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USM Alger

Union sportive de la médina d'Alger known as USM Alger or simply USMA for short, is a football club based in the city of Algiers. The club was founded in 1937 and its colours are red and black.

Usman Khawaja
Usman Khawaja

Usman Tariq Khawaja is an Australian cricketer who currently represents Australia and Queensland. Khawaja made his first-class cricket debut for New South Wales in 2008 and played his first international match for Australia in January 2011.

USM Alger in African football
USM Alger in African football

USM Alger, an Algerian professional association football club, has gained entry to Confederation of African Football competitions on several occasions. They have represented Algeria in the Champions League on seven occasions, the Confederation Cup on Three separate occasions, the now-defunct Cup Winners' Cup five separate occasions, and the now-defunct CAF Cup one occasions.

Usman Garuba
Usman Garuba

Usman Garuba Alari is a Spanish professional basketball player for Real Madrid of the Liga ACB. He is a 2.03 m (6 ft 8 in) center and plays for the Spanish under-18 national team. He is one of the best international prospects in the 2021 NBA draft.

United States Merchant Marine Academy
United States Merchant Marine Academy

The United States Merchant Marine Academy is a United States service academy located in Kings Point, New York. It trains officers to serve in United States Merchant Marine, branches of the military, and the transportation industry.

Usman dan Fodio

Shaihu Usman dan Fodio, born Usuman ɓin Foduye, (born 15 December 1754, Gobir – died 20 April 1817, Sokoto) was a religious teacher, revolutionary, military leader, writer, and promoter of Sunni Islam and the founder of the Sokoto Caliphate.Dan Fodio was one of a class of urbanized ethnic Fula people living in the Hausa Kingdoms since the early 1400s in what is now northern Nigeria. He belonged to the Maliki school of fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) and the Qadiri branch of Sufism.Dan Fodio taught Maliki fiqh in the city-state of Gobir until 1802 when, motivated by his reformist ideas and suffering increasing repression by local authorities, he led his followers into exile.

Merchant Marine Mariners

The United States Merchant Marine Academy's intercollegiate sports teams are called the Mariners and they compete in the Division III of the NCAA, generally as a charter member of the Landmark Conference. In 2016, they returned to the Skyline Conference in all sports.

Usman Ally

Usman Ally is a Pakistani-American film, stage and television actor. Marking his acting debut in 2008, Ally won an Obie Award in 2015 for his role in The Invisible Hand.He has appeared in several stage productions including The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, The Jungle Book and a production of Around the World in 80 Days.

Usman Mukhtar

Usman Mukhtar is a Pakistani actor, director and cinematographer.

Usman Khan (terrorist)

Usman Khan , also known as Abu Saif, was a British terrorist who was convicted of plotting a terrorist attack in 2012 and who was shot dead by City of London Police after being restrained by members of the public whilst committing a knife attack near London Bridge on 29 November 2019, during which he killed two and injured three.

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