Une action de sensibilisation pour plus de justice fiscale devant chez #Ikea et #McDonald à #Sterpenich #Arlon, en présence du Grand Saint-Nicolas. #ProvLux #Onlâcherien
Published By : @FGTB Luxembourg Published By : @FGTB Luxembourg
The fantastic @shaheenkurani defending her PhD thesis about Place and Poverty - love it when science meets social justice to impact care and outcomes for all. Go Shaheen!! In the picture with her mentor, my brother @nilaydshah1
Published By : @Victor Montori, MD
Siva Kumar Siva Kumar
Justice delayed is Justice Denied. When court is incapable to give justice, encounter or mob lynching the criminals is the best justice to victims and their Kins. Congrats TS Police for the encounter.
Giffords Giffords
We’re partnering with @WeDemandJusice to pressure Senators to reject the nomination of Lawrence VanDyke. The NRA shouldn’t be able to steamroll their candidates to the federal bench. His extremist views on gun safety have no business in the judiciary.
SIGN: Justice for Deer Beaten, Antlers Ripped Off by Laughing Teens in Snapchat Video
Abigail Lichti Abigail Lichti
Justice is universal. 🌎#FridayMotivation
Chanakya Chanakya
Justice done in unjust ways is not justice at all. #HyderabadEncounter
Vivek Kumar Vivek Kumar
Okk calm down one girl got Justice today but many ones waiting chill...when Nirbhya to rest all of get punished that day is historical for India and safe future for Indian girls #JusticeForWomen
Ashok Shah Ashok Shah
Congratulations Hyderabad police.Ultimately justice delivered.
New Sanctuary Coalition New Sanctuary Coalition
The complete and utter disregard for human decency is the hallmark of the Trump administration. #FreeThemAll Opinion: Trump is now forcing children to go it alone in immigration court
Omer Imran Omer Imran
Yea tasveer un tamam logon Kay mo par tamacha hai jin Kay under police ya judiciary aati hai. Jin main PM, CJ or us us alakay k police k heads shamil hain. Kuch tou sharam kha lo. Justice delayed is justice denied . If u don't know how to do ur job properly , just leave it thn!
Published By : @Omer Imran
New Year, New Rules, New Methods of helping the public access justice. This video explains changes to FL small claims court. #A2J
The Florida Bar The Florida Bar
If you only watch ONE video on Twitter today, make it this one.
Pushkar Pushkar
1/n Ask from Government @LokSabhaSectt @PMOIndia @narendramodi @DoJ_India What is progress! In 2000, the then NDA govt formed a panel headed by the former CJ of Kerala and Karnataka, Justice V.S. Malimath, to suggest an overhaul of the century-old criminal justice system.
Jacques Petit Jacques Petit
We’re partnering with @WeDemandJustice to pressure Senators to reject the nomination of Lawrence VanDyke. The NRA shouldn’t be able to steamroll their candidates to the federal bench. His extremist views on gun safety have no business in the judiciary.
Gagan Arya M Gagan Arya M
#HyderabadEncounter #True Justice is given by vishwanath sajjanar and hydbad police department#hatsoff👍this Justice should implement all over INDIA.
Vj vishnu Vj vishnu
justice served hats off
Published By : @HUNT Published By : @HUNT
War Studies War Studies
#British and #EU border controls - how compatible are they? Join the @QMUL Criminal Justice Centre & Kingsley Napley LLP for a seminar on the #legal and #political issues which follow the disinvestment of state sovereignty in the control of #borders. RSVP
Published By : @War Studies
The criminal justice system is just a money laundering scheme for private prison companies using human suffering
John Fetterman John Fetterman
After receiving commutation from @GovernorTomWolf ,David Sheppard is set to be arrested leaving prison this morning after 28 years- for a shoplifting charge from 1992. Delco voters have assured this will be a fitting end to @DaKATCopeland career as DA.
#HyderabadEncounter Reactions, across the country, prove two things 1. No mercy for rapists 2. No faith in criminal justice system
Cassie Sandsmark. Cassie Sandsmark.
Young Justice @ Drake:
Published By : @Cassie Sandsmark.
Fardeen Sanam Ahmed Fardeen Sanam Ahmed
A scene from Simba is recreated. This is not justice. People posting "justice served" only highlights the blood thirst for revenge. Again, IT'S NO JUSTICE. In fact people, especially women, might lose faith on the country's judicial bodies. #HyderabadEncounter
We take articles and briefs based off of anonymous sources...but like when it comes to black justice... or some kind of justice not being trumpeted.... we even listen to edward snowden and act like he dont know what he saying. This ukranian fugitive now... what's gonna be d spin?
Justice is abstract, and law is facts... Neither it's absolute nor justice can be compared.
paul jones paul jones
If we had poetic justice. We could just cleanse the history record that Major and Blair where ever Prime Ministers. We could of made them traffic wardens instead.
Night thinker v.2.0 Night thinker v.2.0
Next is waiting for #NirbhyaCase 7 saal ho gye no justice Bas request hai ki jaldi unko law faasi de nhi toh Unko public ko sop de justice mil jayega
EricStoner EricStoner
Thread by @Avery1776: "🥳 Hillary's buddy former Chinese Diplomat sentenced today (convicted in JAN) @BenKTallmadge @BabeReflex_8 @DawsonSFiel918362 @MadAddictSport @almostjingo … How connected to HILLARY? @BenKTallm […]" #DanZhong
Panda Palkova Panda Palkova
Justice was served. #hyderabadpolice
Published By : @Panda Palkova
ᴠɪɴ ɴᴀɪʀ ᴠɪɴ ɴᴀɪʀ
That little brat who got that free sewing machine and an identity got away. His actions were the worst on Nirbhaya. Let's not forget. But our system allowed him to get away while the others get free biriyani.
jemiletic jemiletic
Americans know what real justice looks like and what a kangaroo court looks like too!
