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GOAL! Al Kuwait in Kuwait Premier League Al Kuwait 1-0 Al Shabab

Sthiiver added a bet 'Al-Kuwait - Al-Shabab' with odds and prediction 1.48 for Al-Kuwait, stake - 10/10

Ale rafu added a bet 'Al-Kuwait - Al-Shabab' with odds and prediction 1.94 for Al-Kuwait (-1.25), money back on draw, stake - 10/10

Ravier added a bet 'Al-Kuwait - Al-Shabab' with odds and prediction 3.60 for Al-Kuwait by 1, stake - 1/10

Overunder-polskityper added a bet 'Al-Kuwait - Al-Shabab' with odds and prediction 2.14 for Al-Kuwait (-1.5), money back on draw, stake - 10/10

Expatriés : 🇹🇳 MATCH DAY 🇹🇳 🇪🇬13:00 Ghazl El Mehalla - National Bank of Egypt (Mathnani) 🇰🇼14:00 Al Kuwait (Akaïchi, Bédoui) - Al Shabab 🇪🇬15:00 El Geish - ENPPI (Boughattas)

Today’s win Acca Maccabi Tel Aviv to beat Hapoel Haifa Al Kuwait to beat Al shabab Chiang Rai united to beat Chonburi Tottenham to beat Fulham 5.6/1

Kazma SC vs Al Kuwait at 16:25: Over 0.5 First Half Goals rating: 4 Stars


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Al Kuwait SC (basketball)

Al Kuwait SC is a Kuwaiti professional basketball club. The club competes in the Kuwaiti Division I Basketball League.

Kuwait SC

Kuwait Sporting Club is a Kuwaiti professional football and basketball club based in Kuwait City. The football team has won the Kuwaiti Premier League 15 times, with the most recent one coming in 2018–19.

Al Kuwait Sports Club Stadium
Al Kuwait Sports Club Stadium

Al Kuwait Kaifan Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Kuwait City, Kuwait. It is currently used mostly for football matches and hosts the home matches of Al Kuwait Kaifan.

Operation Opera

Operation Opera , also known as Operation Babylon, was a surprise Israeli air strike carried out on 7 June 1981, which destroyed an Iraqi nuclear reactor under construction 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) southeast of Baghdad. The operation came after Iran's unsuccessful Operation Scorch Sword operation had caused minor damage to the same nuclear facility the previous year, the damage having been subsequently repaired by French technicians.

Kuwait City
Kuwait City

Kuwait City is the capital and largest city of Kuwait. Located at the heart of the country on the shore of the Persian Gulf, and containing Kuwait's National Assembly (parliament), most governmental offices, the headquarters of most Kuwaiti corporations and banks, it is the political, cultural and economical centre of the emirate.

Capital Governorate (Kuwait)
Capital Governorate (Kuwait)

Al Asimah , also called Al Kuwayt or Capital is one of the six governorates of Kuwait, and consists of the following districts: Abdullah Al-Salem عبدالله السالم Adiliya العديلية Bneid Al-Qar بنيد القار Al Da'iya الدعية Al Dasma الدسمة Dasman Sharq Al Faiha الفيحا Faylakah (consisting of the islands of Failaka, Miskan, and Auhah) Jaber Al-Ahmad جابر الاحمد Kaifan كيفان Khaldiya Kuwait City (Kuwait's capital) Al Mansouriah المنصورية Murgab المرقاب Al-Nuzha النزهة Al Qadisiya القادسية Qurtoba قرطبة Rawdah الروضة Al Shamiya الشامية Al Shuwaikh الشويخ Sulaibikhat Al Surra السرة Al Yarmoukاليرموك North West Sulaibikhat شمال غرب صليبخاتAl Asimah means "the capital" in Arabic. Al Asimah houses most of Kuwait's financial and business centres such as the Kuwait Stock Exchange.

Al-Qaeda safe house
Al-Qaeda safe house

Al-Qaeda is understood to have operated a number of safe houses, some of which were used as training centres. American intelligence analysts justified the extrajudicial detention of some Guantanamo suspects because they stayed in what they characterized as an Al Qaeda safe house.

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