Bryan Burns Bryan Burns
“You don’t really lose your rhythm, your momentum. It’s just transferring to the next game, and I think that’s going to be a key aspect of the next few weeks.” The early-season schedule hasn’t done the Lightning any favors. But now it might. #Bolts
科学定数・記号bot 科学定数・記号bot
p 運動量 (momentum)
SalientScribes SalientScribes
High performance is achieved by creating momentum and then sustaining that momentum.
Harding Scott Harding Scott
People who succeed have momentum. The more they succeed, the more they want to succeed, and the more they find a way to succeed. Similarly, when someone is failing, the tendency is to get on a downward spiral that can even become a self-fulfilling prophecy...
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I GM a lot of sandbox style game. How do you build a good climax, I am good at building momentum but its hard to tie it up and finish all the active story lines. #DBAskGM
Johnnie Walker Johnnie Walker
I am the #host of @WomenWhoJam Radio because I love the music and I respect the creators of the art form! Good music deserves to be heard! Your ears deserve a treat! Join us this evening on Philly Live Radio at 7pm! #HumpDayVibes #newmusic #womeninmusic #momentum
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Hafiz Bello Hafiz Bello
The global effort/movement towards spreading hate and distrust for the 'other' is gaining momentum. These current jibes at AAs on Obasanjo's twitter based on spin rather that facts on quillette and Bannon funded news media, is a tactic to deflect from the true culprits.
Momentum Scientific Momentum Scientific
Entry Level Lab Technician - Madison, WI
Stephen A Bayless 🤖 Stephen A Bayless 🤖
Hate to point this out, but momentum of this game for Arizona. Drew Stanton might have. Ryan Lindley can't.
Romi Romi
Momentum pembangunan #infrastruktur perlu dimanfaatkan agar terpadu dengan pengentasan kemiskinan. Mengatasi isolasi kantung2 informal miskin kota
Apache Apache
Gina Miller & Momentum Activists False Brexit Pact Claims Shut Down On P... #brexit
Jeff Wilkerson Jeff Wilkerson
Changing my moment of inertia but conserving angular momentum in Physics 181 today. @lutherphysics #luthercollege
Published By : @Jeff Wilkerson
Heisenberg Heisenberg
Deval Patrick to enter the Democratic primary. The first ballot is 3 months away. Hard to see him building up the necessary momentum in that time frame.
EZCappers EZCappers
Wednesday Card (11/13): NCAAF: Miami (OH) fh -10 (3u) Toledo -2.5 (6u) NBA: Grizzlies +3 *buy up .5* (6u) Lakers -8 *buy down .5^ (3u) Trail Blazers -3 (3u) Let’s keep the momentum going!!
WKU Football WKU Football
Looking to build off our signature win: “It was a much-needed win just for us as a team, and just the momentum. It was a big win for our program.” - OL @MilesPate_ 👀⬇️ #GoTops Full 🎥 |
kacper staniul kacper staniul
'It's not admirable to endlessly hustle with your head down. That's only commendable in the short-term. In the long term, it's laziness - you’re riding the momentum of busywork, which blinds you to change. Periodically kill your momentum to ask, 'Should I still be doing this?'
Momentum Scientific Momentum Scientific
Regulatory Affairs Specialist - Madison, WI
Forge North Forge North
“So while we have momentum, we obviously need to turn this up and turn it on." @CEOEcolab on our ambition to make #MSP the best place for people from every background to start + scale ventures that create wealth by solving global challenges.
Mayor Greg Fischer Mayor Greg Fischer
I'm honored to speak tonight to the Kentucky Association of Economic Development Conference. Thank you to our @LouFoward team for their work in driving our city's economic momentum!
Published By : @Mayor Greg Fischer
Nelson Okeile Nelson Okeile
This was how the fight for independence started back in the 50s. The momentum for the liberation of Nigerians from second slavery is gradually on the rise... we will get there! @jimidisu @godwin_buebu @BOGbadamosi @segalink
Henry Shield Henry Shield
We were at the Senate yesterday to present our position on the anti-social media bill. When we are done sleeping as citizens, we will eventually hit the streets and tell this Govt we are not slaves in our own country.
