Mspark Mspark
Nov 30 is the big day! Prepare your small business for #SmallBizSat with customizable marketing materials at . #SupportingwithAmex #ShopSmall
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Debra Connor Debra Connor
Krystal Hess Krystal Hess
Happy closing day to my best friend! Thank you ( and your parents) for trusting me with your largest investment thus far. Looking to buy or sell in #Ottawa? Let me help you leverage your life with real estate ♥️🏠🌴🍹
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Joel Robinson Joel Robinson
I have no idea what a "drone light show" is but I'm totally in.
Peggy McManaway Peggy McManaway
This could be the most consequential day for Trump's presidency | Anders... via @YouTube
Eric Berman Eric Berman
After a day of covering other news, I’m back at the #CurtisHill hearing. The start of that hearing has been delayed while lawyers confer with hearing officer Myra Selby behind closed doors, presumably over whether a disciplinary commission witness can be called.
I hope this is true, which is why I scrub thoroughly at least once a day. Had I the time, I'd shower twice daily.
Seamus McKracken Seamus McKracken
Women don’t want cologne guy, or musky smell like the gym guy. They just want you to smell clean. Like if you agree
robyn robyn
Day 2 of lying in bed watching South Park on one half of my laptop screen and doing an illustration about self empowerment on the other. Live your truth friends.
Pin Chasers Pin Chasers
We're thanking #TampaBay for 60 extraordinary years. Don't miss our #BirthdayParty—November 3—with 60¢ games, 60¢ fries, 60¢ hot dogs and 60¢ sodas all day.
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SniperGlock SniperGlock
I'm always too depressed to have the energy to talk one on one with someone, I don't hang out with my friends anymore either. I just stay in bed all day when I'm not at work. I like it tho because at least I dont have to deal with drama anymore, I just miss having a social life.
Conrad Collaco Conrad Collaco
Each hour per day of talking on a mobile phone or using social media was also linked to increased risk of exceeding both added sugar and caffeine recommendations.
CBC Hamilton CBC Hamilton
Phone, TV, social media use tied to more sugar, caffeine in teens: @McMasterU study. #HamOnt
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Pretest Plus Pretest Plus
Founded in 1830, University College School (@UCSHampstead) is a boys-only independent day school based in #Hampstead, #London. Here, we look at everything you need to know about the school's #13Plus #pretest assessment and admissions #LondonSchools
BCNstocks BCNstocks
$RKLC .0002 off the grey market as of today and on the FDA list with only a 46M float! This is going to be an awesome day! :)
Ignis_Internum Ignis_Internum
$RKLC off the grey and on the FDA list, 46M float 😊
TattooistArt TattooistArt
👌🏽 Hashtag #tattooistartmag pick of the day: Artist: edit_paints __________________________________________ FOLLOW: 👉🏽@TattooistArtMag for more for more awesome…
InkTober Day 23: Ancient
Published By : @Third Eye Blind Raven
celestine celestine
happy world ballet day !!❤️❤️❤️
VeteranHearing VeteranHearing
One Day Sale…Hurry!. 👉 ORDER HERE: ✅⏩Perfect #gift for your friends ✅🗺️ FREE Worldwide delivery 🌧
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MarTech Alliance MarTech Alliance
Don't want to alarm you but there are less than 50 tickets left for #MarTechFest! Scary news huh, but don't fret! Head over to our website now and secure your tickets now! Why not bring a buddy and make the most of your day, we have team discount >>
Lake Trust Lake Trust
Last Monday, nearly 350 team members donated 1,500 hours back to Michigan schools and nonprofits. Learn more about our second Moved By Good Day and see our impact: #MovedByGood #MXGDay
Gab-brhi🌻 Gab-brhi🌻
Song of the day: Poncho and Lefty by Townes Van Zandt
وجد وجد
Or I’ll make you ugly on your wedding day
Q92 Q92
Happy Wednesday!! One for the contractors! Catch the 2:20 #BadDadJoke of the Day this afternoon on Q92! [LISTEN LIVE]  #iHeartRadio #Q92hv
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Trent M. Trent M.
