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Ivan4v added a bet 'BC Titebi - Rustavi' with odds and prediction 1.85 for Under, stake - 10/10

Ivan4v added a bet 'BC Titebi - Olimpi Tbilisi' with odds and prediction 1.85 for BC Titebi (+6.5), money back on draw, stake - 10/10

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Time (bicycle company)

Time Sport International is a French manufacturer of bicycles and cycling equipment, including bicycle frames, cycling shoes, clipless bicycle pedals, cranksets, and gloves.

Tiebiri Godswill

Tiebiri Godswill is a Nigerian wrestler. He competed in the men's Greco-Roman 52 kg at the 1996 Summer Olympics.


Titus Livius – simply rendered as Livy ( LIV-ee) in English – was a Roman historian. He wrote a monumental history of Rome and the Roman people, titled Ab Urbe Condita, ''From the Founding of the City'', covering the period from the earliest legends of Rome before the traditional foundation in 753 BC through the reign of Augustus in Livy's own lifetime.

Tit (bird)
Tit (bird)

The tits, chickadees, and titmice constitute the Paridae, a large family of small passerine birds which occur mainly in the Northern Hemisphere and Africa. Most were formerly classified in the genus Parus.

Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers

Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me the Pliers is the Firesign Theatre's third comedy album, released by Columbia Records in July 1970. In 1983, The New Rolling Stone Record Guide called it "the greatest comedy album ever made".

Tiébilé Dramé
Tiébilé Dramé

Tiébilé Dramé is a Malian politician who served in the government of Mali as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1991 to 1992. In the years since he has remained active on the political scene, while also acting as a diplomat and mediator in regional crises.

George Tirebiter

George Tirebiter was the nickname initially given to a dog at the University of Southern California in the 1940s who was the unofficial mascot of the school before becoming the official mascot on October 22, 1947. The nickname was passed on to George Tirebiter's subsequent successors after the original Tirebiter's death in 1950.


Tit-Bits from all the interesting Books, Periodicals, and Newspapers of the World, more commonly known as Tit-Bits, was a British weekly magazine founded by an early father of popular journalism George Newnes on 22 October 1881.

The Tie That Binds (1995 film)

The Tie That Binds is a 1995 thriller film directed by screenwriter Wesley Strick and starring Daryl Hannah, Keith Carradine, Vincent Spano, Moira Kelly and Julia Devin. Strick's directing debut, the film follows the struggles of a couple who have just adopted a 6-year-old girl, only to discover that her biological parents, a murderous couple, are trying to reclaim her.


Tit-Ebya is a rural locality (a selo) and the administrative center of Zhemkonsky 1-y Rural Okrug of Khangalassky District in the Sakha Republic, Russia, located 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) from Pokrovsk, the administrative center of the district. Its population as of the 2002 Census was 802.

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