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Thiel may refer to:

Thiel Fellowship

The Thiel Fellowship is a fellowship created by billionaire Peter Thiel through the Thiel Foundation. The fellowship is intended for students under the age of 23 and offers them a total of $100,000 over two years, as well as guidance and other resources, to drop out of school and pursue other work, which could involve scientific research, creating a startup, or working on a social movement.

Thielert Centurion
Thielert Centurion

The Thielert Centurion is a series of Diesel cycle aircraft engines for general aviation originally built by Thielert, which was bought by Aviation Industry Corporation of China's Tecnify Motors subsidiary and is currently marketed by Continental Motors. They are based on heavily modified Mercedes-Benz automotive engines.

Thiel College
Thiel College

Thiel College is a private liberal arts college in Greenville, Pennsylvania. It affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and is one of the smallest colleges or universities in the region with about 100 full- and part time faculty members.

Thiele/Small parameters

Thiele/Small parameters are a set of electromechanical parameters that define the specified low frequency performance of a loudspeaker driver. These parameters are published in specification sheets by driver manufacturers so that designers have a guide in selecting off-the-shelf drivers for loudspeaker designs.

Thielaviopsis basicola
Thielaviopsis basicola

Thielaviopsis basicola is a plant-pathogenic fungus in the division Ascomycota. It is a soil-borne fungus that causes black root rot.

Thiel Foundation

The Thiel Foundation is a private foundation created and funded by billionaire Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and early investor in Facebook.

Thielavia subthermophila

Thielavia subthermophila is a ubiquitous, filamentous fungus that is a member of the phylum Ascomycota and order Sordariales. Known to be found on plants of arid environments, it is an endophyte with thermophilic properties, and possesses dense, pigmented mycelium.

Thiel and Boerne
Thiel and Boerne

Detective chief inspector Frank Thiel and forensic medical examiner Dr. Karl Friedrich Boerne are the lead protagonists of the German television series, Tatort Münster.

Thielavia terricola

Pseudothielavia terricola is a fungal species of the phylum Ascomycota, order Chaetomiaceae, and genus Pseudothielavia. Pseudothielavia terricola is widely distributed, especially in the tropical region of the world - with documented appearances in Africa, Southern Europe, and Asia.

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