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TikTok is a winner in global viral challenge, writes @AlecMac11:
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[D-1] REMEMBER SONGS OF #WINNER: SOSO [REMEMBER] 3rd ALBUM CB COUNTDOWN HT: #WINNER_REMEMBERD1 ➡️Q: What is your fave W emotional song? Answer with HT! #위너 @yginnercircle @yg_winnercity @official_yoon_ @official_hoony_ @official_mino_ @official_jinu_ #UNITEDFORWINNER
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themslottery themslottery
Are you a winner?! Use this Mega Millions prize chart to help you figure out if you had a winning combination this evening. Winning #'s are posted on our website! Click on the link ➡️ #themslottery #playresponsibly
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Jordan Jordan
And the winner is.....
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King King
Dame on pg honestly might be the best game winner i’ve ever seen
Big-time players make big-time plays 😤 Here are some of the most clutch game winners in NBA playoff history.
CNBC Indonesia CNBC Indonesia
Menkeu Benar, Ini Saham Winner & Loser Akibat Wabah Corona
Mr. Male Robot 🤖 Mr. Male Robot 🤖
Everybody, especially you viewing from home: And the winner is...
Aba Boy 👽 Aba Boy 👽
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Bring back so many memories ㅠ.ㅠ #WINNER 'Remember' M/V TEASER #2 3rd FULL ALBUM ‘Remember’ ✅2020.04.09 6PM #Wemember_Remember #위너 #3rdFullAlbum #Remember #MVTEASER_VER2 #AlbumRelease #20200409_6pm #YG
🌺 Self_Creation 🍀 🌺 Self_Creation 🍀
🔴The art of smiling in all circumstances makes you the winner, the master of entertaining your mind and endows you with the key to peace and happiness. #Himalayanthoughts -Akhand jyoti #smile #peace #happiness #WednesdayMotivation #WednesdayThoughts
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normie 𓆏 🍩 normie 𓆏 🍩
TIL in 2001, Cartoon Network held a Cartoon Cartoon Fridays sweepstakes where the winner would get rewarded with something. What was that something? A Cybiko PDA, because of course that would be the prize back then
Não sei que dia aguardar mais Se dia 09 com o lançamento do Winner Se dia 20 com o lançamento do Álbum do Got7 Se dia de São nunca com o lançamento do Blackpink Affs gente
All Star Game ⚽️ All Star Game ⚽️
Fantasy Boys Soccer Tournament Bracket. Quarter-Finals , Votes Decide Winner, Who has the Strongest following? @CNECbsoccer @CNBroncoSports @CNECBroncos @RHSBoysSoccer15
R&S Bloodstock R&S Bloodstock
The sister to Sires' Produce wnr King's Legacy sells for $425k Sold by Segenhoe Stud she's from the last crop of Redoute's Choice and is the 3rd foal out of Breakfast In Bed, who is herself a 1/2 sister to multiple G1 winner Oohood, and from the family of Not A Single Doubt
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"The government is also working with astrophysicist Arthur McDonald, the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics winner and professor emeritus at Queen’s University, to come up with an easy-to-produce ventilator. McDonald is leading a team of scientists at national laboratories."
Kingston's McDonald to lead team developing ventilators
amparo.nakagawa amparo.nakagawa
The Winner of the Trump’s Best Word Bracket | The Daily Social Distancin... via @YouTube # @realDonaldTrump - @EricTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr ”TRUMP’s BEST WORDS 🏆”
Let’s REMEMBER our first with #WINNER Tagging @__hooney @ksymino @LiyanaBahari @invinciblemyl @fifthfana 💙 Thankyou for tagging me kak mei hehe 💗 #WINNER_REMEMBER #WINNER_REMEMBERD1 #WINNER #위너 @yg_winnercity @yginnercircle
Published By : @💟 HOLD 26.3 💙 REMEMBER 9.4 💟 Published By : @💟 HOLD 26.3 💙 REMEMBER 9.4 💟
meijinu meijinu
Let's REMEMBER our first with #WINNER Tagging @jhjgtbaj @legend_jinu @winnerminocity_ @jinuheyday @meijinujuly #REMEMBER_WINNERD1 #WINNER
Published By : @💟 HOLD 26.3 💙 REMEMBER 9.4 💟 Published By : @💟 HOLD 26.3 💙 REMEMBER 9.4 💟
NorCal Berk NorCal Berk
My random shoutout winner is!!! @jderrontwitch Congrtas man!! Keep the grind up, thanks for being apart of the NorCal community! #norcalgrind
4/20に延期かー 今転職してそんなど平日にいきなり休み希望入れるのは気まずい… でも早く仕事見つけないと生きていけないし🤦‍♀️
Nej ⁷ ⛈📌 Nej ⁷ ⛈📌
spot the difference! Rules: -Mbf -ONLY Dm the Answers! NO comments! -retweet, let others join! Since last one was fairly easy, I won’t say how many differences there are! -winner will receive unofficial photo cards! Good luck 💗
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sam • sam •
@/winner’s discography
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Ellz Ellz
2 and a half hour slug fest and we have a winner! Well see you again tomorrow for another enthralling day of the #monopolyworldchamps
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missAru🦋 missAru🦋
Hello @minanimino, share sikit talent tu dkt semua
MYpridewinner MYpridewinner
[D-1] REMEMBER SONGS OF #WINNER: SOSO [REMEMBER] 3rd ALBUM CB COUNTDOWN HT: #WINNER_REMEMBERD1 ➡️Q: What is your fave W emotional song? Answer with HT! #위너 @yginnercircle @yg_winnercity @official_yoon_ @official_hoony_ @official_mino_ @official_jinu_ #UNITEDFORWINNER
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ndut ndut
CONGRATS!! Pemenang GA 06/04/2020: 1st Winner @PutZach 2nd Winner @mierebusedap DM aku ya untuk klaim, ditunggu 1x24 jam💜 Yg belum beruntung, jangan sedih ya. Akan ada giveaway lagi diwaktu waktu yang tidak terduga 🥺💜💜💜
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佐藤勝利bot 佐藤勝利bot
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원래 개인건물 하나씩은 다 있잖아. 안그래?