Sick to see celebrations on the killing of four rapists by Hyderabad Police. Not because they are dead but because we as a society and criminal justice system in India failed to provide justice to the rape victim. We have set a bad example. This will end public outrage. Not rape.
Sanjay Jha Sanjay Jha
Now that cops hv started providing instant justice so no need to have judicial system.
Dear India, today you have celebrated extra judicial killings. Your genuine grief and protest over a heinous crime has been undermined. The people took to streets to protest, demand an eye for an eye. This has been delivered. What next? Set up kangaroo courts?
arpit mathews arpit mathews
Just heard Arnab Goswami debate about women and justice, apparently shouts at a woman panelist (who is opposing the encounter) saying, I will keep telling you(hyderabad rape incident)and make you change your view.#Hypocrisy @republic @kunalkamra88 @AisiTaisiDemo @thepeeinghuman
Navdeep Singh Navdeep Singh
People were baying for his blood. Ditto in many other cases wherein the accused were ultimately acquitted or even found framed. In India, even a confession to the police has no legal value, and here we are today, cheering talibani justice!
Ashish Ashish
Ryan school case me pahle driver ko aaropi bana diya gaya tha. kuch din baad doshi koi aur nikla. Same in Arushi case
TeeMichelle TeeMichelle
Inside the Cell Where a Sick 16-Year-Old Boy Died in Border Patrol Care #SmartNews
pastor dewberry pastor dewberry
I found out about world events and I usually just use the trending column in twitter.- Sheridan sanders senior criminal justice major #MC250AJ
Published By : @pastor dewberry
Animals Belize Animals Belize
French-Canadians: Justice for Grace, Victim of Cruel Research Laboratory!
Published By : @Animals Belize
Brian Shelley Brian Shelley
Does Jesus care about so-called “Economic Justice”? No. He says “But in truth, I tell you, there were many widows in Israel in the days of Elijah when the heavens were shut up three years...and Elijah was sent to none of them but only to Zarephath...” Luke 4:25-26
Ivar Ivar
Interesting positions taken by karuna nundy and ishkaran bhandari on the side of law but both of them carefully quoted instances of potential and actual miscarriage of justice that were mutually exclusive. Politics always colors votaries vision of justice.
Four men accused of brutally raping and killing a woman in India were shot dead by police while they were already in custody. They had yet to be charged. Some are celebrating it as justice. Others are decrying it as an extrajudicial execution.
Headway Headway
We are delighted to present a special award to the National Police Chiefs' Council in recognition of the work they have done for the Headway Justice Project #HeadwayAwards @PoliceChiefs
🌱Molly🌱 🌱Molly🌱
Voilà le résultat de dizaines et de dizaines de violences policières jamais punies, voilà le résultat d'une justice complice, voilà le résultat de la politique assassine du gouvernement****
Horreur! Plusieurs CRS ont reçu par courriers À LEURS DOMICILES, partout en France, de graves menaces contre leurs familles. Voilà le résultat d’une campagne de la haine contre les policiers, le fruit des discours idéologiques de la terreur. Nous sommes tous en danger désormais!
Published By : @🌱Molly🌱 Published By : @🌱Molly🌱
न्यायपालिका के इतिहास में एनकाउंटर के ऐसे केसेस की कमी नही है जो जांच के बाद फ़र्ज़ी पाए गए और न्यायालय ने दोषी पुलिस कर्मियों को सज़ा सुनाई! न्यायिक प्रकिर्या के न होने पर तो instant justice को सेलिब्रेट करना बनता है। पर यदि है न्यायिक व्यवस्था तो उसको सुदृढ़ करना ही उपाय है।
Sumayya Saleh Sumayya Saleh
“Pure malarkey,” says Judge Walker, in denying the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice’s motion to dismiss ongoing litigation over the use of solitary confinement in DJJ secure detention facilities.
Published By : @Sumayya Saleh
Srinivasarao Badisa Srinivasarao Badisa
The truth is that justice wins, but all that is won is not justice, srishri .... The justice that has just happened is only for the strong .... even for the poor.
Aravind Kumar Aravind Kumar
Great Salute To You Telangana Police. Hats Off 🙏🙏🙏 JUSTICE SERVED! Now, Rest In Peace Disha🙏🙏🙏 #Encounter
Published By : @Aravind Kumar
sfsultana sfsultana
No matter for what he did for. maybe it's for money or fame. He encountered the rapists that what it really matters. 'coz if it was our law it would take ages to get her justice.Remember courts and constituencies r run by "Law" but not by "Justice!" #priyanakareddy
Climate Generation Climate Generation
Today, our very own @sarahgoodspeed is departing for #COP25! With a lens for justice and listening to marginalized voices that are often left out of the negotiations, she'll be reporting back in our daily digests.
‘Justice Slowly Becoming A Thing Of The Past’ – Davido, Banky W, Celebrities Fume Over Sowore’s Re-Arrest
Published By : @Channels Television
DakshRaj DakshRaj
Finally justice has given to the Victim #myduty#proudofyoupolice
Congrats! On @GivingTuesday you helped us to bring in over $2,500! Your support will go toward the following projects and support the mission of PBRC to close the justice gap in Maryland! #probono #givingtuesday
Published By : @ProBono Resource Ctr

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