hbk jay hbk jay
Never let someone get you out of character .. if they do that just means they won
werid nonce didn’t reply i won
Hope Bot Hope Bot
"I know who I am, I know what I can and can't do. I know what I will and won't do. I know what I'm capable of and I don't agree to do things that I don't think I can pull off." - Dolly Parton #hope #hopebot #bot
George White Jr. George White Jr.
#masonrudolf is a bad QB, won't be around long & his 15 min. of fame is pathetic! Wait till he plays the #browns again in 2 weeks! He better keep his helmet on this time! #ItsOn #NFL #Football #Sports 🏈
haeli haeli
what do y’all think. should i do it? these bills won’t pay themselves!
Published By : @haeli
2020HillBilly 2020HillBilly
“Saturday Night Live” won’t need script writers this week. They can just show the “Impeachment Hearings”.
mike mike
i need friends who won’t leave me in open.
Slug Slug
Well done Roger! #greggs! You won't regret it. #govegan #vegan Greggs boss skips his sausage rolls and steak bakes in attempt to 'go vegan'' | via @telegraph
My mom and step dad got into a fight and she won’t admit she’s wrong so she just passive aggressively walked around downstairs silently and took two cats and a water bottle upstairs and ignored him when he asked if she needed help... and she wonders where I get my attitude from
Ace Ace
The couple next to me just recently started dating and I can tell it won’t last. Bruh being too vulnerable from the jump and I can tell shorty schemin
skskskyler skskskyler
My fav song is Panini by @LilNasX and he's my fav singer!! If he sees this(he probably won't) but if he does I love your music 🎶and you should do a diss track.. But Idk what it would be about there is NOTHING wrong about you😍😘😉
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Probably Mike Probably Mike
Afternoon naps are so tricky this time of year. But I did it. I’m up and showering at 830pm on a Friday. Tomorrow morning at work I’m going to wish the nap won
Vic Vic
AHAHA phphph 33 blocklists how to stop screaming 🤣🤣🤣 and i'm not even that loud wth I wish all the brainless antis follow at least one them so I won't see their annoying f*ncam-j*il-asses🙏
PowerOf47 PowerOf47
I was thinking that it would be cool to do a professor oak challenge for my first playthrough of Pokemon Shield, then I went into the wild area and now I'm not sure. At least I won't have the low level grind problem with the ultra sun run that is now on hold.
Even the closest ones to you won’t understand, then you gta act like everything’s all good.
Shannon Shannon
My husband won’t buy me a baby Yoda and now I’m going to have to divorce him. @themandalorian #TheMandalorian @disneyplus
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Bea & Toqen! Bea & Toqen!
It's #FursuitFriday! For those that don't know I'll be at @FurFest with Toqen and Bea! I can't wait to meet up friends like @WolfBearz who is DJing thursday night! It'll be a set you won't want to miss 🙌 Toqen by: @TheGoldenMaw Guppiez by: @BlueFoxFursuits 📷 @PlumpyPuppy
Published By : @Bea & Toqen!
He has to have some humility and self awareness. Don doesn’t. The Don won’t. #ResignNowTrump
Published By : @Dean Pickering 🇨🇦🏒⚾️🎣🏀🏈
sagittarius... sagittarius...
I’m saying it’s a sign to jus try once. This side won’t disappoint you.
#1 #1
**why you ALWAYS tryna convert people??
Pinefeather Pinefeather
At some point, they won’t be able to ignore or dismiss us any more. I wonder how close we are to that day... #NotMeUs
NewNew🥵 NewNew🥵
I won’t change on you for nothing, you’ll never want for nothing !
Bori Bori
when you look so ugly that face ID won’t recognize you>>>>>
jasmine a boone jasmine a boone
So the big bad wolf really didn’t eat the wonderful red riding hood she fought back and won, Great job ambassador, bad job mr wolf
Watch the moment Chairman Schiff paused the impeachment hearing to read President Trump's tweets attacking Marie Yovanovitch while she was testifying: @PeterAlexander reports on today's hearing now on @NBCNightlyNews.
Larry 🆘 Larry 🆘
When this is all said and done and the vile trumps and their toady minions are swept from power, will you ever be able to look at those who supported this abomination of an administration the same? Ever? I won’t.
buggeroaf buggeroaf
Every founder story ever: "I did *THIS* and it *WORKED*... and we WON!!" Me: Yeah but does survivor bias scale?
Founder Collective Founder Collective
"Fundraising struggles have little correlation to eventual business success." Fact Check: True ✅
Mary F. McGinnis, Ph.D. Mary F. McGinnis, Ph.D.
