Shem Horne Shem Horne
Nunes is killing it. He points out that everything we are hearing in these public testimonies is the third time we have heard it. First when the Democrats leaked it to the media, second with their testimony, and nothing new added with these sham hearings.
Oluwaseun Oluwaseun
It’s the third time I’m having my bath since I came back from work and we are just starting this dry season... sigh
Anita Sarah Anita Sarah
For the third time this year, Trump is trying to pass a rule that will take #SNAP away from struggling families. SIGN @MomsRising's letter saying #HandsOffSNAP!
♫@PumpUpThaVolume♫ ♫@PumpUpThaVolume♫
#PumpUpThaVolume: White Elephant Orchestra (@Whiteelephanto1) - "Electric Dreams Of Tokyo" // // The third single from the project of Andy Stochansky. The single will featured on the project's upcoming album 'Debut'. (TBA)
Brontë Hampton Brontë Hampton
Being a perfectionist is killing my productivity and third year pressure is hitting hard
Published By : @Brontë Hampton
HAPPENING NOW: The former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker and NSC Russia expert Tim Morrison testify in the third day of the public Trump impeachment hearings. WATCH LIVE:
Published By : @ABC 13 News - WSET
Sastra Services Sastra Services
What trade battle? Chinese language companies wow with third quarter portray card - BENGALURU (News Team) – The tip 200 Chinese language companies spanning person, technology, industrial, property and financial industries reported September quarter ear...
Amy Amy
why do i only dream in third person what,, does it mean,,,, about my Psyché ?
𝕊𝕠𝕝 𝕊𝕠𝕝
Tunnel vision through my third eye
the casting for the first two seasons of the crown was outstanding, but the casting for the third truly makes me drool in amazement
Patrick Mulcahy Patrick Mulcahy
2020 Premier Senior Hurling Championship Draw. Winner of divisions/Colleges will play the 9th best teams from the group or the worst third placed team @OfficialCorkGAA
Published By : @Patrick Mulcahy
I can’t bring myself to agree to putting myself through nipple piercing pain for the third time. Like idc how bad i miss them
Nat♡ Nat♡
Speaking through my third eye
Andreeya Andreeya
It still blows my mind sometimes when I think about how I'm only the third generation born out of slavery.
Joel Reuter Joel Reuter
Struggling a bit with the A’s as well. Billy Butler and Esteban Loaiza will fill two of the spots, but still searching for a third.
Joel Reuter Joel Reuter
Working on an MLB free agency project piece. Crowdsourcing always seems like a good idea. Who would you say are the three worst FA signings in your favorite team’s franchise history?
pup gauntlet pup gauntlet
Only a stupid idiot would say third hand and fourth hand #RepublicanParty
Rayhana Sultan Rayhana Sultan
Call me woke but this is quite a vacuous debate without a third female voice. Pretty sure having @joswinson on board would have added a worthy third perspective to the debate. #ITVDebate
David Mawlong David Mawlong
.@GovernorTomWolf be the hero we need! Child marriage is an abusive practice that ruins lives — it has to stop. Please make Pennsylvania the third US state to #endchildmarriage for good. Sign the bill protecting kids’ futures today! #LeveltheLaw #SheIsEqual #18noexceptions
Gustavus Athletics Gustavus Athletics
Kate Holtan (@gustievb) brings in third consecutive AVCA All-America Honorable Mention distinction #GoGusties Release:
Published By : @Gustavus Athletics
GalacticBattleground GalacticBattleground
Great read on the current state and future of arcade! Thanks @replaymag (& @bumblebeargames)! btw The Third Wave sounds like an eerie dark faction of the galaxy...join us, pilots! 😈🚀🕹️ #indiearcade #arcade #arcadegames #indiegamedev
BumbleBear Games BumbleBear Games
Check out this awesome write up from @replaymag on BumbleBash 4 this year! #modernarcade #indiearcade #indiegamedev cc: @DeathBallArcade @gbg_the_game @dsmarcade @CosmotronsGame @armedgelatinous
Among the most egregious things he's done to the people of this country- who DID not elect him.
lexi lexi
this is like my third paper about bts where’s my check @ bighit
Published By : @lexi
Stuart Stuart
my third 👧 👦 👧
Published By : @Stuart
SportsAid SportsAid
🥉 THIRD PLACE 🥉 Well done to sprint supremo Amy Hunt as she claims third place in SportsAid's One-to-Watch Award 2019 🙌   Amy, 17, won gold in the women's 200m and 4x100m at the European Athletics Under-20s Championships 🥇🥇 #CelebrateTheNext
Published By : @SportsAid
Jah-Sway Jah-Sway
I just predicted my third phone call in a row
Paul Jefferson Paul Jefferson
For the third time this year, @realdonaldtrump is trying to pass a rule that will take #SNAP away from struggling families. SIGN @MOMSRISING'S LETTER saying #HandsOffSNAP!