Bilo Selhi Bilo Selhi
Want alerts for momentum stocks? SUBSCRIBE: $FCEL $MPAA $ACST $SLS $PTI $RDVT #investing #trading $BTC $ETH
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Experience the #ThrillOfTheHill by hosting your 2020 corporate outing or special event at #DerbyDowns 🏎💨 Race down our 989-foot track at speeds of 3️0 miles per hour! Visit to learn how to make your event unforgettable! #Momentum #SoapBoxDerby
Published By : @Int'l Soap Box Derby Published By : @Int'l Soap Box Derby Published By : @Int'l Soap Box Derby
Avery Turner Jr. Avery Turner Jr.
On another note, today was another $1000 day in SALES! Let’s keep the momentum going. 🤝
Eaze Eaze
say hi 👋🏽 to the future of cannabis: these ten applicants to Momentum were surprised with $50K grants to cultivate their cannabusinesses!
Lizbeth De La Cruz Lizbeth De La Cruz
the binational efforts set forward after the @PDTMuralProject continue to grow 👊🏼 loving this momentum.
Published By : @Lizbeth De La Cruz
There are many Momentum activists here today. The Tories are fading on my timeline. LibDem activists will be ignoring more of the former as candidates are confirmed in place.
Why are Remainers not getting behind a LibDem surge and stopping Brexit by Christmas? We have tactical voting as a backstop. So let's campaign for what we want and what the country needs. They did it in France. We can do it here!
I can't believe that there's fans who think that Cesaro never connected with the audience when there's evidence that suggests otherwise. Did y'all forget the Cesaro section and the momentum he had in 2014? It seems like y'all have selective memory.
Cameron McDonley Cameron McDonley
This picture is also terrifyingly telling of the decline ICW has had the past two years. A promotion that was once so white-hot that they sold out the Hydro for Grado vs Galloway, now has half, if that, of the momentum they once had. It's sad.
My first time in the SSE Hydro arena. ... ... My second time in the SSE Hydro arena. Life is wild. Gotta enjoy it when you can.
Published By : @Cameron McDonley Published By : @Cameron McDonley
🦖🏒 Coming off a bye, the Dinos want to regain the momentum they had two weeks ago. #GoDinos PREVIEW ⬇️
Brookings Brookings
“2020 may be the first test of money versus momentum. And if Bloomberg pulls it off, it could change the system in a big way—at least for billionaires.”
Tickeron Tickeron
$GDOT enters an Uptrend as Momentum Indicator exceeded the 0 level on November 12, 2019. View odds for this and other indicators: #GreenDot #stockmarket #stock #technicalanalysis #money #trading #investing #daytrading #news #today
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🎯ICYMI~ 🎟 Yes.. More ARE Coming now... Let’s Keep this momentum going.. 🗣The Truth will Rise & Even the babies will start repeating it. Which phrase will Go Down in History?🤷🏼‍♀️⤵️⤵️
Mona Mona
The staffer who Taylor testified about (overheard a Trump/Sondland call day after Zelensky call, during which Trump asked @ 'the investigations') today is Ukraine political counselor David Holmes. He'll be deposed behind closed-doors on Fri. #ImpeachmentHearings #WednesdayWisdom
Bill Wood Bill Wood
To join Momentum ?