BGSU Hockey Fans BGSU Hockey Fans
#sticktaps and congratulations to @LindseyScha4, today's winner of the hat giveaway! Thank you all for your support and participation! We may be doing some more this week so keep your eyes peeled! 👀
From : @tIFFANYNBTH who is the winner!ヽ(´▽`)/ Tag : @miyeonflx @taeyeonxtape @gloryxtaeyeon @BothxTiffany @seoxlipsing
Published By : @𓈒 ˙ may ♡̷ mew ˒ יִ มีพินแล้วค่ะพรี่ๆ Published By : @𓈒 ˙ may ♡̷ mew ˒ יִ มีพินแล้วค่ะพรี่ๆ
Allen Bored Allen Bored
The results are in from Wisconsin and the winner is Death.
Marc Flynn Marc Flynn
Bethenny is such a winner
So happy @UPS messaged us! Yay! Thanks tweeps. Lower shipping costs means more PPE!
23 23
Congrats Winner of Ichiro -- @BasedgawdIan Winner of Berrios -- @Mitsche4 Winners DM me address to get cards to you. Next giveaway will be up tomorrow. Thanks
23 23
*** GIVEAWAY *** Must follow, RT , and either comment why you should win OR Nominate somebody and why they should win. I'll pick the winners Tuesday night around 8pm EST Giving both away to 2 different people, so be sure to say which card it is for Berrios /25 Ichiro /99
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Oliver Fosaaen Oliver Fosaaen
Who want to play a game with me called who can take 5 melatonin tabs and stay up the latest. Winner gets the last slice of pie in the fridge.
Has anyone ordered from Soundwave for that fansign?? Someone was asking me how to and I don't know lol #WINNER_REMEMBERD1 @yg_winnercity @yginnercircle
!! !!
Winner: btw we’re disbanding
#WINNER 'Remember' M/V TEASER #2 3rd FULL ALBUM ‘Remember’ ✅2020.04.09 6PM 📺NAVER TV : 🎬YouTube : #Wemember_Remember #위너 #3rdFullAlbum #Remember #MVTEASER_VER2 #AlbumRelease #20200409_6pm #YG
borocoxô borocoxô
A winner q eu queria 🤧🤧🤧🤧
Gizelly Bicalho 🌪 Gizelly Bicalho 🌪
Até triste e chorando com a saída da Marcela, ela não deixa de ser cômica. 🤧🌪 #TeamGizelly #BBB20
Race has been called due to rain, Cody Ware is the winner.
jjong day 🌙 jjong day 🌙
One of the things missing in the current climate is "Driving Miss Daisy" to 3 elder compadre's to the Albany Races each meeting which they miss badly. But for one, 80yo Brian Wolfenden a great tonic, he just had a winner with a horse he has a small share in Melbourne. 😄
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Gay chato Gay chato
O Sorriso da Flayslane que acha que é winner. O povo brasileiro para ela: hum kkk bjs! #RedeBBB #BBB20
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bia bia
1,06% cara, é babu winner e o brasil feliz de novo
John M W B John M W B
When @nntaleb writes about the 'winner take all' effect of interconnected, globalised societies - this is also demonstrated intellectually. He is so far ahead of everyone intellectually (I'm sure wouldn't appreciate, as he's actually too modest - despite what people tend to say)
Let's REMEMBER our firsts with #WINNER 💙💙💙💙 #Wemember_Remember #위너 @4444KKSL @seunghoonnnn @ephemeral_95 @_Boomshakalakah
Published By : @✖mena✖⁴ REMEMBER out on April 9 Published By : @✖mena✖⁴ REMEMBER out on April 9
Let's REMEMBER our firsts with #WINNER 💙💙💙💙 #Wemember_Remember #위너 @realkind4 @BePopK @xmena09x @songmin04
Published By : @✖mena✖⁴ REMEMBER out on April 9 Published By : @✖mena✖⁴ REMEMBER out on April 9
Elaine Elaine
He looks like a handsome winner to me! 🎈🎈🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY!🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
CancerWarrior48 CancerWarrior48
Please help me wish my HANDSOME GRANDSON A HAPPY BIRTHDAY! He turned 9 today❤️❤️❤️
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babi babi
viquitor. viquitor.
papis babis winner
Lauren Facall Lauren Facall
#OTD 1996 – Ben Johnson (b.1918). American stuntman, world champion rodeo cowboy, and #Oscar winner for The Last Picture Show (1971). Long time stock actor for John Ford, one of his first starring roles was in a much overlooked and underrated Ford classic.
lere lere
idai gente para de briga thelma winner dessa edição s i m
바다 바다
por qué el comeback de winner me hace sentir que se están por separar?
It’s Winner Wednesday! Alin sa dalawang pak na pak na hairstyle ni VJ @raphielshannonn ang next peg mo? 😍
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Harmony Bear Harmony Bear
May have placed 30th but I feel like a winner when I’m with you #simponthis

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