🌌🐉Kida 🌌🐉Kida
Time to bash my head against a govt website to try and get unemployment 🙃
azreen danial™ azreen danial™
Tak penat ke kena bash? Or are you that desperate for attention? Are you that stupid or is it just a ploy.
Left and Bright Left and Bright
Why yall throwing hate towards this guy??? Naapakan ba pagkatao niyo? Nasaktan ba kayo? Kung di pasok sa standards niyo, no need to bash him. LET. PEOPLE. ENJOY. THINGS.
please give me full details abt the person who told you you look like him, i just wanna talk 😀
Elle✨ Elle✨
Bash and AJ are my favorite cousins ❤️
. @BigfactsChrisR and I have over 400 followers on @bashbrostagteam Facebook group. They have lovingly christened themselves The Bash Holes. You too can be a Bash Hole by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Lucky13 Lucky13
We literally have the (#MSM) in their own words not taking it seriously... while to this day bash #Trump for doing the same... wait... yet he banned travel from countries... wait... and was called Xenophobic and racist by the same people for doing so! It’s all on tape! 🤦🏻‍♂️
The liberal media want you to believe that the Trump administration didn't take the coronavirus outbreak seriously at first. Here's just a few examples of the liberal media doing exactly that.
Banlieue Rouge Radio Banlieue Rouge Radio
#NowPlaying Claudette & the Corparation - Skinheads A Bash Them
Phyllis Wallat Phyllis Wallat
New post: 2020 Kody Boy’s Birthday Bash Freebie Blitz
Tyi Tyi
78 tomorrow 😳 me and bash definitely going ina backyard playing
"Come closer to me and i'll bash your nose with my elbow."
robin davis robin davis
#BadTalentShowVideos bowling bowl bang and bash
Published By : @robin davis
Saka na kayo mag bash pag perpekto na kayo hano? Kahiya naman ihh
Dolce Bella Dolce Bella
A bomb concealed in a package was just sent to a church I go to. I really don't understand, why are people so evil? Just because they didn't wanna close it means you can bash & threaten the pastor & secretary? The county made them close the church anyways.
You know, its ok to have different opinions. You may not respect them but we all living life thru different perspective. No need to bash one for it. No need to alienate someone for it. Keep your energy and move on with your life.
the thing i hate the most about sagittarius is the superiority complex they carry around as if they have such an old soul but a true old soul tends to accept everyone for who they are rather than bash them when they cause a minor inconvenience to their lives
daw kanami na gid pa play stupid love galing basi ma bash ko di sa balay hahaahhahah
#BBigKam #BBigKam
i kould never turn around Nd bash sumbody I used to fw tuff .
Devious Botling Devious Botling
thunderstone playing as Le Soldat de fer on floor 3 wanted to show off their basic card, Shield Bash.
Jay Marino Jay Marino
And you do what every day w/ your hack husband? That’s right,bash our President. It seems POTUS has a good read on journalists who are losers. Its best just to cut them down at the knees then have to listen to their BS. I LOVE having a President who will stand up to YOU frauds.
Published By : @Jay Marino
Fatma  bash Fatma bash
No one is perfect Love urself
yana yana
Etong bash din Kay Mari/s eh until now boycott daw mga ineendorse nya..tsk
Stix 🧟‍♂️ Stix 🧟‍♂️
Lol idk i feel like yall just pick and choose who yall wanna bash, let yall favorite musical artist be wearin this and yall gone love it 😂
M😘 M😘
I just be making clothes all day
Published By : @Stix 🧟‍♂️ Published By : @Stix 🧟‍♂️ Published By : @Stix 🧟‍♂️ Published By : @Stix 🧟‍♂️
_alyaizzati _alyaizzati
kalau aku cakap exo>bt* mesti kena bash kan... tapi realitynya begitu
Coco Coco
I gine brek this fucking PS4 in half yccc 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
The Black Uncle Jesse The Black Uncle Jesse
All y’all do is bash Men in public just to love them in private. Lmao y’all funny.
Here are the upcoming games: 1. Drinker's Examples (2020) 2. Drinker's Examples: Field Trip Demo (2020) 3. Drinker's Examples: Birthday Bash (2021) 4. Pencil (In development) 5. Pencil: Field Trip Demo (In development)
ٰ ٰ
وانا ي اللي كنت طبيب الهوى ولأهل العشق ببيع الدوا ..
