Rep. Gil Cisneros Rep. Gil Cisneros
Our #CA39 Asian American community is one of the largest in the nation. That's why I'm committed to fighting for the 1.7 million Asian American #DREAMers in our country. #HomeIsHere
Cristóbal Alex Cristóbal Alex
.@JoeBiden: the first thing I’m going to do is protect DREAMers. #homeishere #DACA
Joe Biden Joe Biden
DREAMers are Americans — and it’s time we make it official. We must keep our promise to them and provide a pathway to citizenship.
#DACA recipients contribute significant federal, state, and local tax revenues that help provide important benefits to millions of Americans. They are our classmates, our coworkers, and our friends. Most know no other country as home. Their #HomeIsHere.
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Red Ventures Red Ventures
Reminder: Regardless of your stance on #DACA, real people are at the heart of this issue. Last month, 15 RVers road-tripped to D.C. to show support for #Dreamers at the #HomeIsHere Rally. Katherine reflects on her experience on the INSPIRED blog.
Jazmin came to the U.S. when she was a baby. Her #HomeIsHere.
Find out if you can renew your #DACA TODAY! The #HomeIsHere campaign has created a list of resources to help you determine your eligibility. Click here to learn more! 👇
@bigfleet305 @bigfleet305
#Repost @ajplus with @get_repost ・・・ Undocumented actor Bambadjan Bamba: "The fact that we can stand here and protest freely shows that we have hope in America."⁣ ⁣ #HomeIsHere #DACA #BambadjanBamba #Undocumented…
@bigfleet305 @bigfleet305
#Repost @USWomen2016 with @get_repost ・・・ #HomeIsHere for more than 700,000 #DACA recipients across the country. Please show them your support. . The Supreme Court just heard the DACA case. Now, visit…
Dr. Enrique Garcia Dr. Enrique Garcia
Today House Council presented at the Principal’s Coffee, informing parents about House and Family. #SavioSpirit #HomeIsHere #HeartsOnFire #SavioClap #PrincipalCoffee #HouseCouncil #FamilyTime
Published By : @Dr. Enrique Garcia Published By : @Dr. Enrique Garcia Published By : @Dr. Enrique Garcia
Japana Home Japana Home
Look at this ⛩. It looks so tiny from far. Where was the most breathtaking landscape you've seen? #japaneseculture #japan #travellover #noplacelikehome #homeishere #homesweethome 📷@cpt.seabass
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Diego Diego
I met Esder in 2016 when she participated in the @Dream_RC’s Dream Summer fellowship — a national leadership development program for immigrant youth. So incredible proud of her. Let’s continue to fight for her and all immigrants! #HomeIsHere
Congratulations to @Rutgers_Newark‘s Esder Chong, one of the 145 Schwarzman Scholars selected out of 4,700 applicants worldwide. Read more about her: #RutgersExcellence
Bill Hamm Bill Hamm
Pitch in now to help Dreamers renew their DACA status.
Andrew England Andrew England
SanFranciscoFeelings SanFranciscoFeelings
Coit Tower, San Francisco 📷 Ryan Fitzsimmons | The Best Photos and Videos of San Francisco and the Bay Area. #sanfrancisco #SanFranciscoFeelings
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Sara X Hernandez Sara X Hernandez
For my #HigherEd colleagues working to support undocumented & DACA populations, keep an eye out for the launch of the @PresImmAlliance’s Higher Ed-Immigration Hub. Coming in spring 2020. #HomeIsHere @CornellOISE @VPAA_Cornell @CIRTL_AGEP_NSF @CornellGrad @ASHEoffice
With #DACA future uncertain, here’s one Minnesota resident whose life is in limbo via @pioneerpress #HomeIsHere
Julia Swain Julia Swain
capturing real immigrant heroes in their real places for a new campaign that went so quickly to broadcast // @AlientoAZ #sinmiedo #homeishere
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iAmerica iAmerica
"I’m going to have to weigh the help I provide to [my family] now against the $765, if I’m able to renew again.” -Rebeca Puente, #DACA recipient Submit comment opposing the USCIS fee hikes: #DreamsForAll #HomeIsHere
Voto Latino Voto Latino
"The future of young undocumented people with hopes and dreams of changing the lives of their families, their communities and the country now rests on the nine Justices of the Supreme Court." #HomeIsHere
"It is because of #DACA that I am able to pursue my dreams & start my own business in photography and production. If the Supreme Court...rescinds the program and there isn't a legislative solution in place, these dreams will be stripped away." #HomeIsHere
TheDream.US TheDream.US
Flashback - one month ago, we released videos of #TheDreamUS Scholar graduates Marisela, a #DREAMer teacher, and Sol, a DREAMer Nurse, spotlighting the success and impact of #DACA. Just as powerful to watch today! #HomeIsHere #HeretoStay #HigherEd #SCOTUS
iAmerica iAmerica
#SCOTUS can prevent another family separation crisis by listening to the overwhelming majority of Americans who know that #DACA is good for America and want Dreamers to stay. #DreamAndPromiseNow #HomeIsHere
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Rosario Quiroz Rosario Quiroz
SAISD Superintendent Martinez on the net benefit of #DACA- As imperfect as DACA was when implemented, "it is one of the best things that ever happened to our students." #GrowingUpInFear #homeishere
Lives in the Balance for #DACA Families via @nycitynews #HomeIsHere
Check out IIC partner @JAcabrera95 talking about #DACA #SCOTUS #homeishere on @rmpodcast_
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Lifeundocumented Lifeundocumented
How about our own #HumanRights violations at the US #Mexico #Border #Detention #inmigrantes #homeishere #Migracion #ice #US passes law paving the way for sanctions on #Chinese officials for mass detention of #Muslim #Uighur ethnic group
Holly Fishbein Holly Fishbein
Join me on #GivingTuesday and support @NILC. Defending and advancing the rights and opportunities of low-income immigrants and their family members. #HomeIsHere #ProtectTheDream #DreamAndPromiseNow
#DACA recipients are worth much more than what $ signs can measure, but these figures make something clear. Dreamers add value to this state and to this country. #HomeIsHere
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Aravella Simotas Aravella Simotas
👇 is an example of how @MaketheRoadNY marshals its services to make a national impact in our country. This #GivingTuesday, consider donating to this wonderful organization that is dedicated to amplifying the voices of New Yorkers all over the nation because #HomeIsHere.
