Tips on how to improve Filipino vocab? Also, sobrang hirap po ba nung vocab sa UPCAT? — Try to converse daily in Filipino. Magbasa din ng mga Filipino books. Try mock exams too
MamlakaFoods MamlakaFoods
As always, good hygiene is important when handling food to prevent any food-borne illnesses, importantly during #covid19kenya Pandemic Wash unpackaged produce, such as fruit and vegetables, thoroughly under running water.  @UNICEFKenya
It is getting harder , finding decent jokes that is and takes time googling as i do need to laugh myself and read loads that are pretty poor 😀test them on my wife as she laughs at most things , so if she doenst i know it must be BADDDDDD . Have a good day , be safe , stay safe!
Sandra Sandra
[:de]Tipps gegen Langeweile: Dinge, die wir zu Hause machen können[:en]Tips against Boredom: What we can do at Home[:]
Published By : @Sandra
manusiakebal manusiakebal
lur mo nnya,tips biar rambut nga rontok terus gmnaa. rambutku rontok terus lur
Adil Khan Adil Khan
Loving @thismorning! It's become part of my daily routin during this challenging time. It gives me a reason 2 wake up early enough 2 watch the show discussing important issues, all things #covid-19, tips on things 2do @ home, point 4 thoughts and ofcourse loads of Entertainment
Hai #SahabatBPOM, jika di tengah pandemi Covid-19 kamu terpaksa tetap harus bekerja di kantor, kamu harus tetap waspada ya dan ikuti tips berikut agar kamu tetap dapat terhindar dari Covid-19. . Kuy sebarkan info…
outPOD outPOD
Kevin Love's 4 Tips To Stop A Panic Attack In Its Tracks
Published By : @outPOD
ForHealthNews ForHealthNews
Health News Kevin Loves 4 Tips To Stop A Panic Attack In Its Tracks
Published By : @ForHealthNews
Speed Cat Speed Cat
Kevin Love's 4 Tips To Stop A Panic Attack In Its Tracks
Published By : @Speed Cat
Sun Racing Sun Racing
🇺🇸There's more top notch racing in the US this evening - @TemplegateTips has you covered
Andy Jackson 🌍 Andy Jackson 🌍
Well, the company that no longer tweets about it’s _actual product_ which is _actually relevant to me_ has finally driven me to hit the unfollow button. A crass and cynical post, which ironically fails to use the ‘tips’ it offers.
MirrorWeb MirrorWeb
Businesses can't ignore Covid19 but what *can* they do when marketing? Not mentioning it would seem odd, but too much might come across as insensitive. Here, we assess what brands can do to regain customer trust in difficult times:
aeronwy ⛈️🔥 aeronwy ⛈️🔥
Chris is posting tips on how to be a good quarantine dad and Tom takes a 2 second video of himself to thank the NHS while looking like he just came through a haunted mirror
Ms. Drasby Ms. Drasby
Tips for Success: Attaching Files to Google Classroom…
Published By : @Ms. Drasby
TourismMarketingSA TourismMarketingSA
Are you feeling a bit tongue-tied on your establishment's social media channels at the moment? We have a few tips. #HospitalityMarketing #LockdownSA
David C. Dawson David C. Dawson
My latest newsletter, with tips from readers for coping with lockdown, is out now! Sign up for it here:
Published By : @David C. Dawson
The Wealth Zone The Wealth Zone
Elementary tips and advice to provide you with comprehensive prospective lead accumulation awareness
Published By : @The Wealth Zone
The Challenge Newspaper The Challenge Newspaper
Here are our tips on how to maintain your car during the lockdown.
Published By : @The Challenge Newspaper
SHA Wellness Clinic SHA Wellness Clinic
Information overload leads us to feel even more restlessness and anguish. What can we do to make technologies help us in times of uncertainty? We give you 5 tips on how to manage anxiety during these times: #shawellness #detox #stayhealthywithSHA
Published By : @SHA Wellness Clinic
Lynda Harford Lynda Harford
Never a better time than now to share tips for taking care of our mental health. For me counting my blessings and my daily dose of yoga do the trick.
