Raj Malhotra Raj Malhotra
Jawahar Lal Nehru was Harrow School Cadets, who are trained by British Army Officers for service in .....British Army
Revista SÁBADO Revista SÁBADO
Mundo - Índia: Violador pede absolvição de pena de morte porque a poluição o vai matar
navneet navneet
2020 me aa gye hum sab...lekin BJP, Congress aur media savarkar,godse,neharu etc pe pade hue hai.... India ko aage le jana hai ki ya piche🙄🙄
Chittaranjan Nath Chittaranjan Nath
Schizophrenia of relgius eqality :Upholdrs of relgius eqality see iluson of rlgius-dscrmnation in India. This class had no qualms of conscience to give away1/3 rd of India to Muslms in1947.Yet they now think, Mslims of PAK settled in India after 1971, BE ALLOWED CTZNSHP of India
T.K Mukundan T.K Mukundan
Is this Modi’s New India ? Govt banks penalized peons , cashiers over rising NPAs?
Published By : @T.K Mukundan
BeingArnabPattanayak BeingArnabPattanayak
After supporting CAB, CM Naveen Patnaik meets Muslim members, assures no NRC in Odisha
Alex Shaan Alex Shaan
Dear Hindus, We Rejected Islamic State In 1947 Now Its Your Turn To Reject Hindu State. Secular India- @AlexShaan05 #CABProtests #CitizenshipAmendmentAct
#BharatBachaoRally #CongressBachaoRally कांग्रेस की भारत बचाओ रैली में राहुल गांधी के भाषण के कई झोल, प्‍याज को बताया 200 रुपये किलो और... @RahulGandhi @INCIndia @BJP4India
Pakhton Zalmi💧 Pakhton Zalmi💧
1. Pakistani social media is not obsessed with Hindus. Once a Hindu elder was assaulted by police Pakistani social media erupted against the police. 2. Hindus are not being lynched in Pakistan as a state sponsored exercise like Muslims are being lynched in India.
Chhaswala Chhaswala
We are all set to serves you healthy dairy products at our maninagar outlet! #chhaswala #buttermilk #dairy #dairyproducts #ahmedabad #india #milk #milkproducts #opening #launch #outlet #lassi #shake #maninagar
Published By : @Chhaswala
umairnazeer umairnazeer
india is a teror ciuntry
Namra Khalid Awan Namra Khalid Awan
Indian Citizenship Bill is reflection of India’s extremist mindset and manifestation of Hindu supremacy in India #IndianStatesWantFreedom
Published By : @Namra Khalid Awan
The Common Man The Common Man
'பிரதமர் பதவிக்காக 'Rape Capital' என @narendramodi முன்பு சொன்னார்; "பிரதமர் மோடி சொன்ன 'Make in India' திட்டத்துக்கு பதிலாக 'Rape in India' நடக்கிறது என திரு. @RahulGandhi எம்.பி., சொல்வது உண்மை" – திருமதி. @KanimozhiDMK எம்.பி. #RapesInIndia | #RahulGandhi | #RapInIndia
インドもやべぇよな~ インド政府が再びインターネットを遮断、今回はアッサム州とメガラヤ州 | TechCrunch Japan @jptechcrunchさんから
#Rajkot #Rajkot
Eleven persons booked for murdering rickshaw driver - Times of India #Rajkot
#Rajkot #Rajkot
Two women stalked, abused, spat at - Times of India #Rajkot
Sweta Srivastava Sweta Srivastava
Is Bangladesh is not capable to provide them food n security ? then Bangladesh should beg to merge in India .but every process Should be legal . And madam if u get shelter in India it doesn't mean all beggars from neighbour country could get this .
taslima nasreen taslima nasreen
Poor Bangladeshi people who crossed border to enter India years ago for a better & safer life, now as 'illegal immigrants' leaving India for Bangladesh,crossing border at dead of night.Sad thing is in Bangladesh they are detained as 'illegal immigrants'!
Anusha Fatima Anusha Fatima
Any same juxtaposed research on structural waste in the mobility system in Indian context? I wonder the statistics would be too high for India.
Brent Toderian Brent Toderian
We live further & further away from where we work. We buy bigger & bigger vehicles, with 5+ seats for 1.5 people. 50% of land in cities is dedicated to cars. 86% of our fuel never reaches the wheels, & most of the energy that does, moves the car, not people. #CityMakingMath
Published By : @Anusha Fatima
Namra Khalid Awan Namra Khalid Awan
Indian Citizenship Bill can have much larger implications than just being unconstitutional or targeting Muslims. It is self-defeating as it will seriously hurt India's impression at global level. #IndianStatesWantFreedom
Published By : @Namra Khalid Awan
India's image & standing severely damaged globally, relationships with most neighbours head downhill. UN, US ask India to uphold rights, protect minorities
netflixsupremaa netflixsupremaa
The Most Michael Bay Movie Ever | Ryan Reynolds | 6 Underground | Netflix India
Published By : @netflixsupremaa
नागरिकता कानून और NRC के विरोध में उतरे मुस्लिम, पुलिस ने पटकीं लाठियां, कई हिरासत में Source : "अमर उजाला" via Dailyhunt डाउनलोड करें:
the_bitterswt_Naari the_bitterswt_Naari
Okay so ppl infuriating on #RahulGandhi poor guy ws jobless nd in depression since May, his mama grounded him, na koi fake lame Nara diya tha na jhut bola tha, ws abt 2 leave India n settle in Thailand. Bechara fir se hath pair mar Raha hai limelight me aane Ko. @TajinderBagga
#CitizenshipAmendmentAct Mr.Divider Modi... see everybody as citizen of India... First remove your RSS Religious & Caste Specs and take your PM Seat... This is United India...
