Jessica Jessica
Just finished my first book as a ghostwriter, so I got that going for me...look out JK Rowling, I'm coming for ya! #justkidding #notworthy #writingisfun
Prantosh Biswas Prantosh Biswas
Don't worry @kunalkamra88 . You can travel on my private jet whenever you want. Just give a missed call on my jio number. #justkidding #kunalkamra #ArnabIgnoresBarkingDog
Morgana Daniella Morgana Daniella
What does she think about your child looking like John? #justkidding #allbabieslooklikejohn
Mama Jay🧡 Mama Jay🧡
OMG @chrissyteigen LIKED THIS VIDEO. 😭💕
Kaun hai re tu Kaun hai re tu
Happy birthday G.O mantri garu ...@Rancho_writes . Have a great life. #justkidding
😂"Unsre Heimat sind auch all die Bäume im Wald, unsre Heimat ist das Gras auf der Wiese, das Korn auf dem Feld und die Vögel in der Luft und die Tiere der Erde. Und die Fische im Fluß sind die Heimat. Und wir lieben die Heimat, die schöne. Und wir schützen sie, ..." #justkidding
Manuela Schwesig Manuela Schwesig
#Klimaschutz geht uns alle an. Es sollte ein Thema sein, das verbindet und nicht spaltet. Wir brauchen Antworten für Stadt & Land, für jung & alt, für Veganer & Fleischesser, für Radfahrer & Autofahrer. #LandtagMV #LandzumLeben
Published By : @Philipp Greifenstein
Rubèn González Rubèn González
Lo de Don Benito se soluciona con una embajada de Extremadura en Catalunya #justkidding
Ali Ali
My age when @ZhaviaWard album comes out finally 😅 #justkidding
Skeezy_Ducks Skeezy_Ducks
Who’s trying to watch me bot out on some #Fortnite tonight? @ShoutGamers @TwitchRTCBot @DIGITALTERROR4L @TwitchReTweets @SmallStreamersC #smallstreamer #letsplay #coronoavirus #justkidding #Skeezy_DucksPSN
Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker
one of my fav players, now dead to me. #justkidding
Sky Sports News Sky Sports News
Manchester United have confirmed they have reached an agreement to sign Sporting Lisbon midfielder Bruno Fernandes.
yelni yelni
Pasti sir udah cek lembaran listeningku, diam dulu beberapa detik kemudian geleng-geleng kepala. Baru ketawak sambil bilang "apa perlu di ajarin cara menggunakan telinga?" (Justkidding)
---ralia^-^ ---ralia^-^
[Ketika Amber di panggi si mamang tukang ember] si mamang : "ember...ember~" Amber : *nengok dan merasa terpanggil /si mamang santuy lewat,lanjut dagang/ Amber : kirain:)☺ -justkidding
Published By : @---ralia^-^ Published By : @---ralia^-^
Ashley Cindy Ashley Cindy
Guys, we used to call people after 9pm to get free minutes. AFTER 9 PM?! Don’t you dare call me after 9pm ever. ...just don’t even call me. Text me. It’s free. #timeshavechanged #dontcallme #callmebeepme #justkidding #pleasedont #letmesleep #WednesdayWisdom
Emily Emily
Synapz Productions Synapz Productions
lins_ej_smith forgot her lines, and went berserk! #justkidding She’s just getting into #character! Watch out for this talented actor! #toronto #indie #filmmaking #animatedseries #yukivspanda #setlife…
Lisa Phillips Lisa Phillips
Who else is in? 🙋🏻‍♀️🤣 #badideasarethebestideas #lifecoach #justkidding
Ger Ran Co Ger Ran Co
80% off all flights to Wuhan, China, plus 20% off if you get the virus. Plus Get Death certificate free!➕ #justkidding 😂🤣 #WuhanVirus #coronoavirus
Dinnn Dinnn
saya perampasnya huhu nk bagi balik lepas abis guna kot #justkidding #maybe
dayana dayana
Kalau partner kau kena rampas dengan perempuan lain. Jangan salahkan perempuan tu, salahkan lelaki yang buka pintu 😏
Christie Kramer Christie Kramer
Supporting these pharmaceutical reps one prescription at a time. 👤 #kroger #sugardaddyneeded #justkidding #pharmaceuticals
czk czk
This is very much like propaganda. #longlivethetrump #justkidding #impeach
Donald J. Trump Donald J. Trump
Democrats admitting the Impeachment Hoax!