Malcolm Broom Malcolm Broom
This #LeadersDebate is crying out for a strong third voice with a different perspective. Corbyn doing OK & more credible but can’t handle BJs bluster & BS (imho). Either @NicolaSturgeon or @joswinson would’ve slaughtered Johnson for his lies & evasion. Shame on @ITVNewsPolitics
Nevill Johnson (1911-1999). The Third Day, c. 1950.
Published By : @Железный Феликс
Leon Leon
My mother had been fighting for Disability for 10 years, and had not been able to work. Attempted suicide, twice, when I was a 12 and 15. She was denied for a third time recently for Disability and had not been able to work the entire time. The system is broken 1/3
#TechTuesday: Learn how @Streampoint facilitated the integration of multiple third-party software systems to streamline data sharing across platforms to create a consistent attendee experience at #ExpoExpo. Brought to you by the @ATXConventions:
Published By : @IAEE Headquarters
Hiding behind this for his agenda. Spurs’ turnover must be a third of man Utd’s at the most
Mike Mike
Pochettino has spent a higher % of Spurs turnover than any Manchester United manager in history Hope this helps
just realized i am getting my third migraine in three days while stuck a mile from home in a room with blaring fluorescents, don’t text
For the third time this year, @realdonaldtrump is trying to pass a rule that will take #SNAP away from struggling families. SIGN @MOMSRISING'S LETTER saying #HandsOffSNAP!
I’m prefer hopepunk, w/ elements of grimdark. I don’t like it when hopepunk is *too* hopeful & shiny & warm. I want some elements of hopelessness, & darkness to undercut, but also complement hope. I think LoTR does this well, especially in the third book/movie. #WriterlyWIPChat
Mike Richards Mike Richards
Other leaders debate at 10.00 will be a bit like a third-place play-off #debate
Phil Round Phil Round
#ITVDebate I really can’t decide which one should be PM, if only there was a third choice!
Published By : @FAHAD🇰🇼 Published By : @FAHAD🇰🇼
RSBird RSBird
Everytime a first or third person shooter gets nominated for best action game instead of an action game you can hear part of my soul break off and die
@90minutesEHR @90minutesEHR
HT @Ware_FC 5 @StMargaretsbury 1 two goals from Josh Williams a 19th of the season for @Liam_Hope1987 a third in three days for @louisrose8 & one from Kardan Campbell for #Ware a cracking strike by Jermaine Nicholson for #TheBury #90Minutes #EastHertsRadio ⚽️⚽️
Korol Koshek Korol Koshek
Iraq defense minister: ‘Third party’ shooting at protesters
Jurgen Jurgen
Takes an average club, makes them a consistent top 4 contender and gets them to a champions league final. Has a poor first third of a season and gets sacked. Crazy. Can’t believe #Tottenham dared to do what they’ve done but to dare is to do innit #Pochettino
⚡️W⚡️ ⚡️W⚡️
hey @ the bug catching contest why did 2 Paras and a Scyther both outscore my Pinsir, yet when I caught a Scyther I barely made third place
Am i really about to work on two different mashups at the same time? yes Do I also wanna work on a third? Yes Am I ever gonna finish them? HELL TO THE NO
The Hill The Hill
WATCH LIVE: Former special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker and NSC Russia expert Tim Morrison testify in third day of public Trump impeachment hearings
Published By : @The Hill
mark eglinton mark eglinton
A question on Prince Andrew? Only bringing him on as the third contestant could resuscitate this. #ITVDebate
Mykala Sikorski Mykala Sikorski
Made a new character recently that has Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder). First (Original): Zoe Second: Ash Third: Angel Forth: Charlie Fifth: Royal Sixth: Atlas and Seventh/Last: Fleur…
Judicature @ Duke Judicature @ Duke
From the Archive – Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Gregg Costa makes the case against the double (and triple and quadruple) clerkship. From the Fall/Winter 2018 edition ➡️
Published By : @Judicature @ Duke Published By : @Judicature @ Duke
Michael Hortin Michael Hortin
Happy third anniversary my fellow Imps 😉
Published By : @Michael Hortin
Al-Monitor Türkçe Al-Monitor Türkçe
#Rusya ABD’nin "petrol" hamlesine karşı #Suriye’de yeni askeri üs kuruyor - @MSuchkov_ALM

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