“Milwaukee, what state is that in?” “Wisconsin” “I was gonna guess Tennessee”
Brett Noonan Brett Noonan
I don’t know which one is funnier.. Zion flexing on North Dakota State or the Tennessee guy shushing Colgate
Darrick McGill Darrick McGill
... Tennessee five years ago became the first state to make community college tuition-free for new high school graduates. It later expanded that program to allow older adults. State commitments have enabled 46 percent of UT students to graduate...
Kuma Bear Kuma Bear
#tennesseestatecapitol #nashville #nashvilletn #roadtrip @ Tennessee State Capitol
Congrats to Aaron O’Malley and the other Tennessee State Soccer Association members playing with the Region III U.S. Youth Soccer ODP team in Portugal!
StateScoop StateScoop
Rural residents in Tennessee are expected to get better internet access after a $35 million investment from the state
Published By : @StateScoop
knoxnews knoxnews
The state requested $151.3 million in federal funds for damages and reimbursements from February flooding.
Flagrantly Foul Podcast Flagrantly Foul Podcast
Listen to Ep. 1 In Real Time (K-State Gets Upset, Tennessee and Virginia Survive. Live March Madness Reaction) by Flagrantly Foul Podcast #np on #SoundCloud
Matt Hill Matt Hill
My Alma mater, East Tennessee State, beat North Dakota State by 18 earlier this year.
sheila kethley❄️ sheila kethley❄️
Hey National News! The hits (against progress, equality, and the separation of church and state) keep on coming in Tennessee. Is this thing on?SLATE OF HATE: Anti-LGBT “License to Discriminate” Bill Clears House – THE TENNESSEE HOLLER
JB Media Sports JB Media Sports
NCAA "MARCH MADNESS" @marchmadness SCORES (3.22) SOUTH REGION #10 Iowa @IowaHoops 79, #7 Cincinnati 72 #9 Oklahoma 95, #8 Ole' Miss 72 #12 Oregon 72, #5 Wisconsin 54 #2 Tennessee 77, #15 Colgate 70 #13 UC-Irvine 70, #4 Kansas State 64 #1 Virginia 71, #16 Gardner-Webb 56
Published By : @JB Media Sports
Brian Hadad Brian Hadad
Carter pulls up and fires up an airball. He struggled against Tennessee, State needs him on tonight.
Hank Lee Hank Lee
Still think Duke’s too reliant on Zion to win the tournament. If they can find consistent perimeter shooting they changes, of course. Also interesting that so many Final Four picks have been in first round battles. Virginia, Michigan State, Tennessee. #MarchMadness
Bluetick coonhound signed into law as Tennessee's official state dog
Research shows that more than 𝒕𝒘𝒐-𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒓𝒅𝒔 of LGBTQ people are less likely to pursue adoption & foster care if a law allowing state-sanctioned discrimination passes in TN. @HRC & @tnequality will continue to fight to stop #HB836 & #HB1152. #TNLeg
david collins david collins
Several other state legislatures, such as in Kentucky and Tennessee, have considered similar bills. via @henryrodgersdc @DailySignal
Tennessee Tennis Tennessee Tennis
FINAL. Tennessee falls 4-3 to No. 8 Mississippi State on the road in Starkville. The Vols continue road play with a meeting against No. 33 Ole Miss on Sunday at 1 PM. #GoVols 🍊
reaganbush_1984 reaganbush_1984
Would like to thank @BillLeeTN and all others for making my sweet girls breed the official Tennessee state dog! 🐶🐶😍😍👇
Published By : @reaganbush_1984
Tennessee has 3 fun things in the entire state...
Tom Young Tom Young
Tennessee and Michigan State both did exactly what you should do in March. Survive, shake it off, and move on to the next one.
Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee has asked President Donald Trump for federal disaster relief for 58 counties in the state.
Tennessee Tennis Tennessee Tennis
Sophomore @andrew_1rogers earns a massive win at the #6 singles spot, beating Florian Broska 6-3 7-6(8) to even up the score! No. 19 Tennessee and No. 8 Mississippi State are tied 3-3. #GoVols🍊
Published By : @Tennessee Tennis
EKU Softball EKU Softball
COLONELS WWIN!!!!!!! EKU sweeps a pair of contests against Tennessee Tech on opening day of conference play! Eastern returns to the diamond on Sunday for a doubleheader against Jacksonville State!
