✨ ✨
Ready for these Christmas pictures my sweater came in today 🥰
Lexi 🌺 Lexi 🌺
Honestly just ready for these finals to get over with so I can go home and listen to some good music while driving on the backroads.
Tracks Into The Unknown Tracks Into The Unknown
Voiceover script for episode 2 has been written. Hopefully tomorrow evening it’ll be recorded so last bits to the visual edit can be completed 😃 Some recce work will be carried out on Thursday ready for filming next weekend 🚂👻
Lizzo's BFF Lizzo's BFF
Wow. Twitter really had me ready to hate #MarriageStory, but this movie is brilliant! Honestly it's so good! Scarlet Johansen and Adam Driver were brilliant.
I cant go to the line store on thurs but I'm ready for that online launch 🙌
BTS Merch Restocks BTS Merch Restocks
#BT21 #ASSC launching online and in stores in NY and LA ONLINE - Launch Date: Dec 14, 2019 (Saturday) - Launch Time: 8:00 AM (PST) - LINK: May sell out #BTS @BTS_twt
Published By : @Chimchimin 💜 HAPPY JIN DAY!!!! Published By : @Chimchimin 💜 HAPPY JIN DAY!!!!
Adrianna Figone Adrianna Figone
Sooooo ready to be in Vegas🤩
kan kan
Grateful Dead - Ready or Not
Rachael Yaden Rachael Yaden
Watching my girl deliver and defend her capstone was amazing! And that’s after she floor directed her last NKU game. She is ready to take on the world! So very proud of you Curly! Love you to the moon and beyond! @harobednosyarg
Published By : @Rachael Yaden Published By : @Rachael Yaden Published By : @Rachael Yaden
hayato hayato
Just when I'm finally ready to be nice to you...
Rhianna Grossi Rhianna Grossi
IM READY #castlerock
The end of them is the beginning of us. The season finale of #CastleRock premieres Wednesday, on @hulu.
Set your DVR's and have your tissues ready for this 3-night event featuring heartwarming giveaways starting tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 7pm on ch 5. ❤️
Lives will be forever changed. Here's a first look at #EllensGreatestNight of Giveaways starting December 10 on @nbc!
Jesse Kronk Jesse Kronk
I’m just going to be real... not even trolling, but Eagles lost to a Ryan Fitzpatrick with nothing to lose and now they’re playing an Eli Manning with nothing to lose... that Eagle secondary better be ready because Eli Manning wants to retire on a positive note.
SarahNwafor SarahNwafor
im honestly gonna watch this again; im ready to cry hoes!
gabriela gabriela
critics choice award nominee for best actress in a drama series: zendaya (euphoria, 2019)
Published By : @SarahNwafor Published By : @SarahNwafor Published By : @SarahNwafor Published By : @SarahNwafor
Nate🐶 Nate🐶
Ready for my India 💕
I wouldn’t want that type of responsibility being that young 😂 I’m ready now though cause i ain’t missing out on nothing
V e r o n i c a V e r o n i c a
2019 was a very hard year for me. I’m ready to take full control of 2020 🙏🏼
Curtman Curtman
Ready to hit the Henny with my grandmother on Christmas Eve. Ahhh
Morpheus Data Morpheus Data
We are ready #gartnerio Come by the Morpheus Data booth 507, get a demo and enter to win a Star Wars Lego set #multicloud #automation #hybridcloud
Published By : @Morpheus Data
J Redding-Jones J Redding-Jones
I’m not ready for part 2! #CrisisOfInfiniteEarths
Published By : @J Redding-Jones
Norma Norma
I’m sooo soo sooo tired & stressed I’m just ready to be done 🥺
Silvia Reyes Silvia Reyes
I’m so ready to be done with the Coroner’s Office💆🏽‍♀️
catch me, if you can catch me, if you can
Soooomeeetiiiiimmeeees, here me out now, you can like someone enough that yall both ready and it dont take much. I know crazy riiight?!
Published By : @catch me, if you can
kate kate
y’all be fuckin and don’t kiss? how the fuck y’all start sex, a handshake?