Kelsi Swenson Kelsi Swenson
The cool thing about living on Long Island is that I get to go off-roading on the Northern State Parkway everyday on my way to work. #justkidding #theyrepotholes
Matt “corona” bhai log.. aise becharo ko tung. 🌚🐒🤪 #WednesdayThoughts #okbye #justkidding
Published By : @Soul of a Warrior
B. B.
พอเสียใจกับเรื่องเดิมๆมากขึ้น อะไรที่เคยคาดหวังตอนนี้แทบไม่รู้สึกอะไรแล้ว ผิดหวังบ่อยเกินไปแล้ว
#JustKidding but don't mix sports & personal stuff & politics 😌😌
Published By : @Jai Shri Ram [10Billion HedgeFund 4 RightWing]🚩
Gutta Jwala Gutta Jwala
Pehli baar Suna hai...bewajah khelna shuru kiya aur ab bewajah party join kiya... 🤔 🧐
BarBond BarBond
¡ Adquiéranlo ya ! 🧐🤓🙊😅 #lol #fun #joke #chiste #divertido #meme #laugh #reir #humor #kidding #like #crazy #funny #justkidding #broma #thoughts #goodday
No Doubt No Doubt
Lah coba itu..malah gak mau di pake 😂 #Justkidding
Published By : @No Doubt
That Cricket Guy That Cricket Guy
Who needs Bumrah when we have Shami? #JustKidding #NZvsIND
Non si capisce se è andato veramente al servizio militare o al campeggio 😂😂 Si è portato le sue best felpe vedo 😂 #justkidding #ILoveHim #FurkanAndıç
Bensu Bensu
BEN YİNE DÜŞTÜM 😍 #furkanandıç
Published By : @crιѕтιna ❄💗🐱🎵
Hrithikian Nivas Bishnoi Hrithikian Nivas Bishnoi
2000 Crores - Collection of Aamir Khan's one movie Dangal . 2000 Crores - Total Collection of Akshay Kumar all movies in last decade . . #justkidding #NoOffence
👑 Prince 👑 👑 Prince 👑
Pic-1 2.9 M followers of amir khan on insta Pic-2 3.02 M likes on #BachchanPandey Poster! Jitne baune ke followers hai, Usse jyada to likes aati hai Akshay sir ke pic me 😎🔥 Real Aukat of stardomless bauna! Without xmas yeh prani vilupt ho jata 😂😂
Published By : @Hrithikian Nivas Bishnoi Published By : @Hrithikian Nivas Bishnoi

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Rae Walter Rae Walter
Just trying have your curly haired baby, not be your girlfriend 😂 #justkidding
Brad Jones Brad Jones
A rare episode of no tears in @NBCThisisUs #justkidding
Teru Mikami Teru Mikami
Kata orang orang: Jomblo itu bebas | Gua: iya bebas showeran dimana aja #plakk #Justkidding #BOTsesat
Ahmad Nawaz Kamyana Ahmad Nawaz Kamyana
عمران خان اگر اسے نیشنل بھابھی بنا دے تو ہم عمران خان کی غیر مشروط حمایت کو تیار ہیں۔۔ #justkidding #ImranKhan #IvankaTrump
Published By : @Ahmad Nawaz Kamyana
The_Renegade The_Renegade
Published By : @The_Renegade
CheebaMonkey CheebaMonkey
Well said. #smilemore #smile #bestcurve #justkidding #lookatthatass
Kacy Catanzaro Kacy Catanzaro
A smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear 🤗
Published By : @CheebaMonkey
Dahlah Dahlah
Virus Corona ditularkan oleh hewan, nah untuk temen temen yang kelakuannya kaya hewan, mohon maaf sebesar besarnya,untuk saat ini jaga jarak dulu #VIRUS_CORONA #VirusCorona #VirusKorona #VirusChina #VirusWuhan #justkidding
Tyler Mays Tyler Mays
Think Hill County just set the record for the earliest open cotton boll in Texas. Open boll the last week of January, LOL #justkidding #lol #missedaspot #AgTwitter
Published By : @Tyler Mays
Iz_cHIValrous Iz_cHIValrous
The recommended distance to avoid close contact during corona outbreak #justkidding
Today I met with Xi Jinping, President of #China, in Beijing to discuss next steps in battle against the new #coronavirus outbreak. @WHO appreciates the seriousness with which 🇨🇳 is taking this outbreak & the transparency authorities have demonstrated.