Manu Bezamat Manu Bezamat
KF isn't that different from Shana. Both are unhealthily obsessed with MJ and claim to have been special to him w/o proof. Both make up/embellish stories and bash every woman in his life. Both are egotistical. Yet only one is treated like an oracle by some people in this fandom.
anyways i found a bunch of girls crashing my bday bash... but they’re cute so ill let them stay
Published By : @chan birdie 🥳💙
The unauthorized bash brothers experience
🌹 🌹
can we just talk about how janina vela handle to shade our government in her vlog without getting bash? HAHAHAHAHA i stan gagi 😩
9 or 12 i will always love you all, I was once a full time exo basher since i was an army but December 11, 2019 everything changed, i was so blind in the years bashing them and didn't see their talent but here i am right now celebrating their 8th year! #8YearswithEXO tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#8YearswithEXO
Published By : @ray⁷☾|| AU📌||ig7sd Published By : @ray⁷☾|| AU📌||ig7sd
Kenny Cox Kenny Cox
Hey @ChrisEvans our current economy would look like this often with liberals in charge. Pelosi and Shumer love giving away taxpayer money to museums for coronavirus relief. That's liberal logic in action. #COVID19 Meanwhile, morons bash Trump for giving hope via new drugs.
Cindy Noir✨ Cindy Noir✨
You can’t “man bash” your way out of healing and letting go of past situations. You got to deal with it at some point.
Published By : @Cindy Noir✨
Need Member Namja Need Member Namja
We Are #CLfams ! No Bash~ No Kacang~ Join here '-')/
Feral Feral
Especially when they're attempting to weaponize the #MeToo movement & it's easy to bash someone from that angle (which is why they tried it on)
The General The General
Love how @Alyssa_Milano is fighting back against the sexist and hateful Bernie Bros. That’s a strong woman.
pauleenkale pauleenkale
kung sino man ang nag advise sa mayward na magpost ng same staement sa ig i know its a bad move mas lalo silang na bash na dalawa. sana matapos nato kaka sad puro bad vibes sa plaza
bashar bashar
نتيجة الفحص هي من الأمور الي تزيد القدرة على التحكم بهذا الوباء و انتشاره!!! لذلك الفحص لأكبر عدد ممكن هو امر جيد اضافة الى التباعد بين البشر في هذه الفترة .
امريكا فحصت اكثر من مليونين شخص ٤٠٠ الف منهم نتيجة فحصهم ايجابية بـ #فيروس_كورونا_المستجدّ Total tests🇺🇸 = 2,075,739
Published By : @bashar
ً ً
If u want a fight I’ll bash your skull in you monkey — I’ll pummel u to a pulp
Don’t bash Bebe too much for her bad pronunciation she’s from Staten Island
بيش بيش
Sanditon#2 Sanditon#2
Wow! That’s just plain old mean spirited Amanda. I’m truly sorry if we have offended you in some authentic way. However, what right do you have to bash people that have found some pleasure in #Sanditon? Robin Roberts said last week it’s the most binge worthy show.
فاطين فاطين
Hm dah dah laa bash dia. Tak back up pon. Tapi masalahnya skrang... HAMPA DUK UMAH DIAM DIAM JEALA BOLEH TAKK! XYAH KELUAQ KALAU TAKDA URUSAN PENTINGG! K done.
wan Akasha wan Akasha
Ni kenapa saya jawab isu tu dengan “no comment “.Maaf jika ada terkasar bahasa yew . Harap baca sampai habis . Pleaseee, terima kasih .#Patient136 tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#Patient136 1/2
Published By : @فاطين Published By : @فاطين Published By : @فاطين Published By : @فاطين
بيش بيش
#مسابقات_قولدن_سنت تم
Toot Toot
Men who constantly bash woman im convinced yall like the other side
Jaja Jaja
Just because she is living her life orang jeles n bash. Hahahahha, for me kan bagus la dia show off hilton tu. at least dia enjoy dia punya quarantine. Kita ni enjoy ke idak?
aundria. ☯ aundria. ☯
I just want to have another sleepover bash with my friends. 😞
น้องนีรรรรรร สวัสดีจ้า #LiveAtLunchxTawan #LiveAtLunch #GMMTV
Published By : @✨
Fatma  bash Fatma bash
ويع شنو هل فلم الي من اوله لي اخره قاعده ابجي😐
Complain lagi benda tak patut dalam keadaan macam ni kan dah kena bash teruk gila babeng.
Selama 7 bulan berdiri, AKRP belum pernah ada masalah bash dan fanwar, makanya jangan sampe itu terjadi .__.
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