Kelly McGarry Kelly McGarry
There are days I feel like I make no headway on my myriad of to-do lists. Then there are days, I burn through it. Today was a day I got Things accomplished on all fronts! #momentum #WorkWednesday
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.@CedarvilleWS looks to keep it rolling in the @GreatMidwestAC semis! Read more! #CedarvilleUniversity
Death_Bat92 Death_Bat92
People ask why I don't use the meta for momentum control just because it's to easy I wanna challenge myself I'm not gonna use jade rabbit or colony or recluse or sniper rifles I'm using a sub machine gun and erianas vow and a regular grenade launcher
Chinese President Xi Jinping met with his #Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Brasilia, Brazil ahead of #BRICSSummit . calling for maintaining the positive and sound momentum of the development of China-Russia relations at a high level. #China
wallstreetElixir wallstreetElixir
MOMENTUM is the key. Not targets. 95% of people who have been in my group know my targets work. BUT do they work for that week or day? Well, the fluctuations in that occurring is why I made some changes.
SlendyTube SlendyTube
Kann mich nicht erinnern, dass mich in den letzten Jahren ein Spiel so hart getriggert hat wie @EAMaddenNFL. Das ist so ein Witz, was da passiert. Da ist #Momentum in @EASPORTSFIFA ein Sch**ß dagegen. Also ganz im Ernst 😠
Kevin R Kevin R
Also bought back $DIS at 148 since I think it'll go even higher due to momentum. Shouldn't have cut losses listening to @traderstewie talk about the gap being filled at 120... I'd only expect that for a company like $FB that gets plagued by bad news a lot. Wasn't a surge in
MarginCall MarginCall
#Stocks are getting a little toppy. RSI on the Dow is in overbought territory and momentum is curving With #Fed Powell giving testimony to Congress tomorrow, it may turn out to be a great day for a plunge of few hundred points Got my shopping list #wallstreet #stockmarket
Sallie RobbinsDruian Sallie RobbinsDruian
.@ImranKhanPTI Inspiring Influence on 🌳Initiative, Strengthening Relationships & Key Milestone Opportunities, Keeping the Momentum Going & Planting a Seed for Wildlife. #FreeTheWild is here to help!
Published By : @Sallie RobbinsDruian
The Momentum - për Lulzim Bashën #BoldNews
Lucy Skye Lucy Skye
#Momentum! 👊
Andreas Freeman Stahl Andreas Freeman Stahl
Great work. More credible mainstream journalism taken on the facts of the case, not childish unverifiable speculation. #AATIP #AAWSAP #Alien #askthequestion #TicTac #Nimitz #SpaceForce #Unidentified #BBC #NYT #Navy #UFO #UAP #Disclosure #UFO2020
Cinema run this evening. You probably know what film. Came close to justifying the hype but missed it by some distance. Which was disappointing. It was so good in parts, and built momentum. Then it lost it. cringe-worthy moments. The acting did not often rise to the occasion.
Dr Mary Bussell Dr Mary Bussell
It is always a pleasure to be in Norway! I was thrilled to present the research on Lung Cancer in Europe. The momentum for change is here! The report on the first phase of the research is available:
MSD Norge MSD Norge
På oppdrag fra oss har @TheEIU sammenlignet tilbudet til lungekreftpasienter i 27 europeiske land, herunder Norge. Hvordan står det til og hva kan bli bedre? @MaryEBussell presenterte resultatene på #Arendalsuka2019 og #WCLC2019, nå er hun i Oslo på vårt åpne møte om #lungekreft
Published By : @Dr Mary Bussell
Ivy Brain Tumor Center Ivy Brain Tumor Center
100% of your tax deductible donations help to support the groundbreaking research we are doing right here at the Ivy Center. Help us keep the momentum going so that we can continue to provide new avenues of hope for #braintumor patients:
Published By : @Ivy Brain Tumor Center
Marriott's #modular movement: why its development chief wants way more modular - (via @Bisnow) #building #construction
sinofutur sinofutur
The angular momentum of breakbeat culture provides a sonic simulation of hyperurban meltdown.
It's the same every time: 1) I don't know if I can do this 2) *tries the tiniest little bit* 3) hmm that's not sooo bad 4) hmm that's not very good 5) wait... wait... wait... OH! 6) *fevered hazy 8 hours of creative momentum* 7) the thing is done Step 2 is the most important!

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