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Cameron Peters Cameron Peters
Momentum on the Hill might be shifting toward witnesses, but this statement says almost nothing definite; Collins certainly doesn't appear to be committing to anything here.
Sen. Susan Collins Sen. Susan Collins
My statement on Bolton developments.
Published By : @Cameron Peters
Leah Douglas Leah Douglas
From county boards to statehouses to the halls of Congress, there’s a growing call to ban large-scale livestock farms. I wrote about the momentum behind these moratorium proposals (no paywall!):
Jan Wolfe Jan Wolfe
MEADOWS: “We’re talking about an unpublished manuscript that only ‘anonymous sources’ have seen, leaked by someone at the 11th hour, just as Democrats are losing what little impeachment momentum they had left. We’ve seen this playbook used before. Americans won’t buy it."
Rob Majteles Rob Majteles
C’mon @Peter_Atwater, get with the program: ‘momentum’ is a thing that only happens on the way up 😳
Peter Atwater Peter Atwater
While the fintwit crowd dismisses Dow point moves as being irrelevant, it will be important to watch media headlines ahead. While 1,000 points aren't what they used to be, if the crowd doesn't really feel that, big moves could easily become self-perpetuating.
Rizky Ramadhani Rizky Ramadhani
ini link dokumentasi simulasi udah di share._. kira kira, ada gak ya yang sengaja membuat momentum ini menjadi ajang ngedownload-in foto gebetan sebelum nanti makin jarang bertemu ato malah ga ketemu sampe wisuda nantinya.-. wkakakakakaa
Sean Davis Sean Davis
Mark Meadows on John Bolton's latest regime change ploy: “We’re talking about an unpublished manuscript that only ‘anonymous sources’ have seen, leaked by someone at the 11th hour, just as Democrats are losing what little impeachment momentum they had left..." (1/2)
Kellan Howell Kellan Howell
.@RepMarkMeadows on Bolton: “We’re talking about an unpublished manuscript that only ‘anonymous sources’ have seen, leaked by someone at the 11th hour, just as Democrats are losing what little impeachment momentum they had left."
CryptoGainz CryptoGainz
I’m not a spiteful man, but I took momentum reversals and three peaks reversals off of gainzybot because nobody was using my deribit ref links Ok I’m a very spiteful man
darlene darlene
My opinion Never Bernie too extreme Biden is losing momentum and now he has a target on his back like Hillary did with email so sorry Joe. So I opened but Mike is looking interesting I believe he can get it done for majority not a few
Follow the money on #climaterisk is building momentum for #sustainablefinance Only 23 yrs since discussed pension funds for logging! @FSB_TCFD @WMBtweets @robinaeknight @topnigel @Finance4Change @VirginieFayolle @e3g @Acclimatise @cisl_cambridge @CatElizCameron @Earthwatch_Eur
Published By : @Sean DOOLAN 🍃💚🍃
Brunel, a large UK pension scheme, has toughened their stance on #climaterisk - asset managers must show progress towards climate goals by 2022 or they’ll drop investment. Positive to see this challenge & focus on responsible investing. Via @OwenWalker0
@moderateRepandDem @moderateRepandDem
Published By : @@moderateRepandDem
Jen Kirchner Jen Kirchner
It's the last push of my balls-to-the-wall sprint! These last two weeks have really set the pace for this year -- and I'm still gaining momentum. Super excited to see what I can do to make this my best year yet. How's your year starting? #amwriting #amliving!
Published By : @Jen Kirchner
Chad Pergram Chad Pergram
Meadows on Bolton: We’re talking about an unpublished manuscript that only ‘anonymous sources’ have seen, leaked by someone at the 11th hour, just as Democrats are losing what little impeachment momentum they had left. We’ve seen this playbook used before. Americans won’t buy it.
Lonnie Johns Lonnie Johns
As I reflect on Vision/First fruit Sunday & our Beast Feast, I am humbled, honored & excited about what God is doing in & through the CC Family. You can feel the strong Presence of God & the Kingdom momentum every time we gather. God is MOVING, Let’s keep moving with Him in 2020!
Kevin Hillstrom Kevin Hillstrom
Open Question to Sports Analytics Followers: In an NBA or College Basketball game, does a time out truly stop momentum, or is what happens after a timeout random?
Streamer Bifrost mot Momentum ikveld kl 20:00, starter 19:55!
Calgary, we’ve worked hard to build this incredible place together. When myself, the other members of Council, and @calgaryeconomic go to pitch our city as a potential home for companies like ESQ’s Cloudexa Technology, this is such an advantage. Let’s keep the momentum going.
Calgary Economic Dev Calgary Economic Dev
“When a global leader in the #tech sector, such as ESQ Business Solutions, expands to Canada and chooses #Calgary as its first location, it speaks to the remarkable value proposition this city" @maryhmoran @cityofcalgary #neweconomy #futureproof
Jen Greenman Jen Greenman
I love it!!! Keep up the momentum!!!
ßarajas ßarajas
My before and after caulking D24 @GreenmanJen @Crippen1026 @8987_s
Published By : @Jen Greenman
Naresh Dadhich Naresh Dadhich
With rightism is at power in India ,gradually a misinterpretation of historical facts by turncoat intellectuals is gaining such attempt is done by Tripurdaman Singh by trying to create unnecessary controversies .
Pokes Report on SI Pokes Report on SI
Can the Pokes build some momentum after finally breaking their losing streak with a win over A&M this past weekend?
