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BOLA ROLANDO! Tom Tomsk [0] x [0] Baltika Campeonato Russo 2ª - 2020/2021 16ª Rodada 1 minuto(s) Trud, Tomsk, Russia 28 palpites nesta partida 12 (42.86%) no(a) Tom Tomsk 7 (25.00%) no empate 9 (32.14%) no(a) Baltika

COMEÇANDO DAQUI A 30 MINUTOS! 06:00 Campeonato Russo 2ª - 2020/2021 - 16ª Rodada Tom Tomsk: 12 Empate: 7 Baltika: 9 Total de palpites: 28

17102020 11:00CET #Tomsk vs #Baltika #livestream available with 1 providers

COMEÇANDO DAQUI A 3 HORAS! 06:00 Campeonato Russo 2ª - 2020/2021 - 16ª Rodada Tom Tomsk: 11 Empate: 5 Baltika: 8 Total de palpites: 24

Epatetuka added a bet 'FK Tom Tomsk - FK Baltika Kaliningrad' with odds and prediction 1.67 for Under, stake - 10/10

Thanos04 added a bet 'FK Tom Tomsk - FK Baltika Kaliningrad' with odds and prediction 1.67 for Under, stake - 10/10

Tomsk - Baltika: Away @ 2.00 +17.53% 17th Oct 09:00 GMT

Baltika - Chertanovo M.: Home @ 1.50 +17.89% 13th Oct 17:30 GMT

BOLA ROLANDO! Nizhny Novgorod [0] x [0] Baltika Campeonato Russo 2ª - 2020/2021 14ª Rodada 1 minuto(s) Lokomotiv Stadium, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia 30 palpites nesta partida 20 (66.67%) no(a) Nizhny Novgorod 4 (13.33%) no empate 6 (20.00%) no(a) Baltika

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Details & Similar Teams

FC Baltika Kaliningrad
FC Baltika Kaliningrad

FC Baltika is an association football club based in Kaliningrad, Russia. Currently the club plays in the Russian Football National League, the second tier of the Russian football pyramid.

Baltika Stadium

Baltika Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Kaliningrad, Russia, that is home to FC Baltika Kaliningrad. The capacity of the stadium is 14,660, making it an average-sized stadium in the Russian First Division.

FC Baltika-Tarko Kaliningrad

FC Baltika-Tarko Kaliningrad was a Russian football team from Kaliningrad. It played professionally for one season in the Russian Second Division in 2004, when in came 15th in the West Zone.

FK Liepājas Metalurgs

FK Liepājas Metalurgs was a Latvian football club in the city of Liepāja and playing in the Virslīga. They played at the Daugava Stadium (capacity 5,083).

Baltika Breweries

Baltika Brewery is the second largest brewing company in Europe and the leader of the Russian beer market with over 38% market share. It is headquartered in St.

Baltika Group

The Baltika Group is an Estonian fashion brandhouse and retailer that operates Monton, Mosaic, Baltman, Bastion and Ivo Nikkolo retail concepts. Since May 2013 Baltika also represents Blue Inc London fashion brand in the Baltics.

Baltika (icebreaker)
Baltika (icebreaker)

Baltika is a Russian icebreaker built by Arctech Helsinki Shipyard in Helsinki, Finland. She is the first ship ever built with an asymmetric hull that allows her to operate not only ahead and astern, but also obliquely (sideways) with a large angle of attack.

Baltika, Republic of Bashkortostan
Baltika, Republic of Bashkortostan

Baltika is a rural locality (a selo) and the administrative center of Baltiysky Selsoviet, Iglinsky District, Bashkortostan, Russia. The population was 719 as of 2010.

Balika Vadhu

Balika Vadhu is an Indian soap opera that aired on Colors TV. It aired between 21 July 2008 and 31 July 2016 with 2,245 episodes. The story which is set in rural Rajasthan revolved around the life of a child bride from childhood to womanhood.


Baltica is a paleocontinent that formed in the Paleoproterozoic and now constitutes northwestern Eurasia, or Europe north of the Trans-European Suture Zone and west of the Ural Mountains. The thick core of Baltica, the East European Craton, is more than three billion years old and formed part of the Rodinia supercontinent at c.

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