April is Stress Awareness Month; what are your top tips for dealing with stress? We would love to hear them :) #CambridgeshireTogether
Published By : @Lynda Harford
Mateusz Kausa Mateusz Kausa
Tips form masters of isolation. Definitely a good read. #quarantaine #quarantineTips
You are the best one You are the best one
Olahraga lagi yuk,.. Hari ini kita latih otot yang lain ya.. Harus beda sama yg kmren. Tips nya adalah,. Jgn latih otot yang sma setiap hari... Yg ada ototm7 ga jadi2 ntr
D2D Millionaire D2D Millionaire
Door to door sales tips Are you keeping your energy up? #d2d #doortodoor
Paul & Team Paul & Team
7 Tips for getting more blog shares A #BBunker Blog
Published By : @Paul & Team
Green Umbrella Green Umbrella
It's not long until our GU Live Lunch today at 12:00 pm! Tune in on our Facebook page for a mid-week catch up with a few useful tips thrown in too! #GULunch #Live #LiveLunch
Les invitamos a leer nuestro artículo de hoy "5 tips para mejorar la seguridad en Zoom" en nuestro blog #TecnoTips. 👇👇👇
Published By : @Tres Punto Cero
Am losing plenty of followers , seems plenty dont like the jokes 😂 if you dont have a sense of humour of any kind its probably for the best 😀👍
Gamgee Gamgee
Now when children are 24/7 at home, to entertain them can be difficult, but we have a few tips😉 ▶give them tasks and follow up ▶while you are doing your work, they can do their homework ▶spend time in a creative way ▶regulate screen time with our parental control solution
Published By : @Gamgee
IamExpatDE IamExpatDE
Today marks one year of up-to-date information, important news and entertaining tips on life in Germany - all in English and paywall free - and we couldn't have done it without you, our readers. Thank you so much for your support! #Birthday #IamExpat
Published By : @IamExpatDE
Montgomeryshire WT Montgomeryshire WT
Want to help butterflies in your garden this #Easter? @savebutterflies have some great tips on their website: #SolaceinNature #LoveWildlife
Published By : @Montgomeryshire WT
Exclaimer Exclaimer
You don't need an #HTML guru to design a professional #emailsignature. Here's 10 tips that'll give you the help you need 🖍️
Published By : @Exclaimer
Ini Bumiayu Ini Bumiayu
Hayoo siapa nih yang ikut UTBK dan Kuliah Kedinasan, ikutin tips-tips nya yah gaes!!
Best Photography Best Photography
Top tips for producing better photo prints [Amateur Photographer Tips]
🌎💟CCChapman🤣 🌎💟CCChapman🤣
Steven Eagell Toyota Steven Eagell Toyota
Will my #Toyota hybrid be okay if I don’t drive it for a long time? Here are some useful tips to ensure your car stays in tip-top condition during this period.
Published By : @Steven Eagell Toyota
stenoch stenoch
For all of us older web readers my two top tips 1. 'F11' toggles browser in and out of full-screen mode 2. 'ctrl +' to make text larger, 'ctrl -' make text smaller
Damteq® Damteq®
Social takeover day 3! Top 6 tips to build your #linkedin brand! LinkedIn is one of my personal favourite #socialmedia platforms. These 6 tips will help you take your company page and your personal brand to the next level. Stay Classy Twitter!
🅰shley 🅱. 🅰shley 🅱.
Melissa Melissa
Tips: 下側の”Memo”タブには自由にメモを書くことができます!これは曲ごとに紐づいていて、自動的に保存されます。曲のコード進行や注意事項、歌詞などを書いておくと便利です。
Published By : @Melissa
Keto For All Keto For All
Tips To Manage Your #Diabetes #bloodsugar #diets
Pika. Pika.
Tips mak2. Sebelum anak kau nak start gear melalak, Kau melalak dulu. Tak jadi dia melalak. Siap dia kiss kau lagi🥶 (Boy, 2tahun3bulan)
Anne_Thompson109 Anne_Thompson109
Apa Kata Dokter Penyebab si Kecil Gumoh? Jika si Kecil sering gumoh, ada banyak cara untuk mengatasinya loh, Ibu! Yuk, cari tips untuk mengatasi permasalahan si kecil yang sering gumoh di Enfa Digestion Center!
Kate Keene 🎂 Kate Keene 🎂
Working From Home Tips, it isn't ideal and it isn't perfect however we are all doing our best. #coventry #covhour
Published By : @Kate Keene 🎂
Bear Grylls Bear Grylls
As requested... here you go @rogerfederer - any tips? I always get beaten! This is me being smacked around by our eldest son @jesse_grylls playing @touchtennis which is even more annoying! Ps I might have lost to you on the mountain when we played mini ping-pong, but I recko…
Plan now, pay later! Tips for financing your home improvements during COVID-19 ⤵️
Published By : @SEH BAC
Kaz Carr Kaz Carr
Husband got me a compost bin for my Birthday, glad Eden Project sent me some tips on how to start using it right! via @YouTube
Mix Interiors Mix Interiors
Recently many of us have been faced with working remotely for the first time. To help you along the way, @obo_life present a series of invaluable tips to help you with your next virtual meeting:
Published By : @Mix Interiors
csmcorrigan csmcorrigan
A great webinar by @Tweetinggoddess on all things Twitter, lots of hints and tips - I'm off to make a list now!
Published By : @csmcorrigan
kookboek kookboek
Feestelijke Paas prikkers met scones en broodrolletjes: Versier je paastafel met deze mooie en lekkere prikkers van scones en broodrolletjes met mascarpone, Hero jam en fruit. In deze blog vind je beide recepten en tips om ze te maken en serveren. Lees…
Published By : @kookboek
Andrew Grey Andrew Grey
#ABCchat I share Anna's excitement about innovation. I struggle however with how we balance talking enthusiastically about innovation with sensitivity towards the difficult situation we're all facing. I thought Anna struck that balance nicely – any tips you can share?

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