Published By : @EKU Softball
FLMS Braves FLMS Braves
Very proud of one of our very own finalist @wendylbowman for TOY for@the state of TN. We are so proud of you and excited to call you our BRAVE!!! #loudoncountyachieves #whateverITtakes via ^Bethel
Patrick Bethel Patrick Bethel
Very proud of one of our very own finalist @wendylbowman for TOY for@the state of TN. We are so proud of you and excited to call you our BRAVE!!! #loudoncountyachieves #whateverITtakes
Wesley Roberts Wesley Roberts
I got some good air time today on CBS, playing for the Colgate vs Tennessee March Madness game! Colgate doesn't have a basketball band to send on tournament trips, so they asked the Ohio State band to help out and cheer on their team for them! It was a great game! #MarchMadness
Bobby Knight Bobby Knight
Upset alert in Starkville - #8 Mississippi State and #19 Tennessee are tied at 3-3 with UT's Scott Jones serving up 3-2 in the third at No. 3
Matty's Sports News Matty's Sports News
#NCAAHoops March Madness: Iowa 79 - 72 Cincinnati, Oklahoma 95 - 72 Ole Miss, Northern Kentucky 57 - 72 Texas Tech, UC Irvine 70 - 64 Kansas State, Colgate 70 - 77 Tennessee, Gardner-Webb…
The Leaf-Chronicle The Leaf-Chronicle
State of Tennessee files for FEMA disaster relief for 58 counties
State of Tennessee files for FEMA disaster relief for 58 counties
Commercial Appeal Commercial Appeal
State of Tennessee files for FEMA disaster relief for 58 counties
Gerard Solé Gerard Solé
Upsets de Oregon, UC Irvine, Iowa y Oklahoma + Colgate y Gardner-Webb rozando machada ante Tennessee y Virginia. La jornada continuará en breve con otro duelo muy interesante: Washington-Utah State (23:50h). Y a las 00:10, la bestia Zion. Duke debuta ante North Dakota State.
Free Guided Tours at all Tennessee State Parks on March 23rd - Tennessee Valley Weekend
Basketinside.com Basketinside.com
NCAA, First Round: Tennessee e Virginia avanzano, piange Kansas State - - di Andrea Indovino
Published By : @Basketinside.com
The Jackson Sun The Jackson Sun
State of Tennessee files for FEMA disaster relief for 58 counties
RedditCFB RedditCFB
The only teams to win a first round game in both the men's and women's #NCAATournament both this year and last year are Florida State, Michigan, and Buffalo. Tennessee can join them with a win tomorrow against UCLA.
State of Tennessee files for FEMA disaster relief for 58 counties
StateScoop StateScoop
Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee dedicates $35 million to rural #broadband
Published By : @StateScoop
I Love My Maddie🐾🐶 I Love My Maddie🐾🐶
knoxnews knoxnews
State of Tennessee files for FEMA disaster relief for 58 counties
Tyler Whetstone Tyler Whetstone
Said story. Via @knoxnews
knoxnews knoxnews
State of Tennessee files for FEMA disaster relief for 58 counties
Healthy Tennessee Healthy Tennessee
Mayor @AndyBerke announced the Healthy Tennessee Challenge with us in Chattanooga. We’re grateful to him for helping us spread the word to all high schools! Now more than ever, we need great ideas and the engagement of our students to make a difference in our state. #HealthyTN
Published By : @Healthy Tennessee Published By : @Healthy Tennessee
Jack Doar Jack Doar
In all fairness the state of Tennessee has struggling with the concept of toothpaste for a while.
Sam Harter Sam Harter
Now we got Tennessee struggling to beat toothpaste? March madness man
FINAL SCORE | #50 Mississippi State falls 4-2 to #29 Tennessee in Knoxville. #HailState🐶
Published By : @MSU Women's Tennis 🎾
Maia Haumuller clinches the win for Tennessee with a 6-4, 6-4 win on Court 6! The Lady Vols take down Mississippi State, 4-2 🍊🎾
Published By : @Tennessee Women's Tennis
SportSense SportSense
Here are more winners from today’s March Madness games which include #13 UC Irvine beating #4 Kansas State #1 Virginia defeating #16 Gardner-Webb #2 Tennessee beating #15 Colgate #3 Texas Tech defeating #14 Northern Kentucky. #MarchMadness2k19 #NCAATourney
Published By : @SportSense
Ari Riley grabs a W on Court 5! The junior records a 7-6 (6), 6-1 win over Janina Braun 🍊🎾 Tennessee 3, Mississippi State 2 | 📊
Published By : @Tennessee Women's Tennis
Mitch Goldich 🐙 Mitch Goldich 🐙
ASU down 25. Unless Duke loses to 16 seed NDSU, the streak of 8 straight years a First Four team wins in the next round is over. 2011: VCU 2012: South Florida 2013: La Salle 2014: Tennessee 2015: Dayton 2016: Wichita State 2017: USC 2018: Syracuse 2019:
Floor- Nights- Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Must have a clear license in the State of Tennessee. Competitive pay and benefits. Looking at to fill position immediately. Come on board with us! Contact Melinda Hays Kirkwood at 731-549-4624 or mhays@dcgh.org. EEO employer

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