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Brumunddal Fotball

Brumunddal Fotball is the football section of the Norwegian alliance sports club Brumunddal IL, located in Brumunddal, Hedmark. The organizational independency of the football section dates from 2003, although its parent club was founded in 1895.

Reserve teams in Norwegian football

Reserve teams in Norwegian association football play in the ordinary league system. They are always attached to their first teams with a "2" suffix, must play in a lower league than the first team, and cannot play in the Premier League or First Division.


Brumunddal is the largest settlement in the Ringsaker municipality of Hedmark, Norway. It is a small, densely populated area surrounded by countryside and farms on the eastern shore of Norway's largest lake: Mjøsa.

Brumunddal Station
Brumunddal Station

Brumunddal Station is a railway station in Brumunddal in Ringsaker, Norway, on Dovrebanen. The station was opened in 1894 with the construction of the railway between Hamar and Tretten.

Brumunddal IL

Brumunddal Idrettslag is a Norwegian alliance sports club from Brumunddal, Hedmark. It has departments for association football and alpine skiing.

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