Published By : @Iz_cHIValrous
Erroll James Erroll James
Birthday Cake for my bebzz 🎂🍰🎁 #happybirthday #iloveyou #vegancake #justkidding
HamiltonWorksBurger HamiltonWorksBurger
Hi Burger fans! We'll be closing a bit early at our Hamilton locations tonight (Tuesday) for our end of year staff party! Maybe don't come in first thing tomorrow morning ;-) #wegethangoverstoo #justkidding? #ourstaffrule #partyWORKSstyle
Published By : @HamiltonWorksBurger
VanDerGinst Law VanDerGinst Law
If you or a loved one has been affected by a large boulder the size of a small boulder, you may be entitled to compensation. 😂😅 #personalinjury #justkidding
San Miguel Sheriff San Miguel Sheriff
Large boulder the size of a small boulder is completely blocking east-bound lane Highway 145 mm78 at Silverpick Rd. Please use caution and watch for emergency vehicles in the area.
Published By : @VanDerGinst Law
Sabrina Herman Sabrina Herman
When you accidentally drop the cocaine... 😤 #justkidding #itspowderedsugar #donutdiet @five_daughters @ Five Daughters Bakery
Novo bot com inteligência artificial do google. Corram para as colinas. #justkidding
Published By : @Welton Rodrigo Torres Nascimento
Yesi Yesi
¿Durante un #divorcio / #separación se puede tramitar #pensión para el mantenimiento del vehículo 🚗? #JustKidding 🤗
Published By : @Yesi
Stephen Kidd Stephen Kidd
More evidence of why the UK's welfare system needs reform to start treating everyone with dignity as citizens: a disabled man starves to death after his benefits are cut - @IsabelOrtizUN @maxlawsontin @UKLabour @smartysue
Growcolm the Therapy Dog, Let’s Plan to Make a Plan, a Prison Break, and introducing Cuddles and Champ! New episode is up on @NonPro! #actualplay #starwars #justkidding #weareindanger @brennanrtaylor @AlexTullyLives @RestngWitchFace @FrankHablawi
Published By : @*Dungeon Not Included Podcast
Allahwin Abdallah Allahwin Abdallah
Babe, what can we argue about this weekend? I love you so much and I do care. Hebu submit a topic as we prepare our defense thereon...or let us use this tweet as a source of starting a scuffle 🤣🤣 #JustKidding
Fact Fact
You usually argue with those you care about. People avoid fights completely when they're no longer interested emotionally.
Vera Schwegler Vera Schwegler
Anyone else feel like Trump’s defense sounds a lot like Fudge when he was in denial about Voldemort being back? #Dumbledoretakethewheel #justkidding #Hermionetakethewheel
ExistingStew700 ExistingStew700
Someone host me XD #JustKidding

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