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Details & Similar Teams

Esporte Clube Juventude
Esporte Clube Juventude

Esporte Clube Juventude, also known as Juventude, is a Brazilian football team in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul. The club competed several times in the Série A, won the Copa do Brasil and the Série B once and competed once in the Copa Libertadores.

Juventude Ouriense

Juventude Ouriense is a Rink Hockey team from Ourém, Portugal.

FC Juventude (Sal)

Futebol Clube Juventude is a football (soccer) club that had played in the Premier division and plays in the Sal Island League in Cape Verde. It is based in the subdivision of Morro de Cural in the city of Espargos in the island of Sal.

Juventude Atlética de Rio Meão

The Juventude Atlética de Rio Meão is a Portuguese football club in the parish of Rio Meão, municipality of Santa Maria da Feira, the district of Aveiro. The club was founded in 1976.

Juventude Atlético do Moxico

Juventude Atlético do Moxico, simply known Juventude do Moxico, and formerly known as Inter do Moxico is a football club from Luena, Moxico province, Angola. The club was relegated from the Angolan Premier Division, Girabola in the end of the 2007 championship.

G.D. Juventude de Viana (roller hockey)

Grupo Desportivo Juventude de Viana, formerly Enama de Viana, is an Angolan sports club based in the municipality of Viana, Luanda. The club has a men's roller hockey team competing at the local level, at the Luanda Provincial Roller Hockey Championship and at the Angolan Roller Hockey Championship.

Juventudes de Acción Popular
Juventudes de Acción Popular

The Juventudes de Acción Popular was the youth wing of CEDA, a Spanish rightwing party in the 1930s. The organisation was originally created as a branch of Acción Popular in 1933.

Juventude de Atitude

Juventude De Atitude is the second album of Brazilian hip hop group Facção Central, released in 1995, recorded in 1993 and 1994 and with eight tracks shown below.

Social Democratic Party (Portugal)
Social Democratic Party (Portugal)

The Social Democratic Party , founded as the Democratic Peoples' Party (Portuguese: Partido Popular Democrata, PPD), is a liberal-conservative and liberal political party in Portugal. Commonly known by its colloquial initials PSD, on ballot papers its initials appear as its official form PPD/PSD, with the first three letters coming from the party's original name.

Socialist Youth (Portugal)

Socialist Youth is the youth organisation of the Socialist Party of Portugal. The Socialist Youth (JS) is a leftist political organization that emerges as a youth party of the Socialist Party.

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