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Al-Orouba SC

Al-Orouba Sporting Club " , or just plainly as Al-Orouba) is an Omani sports club based in Sur, Oman. The club is currently playing in the Oman Professional League, top division of Oman Football Association.

Al-Oruba (Zabid)

Sporting Cultural Club Al-Oruba Zabid is a Yemeni football club based in San‘a’, Yemen. The club was founded in 2008.

Al-Orobah FC

Al-Orobah Football Club is a Saudi Arabian football club based in Sakakah, playing in the second tier of Saudi football, the Prince Mohammad bin Salman League. They won the 2012–13 Saudi First Division and were promoted to the Saudi Professional League, the top level of Saudi Arabian football for the first time in their history.

Al Urubah

Al Urubah was a pro-Muammar Gaddafi Libyan television station. Following the fall of Tripoli in August, 2011, it broadcast messages from the deposed leader and his information minister, Moussa Ibrahim.


Al-Oruba Means unity or belonging:

Al-Oruba Club Stadium

Al-Oruba Club Stadium is a multi-use stadium in Sakakah, Saudi Arabia. It is currently used mostly for football matches, on club level by Al-Orobah F.C. of the Saudi Professional League.

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