You all! I asked Andrea Lunsford for a photo and got to talk to her for a few minutes before the banquet! She is wonderful. I won't hesitate next time I see her! I wish I'd approached her when I saw her at #femrhet2015! #FemRhet2019 #selfieswithRCrockstars
Published By : @Mary F. McGinnis, Ph.D. Published By : @Mary F. McGinnis, Ph.D.
dude we even won in mobile games i cant- the power of armys
Megi 🐉 Megi 🐉
APE Online APE Online
Top story: @RepAdamSchiff: 'Right now, President Trump is watching our hearing and tweeting baseless attacks against Ambassador Yovanovitch. This is witness intimidation in real time. And we won’t stand for it. ' , see more
Kevin Roste Kevin Roste
Top story: @RepAdamSchiff: 'Right now, President Trump is watching our hearing and tweeting baseless attacks against Ambassador Yovanovitch. This is witness intimidation in real time. And we won’t stand for it. ' , see more
alanw157 alanw157
Even impeachment ‘rehearsal’ hearings won't help Dems via @nypost
RealWhiterunGuard RealWhiterunGuard
Some advice, friend. That armor won't offer much protection in a real fight.
Brookie ookie Brookie ookie
Don’t let them stop your shine because the grind won’t stop ✋
☆Andrea★ 🦋 ☆Andrea★ 🦋
They wanna “ Claim they’re the good guys” If your so good then why won’t you LET TAYLOR BUY BACK HER MUSIC. That’s the real question. You wanna whine about this and that but at the end of the day NITHER Of you have said okay you can have your music. Pretty Fishy to me!
Steven Steven
I'm so happy to see the positivity around sword and shield. I won't be buying the games for a number of reasons (not natdex or tree related) but let me just say, the new Pokémon are 🔥🔥🔥
MANZOnians MANZOnians
This ball of sunshine will always be remembered by the UP community as the heart and soul of the team. We'll miss seeing you in UAAP court for sure but our journey won't stop here. 💕 @Jun13Manzo
Published By : @MANZOnians
Damn, 20 minutes in, and #WWENXT already won Survivor Series. #Smackdown
The Real Mama Savage The Real Mama Savage
Report: Mason Rudolph won't pursue legal action against Myles Garrett after brawl, attack This pro football Rudolph is getting off with no fine, no suspension? He was part of the fight too. There’s no criminal action in football.
The Railyard Lincoln The Railyard Lincoln
Our first ever Mario Kart in The #RailyardLNK was a success! 🌟 Sam won the tournament and scored Lumineers tickets!
Published By : @The Railyard Lincoln
y’all literally won’t let people REST IN PEACE....wtf
Kristaaaa Kristaaaa
Fun fact: Dr. Seuss’ wife wrote most of his stories. He cheated on her, left her for his mistress and after his wife committed suicide he continued to claim most jer stories as his own.
theresa rollinson theresa rollinson
Many careworker colleagues work over contracted hrs for no extra money. Some working 75hrs and 3 or 4 sleep ins too..102-111hrs pwk. I won't do it for less than NMW. Time to say no.
Peter Stefanovic Peter Stefanovic
NHS staff working 1 million hours of unpaid overtime every week
IG:JSqruipt IG:JSqruipt
GOAT! Serena Williams Just Won Her 100th US Open Match
Gheno 🌱🎅 Gheno 🌱🎅
At least out loud, I won't say I'm in love
So i won't be posting Gheist's age timeline tonight cuz I'm spending time with family watching horror movies, I'll try to post it tomorrow
kbh🖤 kbh🖤
All the things I said I won’t do, but tonight I will🤤
Bk Bk
Thread by @blakesmustache: "Thread: The Vice Grip Strategy Pelosi has been clear that the case against Trump must be “ironclad.” House Dems he and won’t stop squeezing him until Senate conviction is guaranteed. This thread explains exactly how that c […]"
Zach Williams Zach Williams
Even if @Kaepernick7 did amazing and out preformed every QB he probably still won’t make a team. That’s the NFL for ya. He deserves to be on one tho. #Kaepernick #NFL
Mrs Bouff Daddy Mrs Bouff Daddy
won’t be so funny when i call childline!
rumen rumen
i want to marry someone as funny as me. imagine us both laughing because we forgot to pick up the kids from school LMFAOOO
Resh 😈 Resh 😈
Just play your part & I won’t ever complain about it
So the Dems focus group what people liked better, bribery, quid pro quo or extortion. Shockingly bribery won. Her is my question, WHO PAID? It had better been the DNC or DCCC, it better not have been taxpayers.
NBA 101 NBA 101
Sources: Melo won’t make debut before Tuesday
Bill White❕ Bill White❕
Thread by @3Days3Nights: "1. UNRIGGING THE ELECTIONS Patriots have asked me how Trump won the 2016 election if HRC had it rigged. They’ve askenate in 2018 but lost the House. They’ve asked me how this will impact the 2020 elections. This […]" #QANON #MAGA
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