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Al-Yarmuk Al-Rawda

Al Yarmuk Al Rawda is a Yemeni football club based in San‘a’, Yemen. The club was founded in 1978.

Al-Yarmouk SC (Kuwait)

Al-Yarmouk is a Kuwaiti professional sports club located in the district of Mishref. It was established on 28 February 1965 in Failaka Island and was the only Kuwaiti club to have been established outside mainland Kuwait at that time.

Al-Yarmouk FC (Jordan)

Al-Yarmouk FC is Jordan a football, formed in Amman in 1967, the club is currently part of the Jordan Premier League.

Al-Yarmouk SC (Syria)

Al-Yarmouk Sports Club is a Syrian sports club based in Aleppo, best known for their football. Founded in 1925, Al-Yarmouk is the 2nd oldest sports organization in Syria.

Al-Yarmouk (Libya)

Al-Yarmouk is a Libyan football club based in Janzour, near Tripoli. The club was runner-up of the 1997 Libyan Cup.The team previously played in the Libyan Premier League and played in the Libyan Second Division during the 2008–09 season.

Al Yarmouk University College

Al Yarmouk University College is a private Iraqi university established in 1996 in Diyala and the Medical Departments lie in Baghdad, Iraq.


The Yarmouk River is the largest tributary of the Jordan River.

Al-Yarmouk Teaching Hospital

Al-Yarmouk Teaching Hospital is one of the Iraqi hospitals. Located in Baghdad, Al-Karkh, Al-Yarmouk city, besides Al-Mustansiriya medical college .

Al-Yarmouk District

Al-Yarmouk is one of the districts of Amman governorate, Jordan.

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