Bharat Shah Bharat Shah
#MughalsMadeIndiaRich In this video see the #Mughals have enriched the GDP of India through hard work. #CABProtests #CAA #CitizenshipAct #RahulSavarkar
IBTimes India IBTimes India
Amid CAB protests US, Canada issues travel advisory for citizens: 'Avoid 'non-essential' travel to Northeast' #CABProtests #AssamProtest
Pakistan News Pakistan News
'Premised on Falsehood': Pakistan, India Continue Verbal Battle Over Citizenship Act. #pakistan
Ajish P. Joy Ajish P. Joy
OPINION: Opposition to Citizenship Act may herald new chapter in Centre-State ties
DW Indonesia DW Indonesia
Licypriya Kangujam, aktivis cilik berusia 8 tahun asal India mengritik keras kebijakan iklim: "Para pemimpin kita sibuk menyalahkan satu sama lain, bukannya mencari solusi jangka panjang."
Hindustan Times Hindustan Times
Dissent grows in Assam’s ruling BJP-AGP govt, many leaders quit
Published By : @Hindustan Times
फांसी की सजा सुनाने के मामले में शीर्ष सात देशों में शामिल भारत
Violent clashes in Delhi; Japan PM cancels visit to India
ThePrint ThePrint
Modi-Shah hide real issues, make people fight, violate Constitution everyday: Sonia Gandhi
Millions of the naturalised citizens living in the US, UK, and Australia were born as Hindus...in India or around. Many continue to practise Hinduism in their adoptive countries. Ditto, in France, Spain...even in...
SpeakengIndia SpeakengIndia
Learn a list of formal and informal words. Learn to speak #English fluently with your friends with #Speakeng India #BTMLayout, #Koramangala, #Madiwala and #Marathahalli, #Bangalore CALL - 9148291666 For more info: #speakengindia #tipstolearnenglish
Published By : @SpeakengIndia
Manuj Manuj
India taking a wrong turn, we’re not Pakistan: Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
Newstrack Newstrack
संजय गांधी ने छोड़ दी थी पढ़ाई, जानिए कैसे बने थे पायलट... #SanjayGandhi
Shivakumar S Shivakumar S
India is only for Indians, #CAB2019 Not for Rohingyas and Bangladeshi infiltraters, those who wants them in our country, it will not happen @AmitShah , @narendramodi sympathizers of infiltraters are most welcome to leave the country No question of stopping Swach Bharath Abhiyaan
Muhammad Irfan Muhammad Irfan
US, UK warn on travel to northeast India after new citizenship law leads to clashes - World -
My country India
Published By : @DINESH RAJ
Nagpalyougmaya Nagpalyougmaya
फर्जी गांधी ही आलू से सोना गिरिराज सिंह का राहुल को जवाब, 'उधार का सरनेम लेने से कोई नहीं हो जाता गांधी' -Shared via ZeeNews
Deepak Lahri 🇮🇳 Deepak Lahri 🇮🇳
VIDEO : FasTag नहीं लगवाया तो लगवा लीजिए
AliceBlue AliceBlue
Get latest updates on sharemarket
Amit Kumar Gaurav Amit Kumar Gaurav
India is diversity of culture, folkways and civilization, decide by people what we are & what we have.
उन्नाव कांड: पेट्रोल डालकर जलाने से एक दिन पहले तक आरोपी ने की पीड़िता से बात, उसके पिता जानते थे सब Source : "अमर उजाला" via Dailyhunt डाउनलोड करें:
Matta Abraham Matta Abraham
WEEK IN PHOTOS Foreign tourists wearing face masks visit the Taj Mahal under heavy smog conditions, in Agra, India. VOA
Published By : @Matta Abraham
Insanely Sane Insanely Sane
If it reads like sedition Sounds like sedition Feels like sedition Then it actually is SEDITION! Make no mistake, this is a Clarion call for waging a war against the Union of India...
Irena Akbar Irena Akbar
Alhamdulillah. Finally, finally, we have risen. Darr ke aage jeet hai. Every emotion has an expiry date. Our fear died today. No looking back now. In sha Allah. #CABProtests
Surya Pratap Singh Surya Pratap Singh
ये बहुत बड़ा वाला मुर्ख है !!!! धर्मान्ध, गोमूत्र व गोबर वाला l . . सावरकर वाले बयान पर गिरिराज का राहुल पर पलटवार, कहा- उधार का सरनेम लेने से कोई गांधी नहीं होता l
Naweed Rahman Naweed Rahman
This movie defines majority part of Bollywood and Culture of India 🙏
Karan Johar Karan Johar
Blessed to have this story to look back to & still feel the love. It's always about loving your parents...and the solid & spectacular actors and team you get to work with!♥️ #18YearsOfK3G @SrBachchan #JayaBachchan @iamsrk @itsKajolD @iHrithik #KareenaKapoorKhan @DharmaMovies

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