IAM Platform IAM Platform
IAM Platform Curated Tweet: Ericsson raises dividend as 5G momentum continues #5G #Applications #CellPhone #Communications #FastInternet #InternetWP2TWTR2
Published By : @IAM Platform
Crain's New York Crain's New York
Julia Levy, Executive Director of @roundaboutnyc will discuss the challenges of maintaining Broadway’s momentum – March 19. Register today #crainsevents #crainsny #broadway #theater
Published By : @Crain's New York
Neighborly Faith Neighborly Faith
Isaac from @JohnBrownUniv is next up in our 2020 fellowship lineup! To him, “This fellowship is a great way to keep the momentum going I gained last semester learning about Islam & dispelling some things I thought I knew & learning new things about Muslims that I didn't before.”
Published By : @Neighborly Faith
trutherb0t 🎭 trutherb0t 🎭
The electron doesn't even have properties like position and momentum until an observer measures them.
dnhart dnhart
🕤AM Mon27 Jan 2020 ☑️For the initial estimate of Mon27 Log[VXX] momentum to reach the mercury line requires a Mon27 VXX close ~15 assuming today’s volume is ~10^8 as on Fr24. Then VXX needs to go up another ~+1 on Tu28 to stay on the mercury line in Mon27 Fibo time proportion.
Sebastian White Sebastian White
#Momentum: "We are reminded of need to continue fight against those who seek to divide us." @PeoplesMomentum disgracefully washed their hands of #Syria, objecting to any intervention on our part. Empty words, & pure "hypocrisy" @jeremycorbyn, #Momentum!
Momentum Momentum
Today marks 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. On Holocaust Memorial Day, we take the time to reflect upon the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis and their ideology of hate. We are reminded of the need to continue the fight against those who seek to divide us.
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SkylineHSGirlsBasketball SkylineHSGirlsBasketball
Wonder Boy 💫 Wonder Boy 💫
They need to put title on her and Io. This momentum won’t last forever and they deserve it
WWE did a really good at building up Bianca Belair as a big threat in the #RoyalRumble match. They must see big things for her in the future
Lori Andersen, Ph.D. Lori Andersen, Ph.D.
This is a common issue. Many elementary Ts only teach science once a week. Makes it very hard to try out new #NGSS aligned #storyline units. Hard to build momentum and maintain continuity.
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Fairview HS taking lead on response to recent sexual assaults | “When there’s a high profile case, everybody wants to do something, but it’s common to lose momentum” @bvsdcolorado #titleix #rapeculture
derek phillips derek phillips
I encourage everyone to really feel this. Accept this feeling of loss and sadness. Feel the momentum that this one man created. Think about your family, and what you would regret doing or not doing if they died today. Think about what people would say if today was your last day.
Mike's MMA Picks Mike's MMA Picks
Momentum has been building for quite some time. I didn’t get into this game to become a salesman. I love the sport, enjoy breaking down fights, and want to help you win. Big things are on the horizon. Next up, we’ve got #UFC247.
Published By : @Mike's MMA Picks Published By : @Mike's MMA Picks Published By : @Mike's MMA Picks
Mike's MMA Picks Mike's MMA Picks
Profit on 12 of the past 14 events.
Published By : @Mike's MMA Picks Published By : @Mike's MMA Picks Published By : @Mike's MMA Picks Published By : @Mike's MMA Picks
Cannabis Legal Group Cannabis Legal Group
While the SAFE Banking Act gained momentum in late 2019, it seems to have stalled in the #UnitedStates #Senate. Learn what to expect next in the future of #cannabisbanking >> #cannabisindustry #cannabisbusiness #cannabiscommunity
They weren't "hands-off" in 2016. They tilted the entire primary in order to swamp any momentum he might gain. It hurt him, but he was going to lose anyway bc he didn't campaign in the South and wasn't well known. This time, there's nothing they can do.
Matt Taibbi Matt Taibbi
Politico: Democrats are second-guessing the “hands-off strategy” used against Sanders in the 2020 cycle
Usher found Bieber and derailed just own sound for like two albums man. Just drove that Confessions momentum into the abyss
Self Driving Cars Self Driving Cars
Challenge is to sustain momentum: MG Motor #autonomousCar #selfDrivingCar
The entire momentum of existing thinking and existing custom is in a direction that allows terrible follies to #mosyanacc #mosyanorganizer
#RLB2020 #RLB2020
Imagineeee Community nominates Rayner over Murray or Khan, why did Momentum endorse her 😂
CLP Nominations CLP Nominations
Community nominates: • Keir Starmer to be leader of the Labour Party • Angela Rayner to be deputy leader of the Labour Party
Blue Medora Blue Medora
2019 was a great year for Blue Medora, with our customer base growing 60%! Check out our latest press release to learn more:
Published By : @Blue Medora
Vacation Chris Vacation Chris
Twitter Fam... Can you see this? THEN WE ARE WINNING ALREADY!!! Take this momentum and have a SUPER DOPE day!!! Let's goooooo!!!!! #JaiHo #PeaceLoveRespectEverytime #MotivationMonday
Scott Ford Scott Ford
You are irresponsible, dangerous, reckless to not vote for Trump in November. Any Democrat back in the White House... our cities will collapse again. You don't realize the magnitude of the current momentum. We cannot turn our backs on this kind of success.
Shelley Megquier Shelley Megquier
Excited to share that @PRBdata will partner with @JSIhealth and @AriadneLabs to help accelerate the reduction of maternal and child deaths through the new MOMENTUM 2C project. #familyplanning #MNCH
Will Colman Will Colman
pick up a bruh momentum tshirt, sticker, or socks ty xx
YEP Sport YEP Sport
"We want to get some momentum, quality and consistency into our game." @CTRLFC #coyf @PeterSmithYEP

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