Make the Road NY 🦋 Make the Road NY 🦋
Support our DACA recipients this #GivingTuesday! @RicardoAcaNYC joined our Youth Power Project in 2015 to learn how to advocate for himself & his community. He now helps amplify our campaigns as our Digital Organizer Help us keep up the fight for #DACA!
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Teresa Zocchi Teresa Zocchi
Zocchi Associate, Cynthia Peterson, received this amazing review from a recent client. Cynthia is a dedicated team player, and she won't let you down. We approve this message! Congratulations, Cynthia! #ZocchiAndAssociates #HOMEisHERE #LoveMyClients #HappyClients #HomeSweetHome
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It's not too late to support us for Giving Tuesday! Why support NAKASEC? Because we provide a home for people like Esther. Watch her story from the #HomeIsHere March for DACA & TPS and donate so that we can continue supporting people like Esther :)
"Growing up... I thought there weren't others like me, that I was the only undocumented Korean American." On day 3 of the #HomeIsHere: March for DACA & TPS, Esther shared the importance of mobilizing, uplfiting our stories, and finding community. Watch now! #Citizenship4All
#daca #GivingTuesday #GivingTuesday2019 #buffalony #rochesterny #homeishere
Published By : @Justice for Migrant Families WNY Published By : @Justice for Migrant Families WNY
UnLocal, Inc UnLocal, Inc
We are holding a DACA renewal clinic this Friday, Dec. 6. Join us in supporting DACA renewal fees for 5 dreamers! #GivingTuesday #homeishere
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Amelia Jones Amelia Jones
I just took the pledge to support #Dreamers, #DACA and #TPS holders as we fight for all those whose #HomeIsHere. Join me in taking this pledge then come out on November 12th for the National #HomeIsHere Day of Action! ?
It's not just #DACA recipients who are anxious about the program's future. Marlen Ortiz says her US citizen son "doesn’t want to talk to people; he just wants to be near me": #HomeIsHere #HereToStay
#GivingTuesday #DACA #HomeisHere #BuffaloNY #RochesterNY
Published By : @Justice for Migrant Families WNY Published By : @Justice for Migrant Families WNY
jason wu, esq. jason wu, esq.
As Supreme Court decision looms, undocumented Asians say they must speak up or risk losing #DACA...Experts say Asian and Pacific Islander recipients are overlooked despite over 1.7 million undocumented members of this group. #heretostay #homeishere
Generation Progress Generation Progress
The average DACA recipient came to the U.S. at 6 and is American in every way—except citizenship status. Under the Trump administration over 700,000 are at risk of deportation. Our generation demands better policies for our undocumented peers. #HomeIsHere
Maria Praeli Maria Praeli
Spent the morning surrounded by courageous #TPS recipients as they continue to demand for #ResidencyNow because #HomeisHere
Published By : @Maria Praeli
Ximena G. Magana Ximena G. Magana
My existence bothers most. And I like it! #DREAMers #HomeisHere
Published By : @Ximena G. Magana
For many DACA recipients #DACA boils down to one simple truth. Their #HomeIsHere, will this country accept that?
JSJ Builders JSJ Builders
With our hands and hearts, we'll build you the best home! #dreamhome #househunting #homeishere
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NYC Immigrant Affairs NYC Immigrant Affairs
🚨 Current #DACA recipients are still able to renew their protections if their DACA expires before the end of 2020! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get started: NYers: call 311 & say ‘ActionNYC’ for free, safe immigration legal help. #HomeIsHere
Published By : @NYC Immigrant Affairs
Hispanic Caucus Hispanic Caucus
DACA ensures that #Dreamers and their families do not have to live in fear. We must take their mental health and the well-being of their communities seriously – that means that we must #ProtectTheDream at #SCOTUS next year. #HomeIsHere and always will be.
Alida Garcia Alida Garcia
Who Are America’s Undocumented Immigrants? You Might Not Recognize Them #HomeisHere
Vili.Kotobalavu Vili.Kotobalavu
Who wants this kitchen? 🙋🏽‍♂️🤗🏡#HomeisHere
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Tanya_Lasagne Tanya_Lasagne
Our two year house anniversary today. Live where we live 😍🥰 #homeishere
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JL Spohr JL Spohr
#hope for the day. #homeishere #godislove anyone who says different is selling something.
Cristina Jiménez Cristina Jiménez
Honored to have spent this week w/ @MigrantRightsIr & courageous undocumented youth & workers in Ireland fighting for justice. We stand in solidarity & will keep working until we can live freely. As these youth leaders say “sky is the limit, not papers” #FreetoMove #homeishere
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Bill Hamm Bill Hamm
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