Key points: -She is a capitalist -Finance & govt need reform to reduce corruption & influence -At end of day, economics and business principles determine winners, not govt policy or President
eska eska
day well spent 🥰
what a day! 🥰
Whitby Police Whitby Police
Schools Engagement Officer PC Sarah Bailiff joined PCSO Dalton at Our Ladys Primary School. Spent the lunch period chatting to KS1 pupils about how their day was going and what plans they had for the remainder of the school day.
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Are you willing to put your Tulsi supporting cousin's hamster in the blender so they're too upset to go vote on election day for someone else?
Molly Molly
i love sweden! Would love to see the sun some day :)
. .
I was my beauty blender the next day after every use because who has time after doing a full face. Yuck
Bad $ister Kristy Bad $ister Kristy
Day 7
Bishop England HS Bishop England HS
Day 3 of Spirit Week is Disney Day! Welcome to The Magical World of Bishop England. The halls are filled with characters and school spirit!
Published By : @Bishop England HS Published By : @Bishop England HS Published By : @Bishop England HS Published By : @Bishop England HS
Wendy Thieman Wendy Thieman
Having a rough day. Bear with me.
Wavee Wavee
This day could not get any better! √ Basta DL, high honors woo! √ Single-handedly manually, mechanically fixed our printer! √ Progress sa research? Yes meron na!
Sharan Sharan
Bigil First day tickets available Showtime: Evening 6.55 pm show. Location: Luxe cinemas, VELACHERRY. 4 tickets available. DM me for rate. #bigil #bigildiwali #BigilBooking #bigilticket #BigilTicketBookings #Bigilticketbooking #bigiltickets #bigiltickethelp #bigilfdfs
The Baking Nanna The Baking Nanna
Made my day ❤️😘😘😘
Mahki⚡️ Mahki⚡️
Deadass slept all day yesterday after work😅
dan dan
bad day
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Thank you for this day! A lot of contents came (and probably more?? 😂) @BTS_twt
Published By : @Gen 💜🐹 | #MakeItRight
Robert Corley Robert Corley
Goodmorning everyone! Have a great day.
Our ECS team are all set for the 2019 @EdinburghNapier University Student Futures Festival. We’ll be sharing details of our Early Careers Programmes with students throughout the day. #ecs #napier #earlycareers #student #Careers
Published By : @ECS
Mike Wilkinson Mike Wilkinson
What do you get when you load up a canoe with ice tools and jump on the creek on the coldest day in five years in Kentucky? About 6-7 first ascents in the span of a mile. That’s what Heath and friends did during the…
🥀 🥀
i want to miss just one day of class to sleep in but i’m trying to be exempt from this final exam 😭
Louis Moinet Louis Moinet
ONLY MEXICO - breaking news from SIAR : As a matter of fact this piece has been sold the first day and was a bright star of the watch show SIAR. Watch out for other exciting news from Louis Moinet - the inventor of the Chronograph.
Published By : @Louis Moinet
Good morning everyone hope you guys are having the best night/ day ever treat everyone with love and kindness and love yourself 💕
Kenzie 🥀 Kenzie 🥀
Am I going to spend the whole day listening to #sgfg? Yes. Am I gonna make my office suffer through a constant loop of #sgfg? Also yes. #4YearsOfSGFG
今日は練習前にもお友達とめいいっぱい歌を歌ってきたから今日は歌day!! そして最近は夜、寝る直前真っ暗にしてごろんしたまま永遠と歌ってる!!🎤(笑)
🧜🏽‍♀️ 🧜🏽‍♀️
don’t take this TL so serious y’all. get y’all a cup of coffee and have a great day. i’m having a good day at work already and i’m going to the season opener tonight. i also get off at 2. God good.
Maddi's Butterflies Maddi's Butterflies
Its the 23rd of the month today which is Donate £1 to Maddi's Butterflies Day! All you have to do is text MADDI £1 to 70085, all money goes towards providing wishes and holidays for Children with Cancer. 🦋Creating Smiles Everyday🦋
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Mr. Buxton Mr. Buxton
The day this immoral buffoon is removed from office, I am going to delete my Twitter account and consume Giuliani levels of alcohol. #maga #trump #KAG2020 #treason #Ukraine #Giuliani #Russia
Kyleiii Kyleiii
I have 59 day until I GRADUATE. FINALEFFINGLY. I’m overrr school (I say as I get my teaching degree ha ha ha)

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