Reema Al-khaldi Reema Al-khaldi
Thank you December.. Now I’m ready for the new year “2020”💙
Published By : @Reema Al-khaldi
Lauren DeBerry Lauren DeBerry
I’m so ready for the sun to go back to setting at 8/9p Bc thus early darkness make 6p feel like 10p & its hurting me lol
What!! You surprised I am not just a MX stan. I only got into kpop due to Korean Rap and RnB even then I still wasn't ready to accept my fate and secretly stanned Super Junior, Shinee & Boyfriend. MX is where I accepted my fate. #KeepMonstaXAs7 #한_말_책임져 @OfficialMonstaX
Naruto’s Mom Naruto’s Mom
I’m ready for new @hernameisBANKS music 🤷🏾‍♀️
Mak.™️ Mak.™️
i be ready to go to work just cause i know i’ll do my homework. 😂
Kaykay Kaykay
Always ready for #LHHH 😬🍿
OhSoAddictive OhSoAddictive
Y’all supposed to be ready to settle down, not be down to settle. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Stuffed salmon, & Alfredo for dinner let me get Genesis & self ready for bed cause after we eat we going to sleep
gaw$bih gaw$bih
esme: are you ready to print bighead
Wolf Wolf
Yeah... I think I'm ready for the new Gunslinger knife changes. #Destiny2 #PS4share @AfroNin46535340
Cabin Creek Health Cabin Creek Health
Getting ready for the United Way of Central WV gingerbread house competition. In the words of Jake—“it doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would”
Published By : @Cabin Creek Health Published By : @Cabin Creek Health
Alastor Alastor
"Ah, in search of true entertainment I am ready to try quite a few HILARIOUS things...! Just wait and see, ladies and gentlemen! Hahahahaha!"
ラビット&ラビット! ビルドアップ!ドッテンカン!ドッテンカン!ガタゴトズッタンタン!ガタゴトズッタンタン! Are you ready?オーバーフロー! 紅のスピーディージャンパー!ラビットラビット! ヤベーイ!ハエーイ!
Corsi Jones Corsi Jones
Y’all ready for some flames hockey tonight? Cuz I am
Brian Klaft Brian Klaft
Brian 8th grade science from IL ready for #FormativeChat
Rails Softball Rails Softball
Open Softball 🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎Thursday’s after school!! Get ready for the season
Do y'all track 6mo events? It's halfway to my anniversary with my partner today and we just had our 6mo team meeting at work. Seems significant! I'm proud of where I'm at, what I've done and who I'm with 🖤 I'm feelin ready for solstice - my fav halfway celebration! ✨
god the korrasami fic im writing......yall aint ready..
Kv Kv
I’m ready to take it allll
Tonio Van Peoples Tonio Van Peoples
Nah. That 3 not even close to ready. It’ll be interesting to see if he develops it into something tho
Duane Rankin Duane Rankin
Deandre Ayton getting up shots after shootaround. #Suns.
#acdcsummerschool conveners ready for tomorrow’s eLightning session on the Mid-Pleistocene Transition: PP22B 10:20-12:20 Tuesday #AGU19
Published By : @Kerim Nisancioglu
Mike c Mike c
The legal team said I’m secure the legal team the legal firm said I’m secure and ready to put them in prison the legal team secured all the terms to put them in prison the legal team is ready to put them in prison what a phenomenal documentation I know who u are going to prison
Rivers eBooks Rivers eBooks
I'm ready for the nyc One of my professors
タンク&タンク! ビルドアップ!ドッテンカン!ドッテンカン!ガタゴトズッタンタン!ガタゴトズッタンタン! Are you ready?オーバーフロー! 鋼鉄のブルーウォーリア! タンクタンク! ヤベーイ!ツエーイ!
Jay Jay
Anyone working in Immigration Law know how much complicated things can get when you have to worry about a Foreign Nationals Dependents 🙃, Ya H4 ain’t ready my G hang in there lol
Enoch Says Enoch Says
No one speaks loudly anymore of the continuous death tolls, the poor educational systems, the conditions of our ghettos. The number of males who have been bred to grace the walls of penitentiaries around this country... #PrisonReform #PrisonArt
Published By : @Enoch Says
Do any of y’all be having to pee when you clock out but you so ready to get tf, you hold it till you get home? Or is that just me 💀💀
VCS ready now! RR? via wa ya, yuk yg mau langsung wa, gausah nekoneko😘ada harga promo loh khusus hr ni.wa: 082283537617 #openvcs #availvcs #RealAngel #readyVCS #vcsreal #MEMEKBASAH #vcsbugil #vcscolmek #vcswhatsapp #vcsyuk #vcstrusted #vcsberbayar #vcssangek

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