the Mexican record holder with her best of 4.18 metres and was the gold medallist at the Central American and Caribbean Championships in Athletics in 2013.


Carmelita may refer to:

Carmelita Hinton

Carmelita Hinton was an American progressive educator. She is best known as the founder in 1935 of The Putney School, a progressive boarding school in Vermont.

Carmelita Maracci

Carmelita Maracci was an American concert dancer and choreographer who creatively combined ballet and Spanish dance techniques. She excelled before an experienced audience, receiving praise from dancers and critics.

Carmelita Tropicana

Alina Troyano, more commonly known as Carmelita Tropicana, is a Cuban-American stage and film lesbian actress who lives and works in New York City

Carmelita González

Carmelita González was a Mexican lead actress known for her film roles during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. She appeared in nearly 100 Mexican films during her career, opposite such actors as Mario Moreno Cantinflas, Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete.

Carmelita Vigil-Schimmenti
Carmelita Vigil-Schimmenti

Brigadier General Carmelita Vigil-Schimmenti is a retired officer of the United States Air Force, who in 1985 became the first Hispanic female to attain the rank of Brigadier General.


The Carmelites, formally known as the Order of the Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel or sometimes simply as Carmel by synecdoche, is a Roman Catholic mendicant religious order founded, probably in the 12th century, on Mount Carmel in the Crusader States, hence the name Carmelites. However, historical records about its origin remain very uncertain.

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