Ciaran Donnelly Ciaran Donnelly
I have 0 faith in Ireland coming back in this game. The ref probably should not get a big European game either... he’s been poor! Bought some really bad ones the players have had him off all night #IREDEN
Pebblesmeller Pebblesmeller
This ref is screwing Ireland. Big time.
Shauna ♥ Shauna ♥
Getting really annoyed now.. when is @GreysABC being released in UK and Ireland.. @SkyWitness getting a bit ridiculous now.. #wheresgrey #GreysAnatomy #FRUSTRATED
Published By : @CoalMerchantsDublin🔥
matt matt
Enjoy Santa Ponsa next summer Ireland 😂😂😂 #IRLDEN
Rachel Rachel
#ImSoSickAndTiredOf Ireland playing well and not scoring... Come ooonnn! #COYBIG #IREDEN
Published By : @Rachel
bojchev bojchev
Ireland bottled it massively #IRLDEN
@paola_abundis @paola_abundis
Stream Free Ireland vs StreamsLive Stream Free Online . . LINK 1 >> . . LINK 2 >> #COYٌBIG #IRLDٌEN
Published By : @@paola_abundis
Tom Maguire Tom Maguire
It says it all when Ireland played 2 out of 10 passes together & had a shot on target then for Denmark to take the lead & for the commentators to see ireland has been playing very well this game . Wrong choices of players playing and 'tactics' all wrong #Hoofball #Usual #IRLDEN
C’mon Ireland
Ffs Ireland players all think they’re Pogba or Ronaldo with these long shots 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Duncan Walker Duncan Walker
Don’t want to get carried away, but if you combined the Ireland and Scotland football teams, you have a team, who I believe, would be capable of avoiding relegation in the Championship.
#ImSoSickAndTiredOf Sinn Fein/IRA trying to rewrite the history of the Northern Ireland "Troubles" Sinn Fein - "offended by everything, ashamed of nothing"
Published By : @🇬🇧~Take The L~🇬🇧
Just saw that Braithwaite has scored in the #IREDEN match. Ireland heading to the Euros!! Wait, Braithwaite is a Dane?!
Jesus Christ IRELAND!
Lodwick Lodwick
Republic of Ireland can't keep clean sheet on top of that they lose at home in front of their fans🤦‍♂️dissapointing.
Sky Sports Football Sky Sports Football
Danish Delight 🇩🇰 Former #Boro man Martin Braithwaite scores the vital goal for the visitors Watch Republic of Ireland v Denmark live now on Sky Sports Main Event or follow here:
Ryan Nolan Ryan Nolan
Say what you want about glen whelan he had given his heart and soul the last 2 matches for Ireland . Legend
Donal Deeney Donal Deeney
Varadkar will go down as Ireland's worst Taoiseach as the Irish nation reels from theft of Sovereignty, Money Supply, Fisheries, Border control, Foreign and Domestic policies and the imposition of Euro bank debts and lack of affordable housing.
Nauseating. Globalism has been good for Ireland? 🤬
Published By : @Donal Deeney
John O'Brien John O'Brien
Hendrick McClean and Whelan still starting for Ireland. That's where your problems start
Scott Scott
Instead of themselves Ireland should learn to cross the ball.
Andrew Ralph Andrew Ralph
Noel Grealish, Gemma O’Doherty, Verona Murphy & my DCU coursemate @ZainabBoladale speaking so eloquently on the racist abuse she has experienced working in the media in Ireland today. I don’t think the country is “above” what we see anywhere else. We must all call racism out.
Ireland: 400 million new trees in 20 years. #ClimateChange
#Ireland 🇮🇪 wants to plant 400 million #trees in the next 20 years. The plan means planting 22 million trees across 20,000 acres every year. 👏👏👏👍 #ActOnClimate #Climate #forests #reforestation #forest #PlantATree #UG4PH #SDGs #ClimateCrisis #ClimateStrike #ClimateEmergency
343Sportz 343Sportz
Ireland and Finland we need a miracle from you.
St. Patrick St. Patrick
People of @ireland ! I have returned! #Ireland I love you!
Aaron McGuire Aaron McGuire
Ireland’s only hope of qualifying for #EURO2020 is if Simon Cowell pulls out a wild card and puts them through...
Catherine Catherine
#MondayMusicQuiz Putting on a happy face despite Ireland losing :-(
Published By : @Catherine
Ireland losing at home? Disappointing #IREDEN
Obi~agu Obi~agu
Ireland abeg score goal .
steve steve
Why is it that Ireland seem to be perpetually playing Denmark
☢Atomicflix☢ ☢Atomicflix☢
Not surprised Ireland didn't score there, they're drunk
Come on, Ireland!!!
Ireland needed my full attention tonight. Italy's entertaining a herd of yaks. Yawn.
Valentin Verdier Valentin Verdier
LIVE Euro 2020 qualifier: Ireland v Denmark
Ireland and Finland you guys should equalize also.. Thanks
Ryan Ryan
5 years ago I witnessed countless games in the Showgrounds where Sean Maguire couldnt score if his life depended on it. Now he's subbed on in attempt to qualify Ireland for the Euros
Stef Stef
Hope Ireland qualify automatically, because Sheffield United players don’t do play offs anymore.
RTÉ Soccer RTÉ Soccer
81 mins – Final roll of the dice for Ireland as Seanie Maguire is on for Glenn Whelan #IRDEN #rtesoccer
Published By : @RTÉ Soccer
Fiona Reid Murphy ✨ Fiona Reid Murphy ✨
Oh c’mon #Ireland 🇮🇪 #IREDEN #keepthefaith
Super line-up of speakers at this year's @scicomie conference. Looking forward to hosting the conference & to meeting more of Ireland's new & experienced science communication & public engagement community! Tickets available here:
Cormac Murphy Cormac Murphy
If Ireland don't have a better midfield option than 35 yr old Glenn Whelan then all hope is lost #IREDEN
cintia paloma luna cintia paloma luna
Stream Free Ireland vs StreamsLive Stream Free Online . . LINK 1 >> . . LINK 2 >> #COYٌBIG #IRLDٌEN
Published By : @cintia paloma luna
Sean Ward Sean Ward
Ireland goal needed for £60
Mick Mick
Ireland just don't create enough chances. It's alright to say we've had 6 attempts but if 3 of them are shots from 40 yards out then what's the use
Ryaner Ryaner
How does the this ref still have a job every time I see him he is awful. Denmark are terrible bunch jump on the ground after every tackle 🤣🤣🤣 hope you proud of you team #Denmark #irevden but Ireland still need to find someone who will score goals.
Andy Cain Andy Cain
As if I backed Ireland to win tonight they are absolutely awful
I know it's bollox but I'd rather watch Ireland lose like this. I just want to feel alive. #irevden #ireden
lionel buttz lionel buttz
Wish Ireland had one decent level goalscorer man. Imagine we had the likes of a Timo Werner or Immobile or something. Just anyone up top with quality
So what’s the deal with Ireland here. Is it they have to win or could they still have a playoff?
JC McLean Spurs JC McLean Spurs
Sad for Ireland but the Swiss and Danes have had better campaigns and probably deserve to qualify ahead of Ireland. Maybe time for Mick McCarthy to go.
natalia mayer natalia mayer
Stream Free Ireland vs MAN CITY | The Kick Off LIVE - YouTube . . LINK 1 >> . . LINK 2 >> #COYٌBIG #IRLDٌEN
Published By : @natalia mayer

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