Dr. P N Renjen Dr. P N Renjen
Discovered in 18th century, Parkinson's disease is a second most neuro-degenerative disease after #Alzheimer's. Tremor, Rigidity & #Bradykinesia are the three cardinal features of #Parkinsondisease. Learn more: #Neurologist #ApolloNeurology
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찬열이 얼굴박힌건 다사자 브레이슬릿이랑
Be Beautiful Be Beautiful
#BeBeautiful #MicellarWaterHacks #MakeupRemover DIY Micellar Water Hacks | 5 Surprising Beauty Hacks Using Micellar Water | Be Beautiful
Gio👹 Gio👹
I have Bred 1s,4s,12s & 13s now 11s will complete that
안전비행 🛩🛩
It's 12:12 so make a wish #GoHawks #BELI3VE #12s
Amber Sharma Amber Sharma
Here is my Review for Motorola One Macro. A Phone for Macro Photography #Motorola #macrophotography @motorolaindia @abhishektelang
ひかげ ひかげ
✨ ✨
I honesty love working 3 (12s).
.? 뭘찍는거지??
Weekly News - 7th Dec Worcester City Youth’s Under 13s and 12s kept clean sheets as both teams collected Nerf Junior Premier League victories on Saturday. A strong first-half performance paved the way for the Under 13s as they hit Alvechurch for six wi…
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Kevin Piggott Kevin Piggott
I just finished walking 3.95 miles in 57m:12s with #Endomondo #endorphins
ThePokeFairy ThePokeFairy
Snubbull 100% 316CP L9 until 11:11:37pm (10m 12s) *estimate* 37.8002705055,-122.442167701
Kimm Moore Kimm Moore
Cheering for the best team!
12s 12s
To the best fans in the NFL, Happy 12/12, @12s! 💙
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Anne Chen Anne Chen
Happy Blue Friday #12s #bluefriday #GoHawks
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#館山市 被災者支援相談窓口 開所日のお知らせ <開所スケジュール> 12/14(土)×(毎週土曜日は休所) 12/15(日)○ 12・・・ ~ふなばし情報メールより ⇒ ちば安全安心情報 #千葉県
R.A. Bailey R.A. Bailey
I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes!! You all are awesome and made my day!! 12s are the best fans in all of sports happy 12/12 Go Hawks!! 💙💚💙💚
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If this ain't me in 40 years I'm gonna be upset
12s 12s
In honor of 12/12, take a look at the history and legacy of @Seahawks superfan and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Mama Blue! 👏 »
Jr Redd Jr Redd
These mf 12s overnight be killing me I’m supposed to be between some thighs right now
#松戸市 松戸東警察署管内 行方不明の高齢者について 12月13日、午前8時頃から、根木内付近で、77歳の男性が行方不明となっておりま・・・ ~松戸市安全安心メールより ⇒ ちば安全安心情報 #千葉県
End of year reflections and my holiday wish for you. #happyholidays #reflection #businesstips -
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UnitedCC UnitedCC
ROUND 8 TEAMS Big games for all again this weekend! Let’s have a great night @ the Christmas Party on Saturday evening following a few big wins! 16s play @ home tomorrow vs Euroa! 14s away @ Numurkah! 12s playing @ McGregor vs Mooroopna! Good luck to all! #hophophop 🏏
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Saul Saul
Сэтгэл зүрхний боловсрол гэдэг өөртөө үнэнийг ойлгуулах , бусдаас үнэнийг сонсох , ярихдаа үнэнийг түгээх эрхэм зан чанар юм .
Maxime Pelletier Maxime Pelletier
Glad to see we'll have some HS balance changes but I'm curious to see how we got there. Did the devs not expect 5 mana 10/12s and 7 mana 16/16 + Arcanite Reaper added to the already OP class to be that bad? Or did they know and decide to go with it anyway? I'm puzzled.
Zeynep Zeynep
.@unsalunlu Zaten (her şeyi bırakmadan) gazetecilik yapılmıyor sayın bakan!
unknown unknown
I would like to thank everyone who congratulated me on my birthday. I was very surprised how many people thought of me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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@IvanBoediman @IvanBoediman
unknown unknown
Vote! #ProBowlVote Russell Wilson #ProBowlVote Jadeveon Clowney #ProBowlVote Shaquill Griffin #ProBowlVote Bradley McDougald #ProBowlVote Duane Brown #ProBowlVote Quandre Diggs #ProBowlVote Tyler Lockett #ProBowlVote Bobby Wagner #ProBowlVote Tre Flowers #ProBowlVote KJ Wright
VictoriaHawk24 VictoriaHawk24
Last Day ‼️‼️‼️RETWEET 12s💥 #ProBowlVote for our guys! @DangeRussWilson @Bwagz @clownejd @TDLockett12 @ccarson_32 @DuaneBrown76 @mdcksn @KJ_WRIGHT34
KC 💋 KC 💋
I actually love my job, I’m just ready to switch to 12s though 😩
Lil Baby DJ 🥶 Lil Baby DJ 🥶
It’s Grown women that wear size 12s 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
It’s grown men that wear size 7.5 shoes 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
A🥀 A🥀
working 3 days of 12s is annoying af lol
michelle ✨ michelle ✨
Working 12s for 5 days inna row, I need thaaat 😌
Travis Lems Travis Lems
Heyyyyyyyyy y'all you know what you have to do #12s #WPMOYChallenge #bobbyWagner #Wagner vote for @Bwagz
Published By : @Travis Lems
Hidden Town Band Hidden Town Band
NuffSaidCo NuffSaidCo
Them What The 4s sitting , them cool grey 12s sitting. Them reverse taxis sold all the way out. Still haven’t broke DS on mine
Hot Daily Deals Hot Daily Deals
Deal #2187 2019 12s FIBA men Basketball Shoes with box 12s best qualtiy sneaker trainer Shoes free shipping | Camille Claudel Free Deals shopping Ohio State Gift Fashion ⌚ Dec,13,2019 05:06:12 AM 🔗
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♡Snow♡ ♡Snow♡
Even tho these 3 12s in a row shifts are dead I be ready to risk it all for that 7 days off without PTO
_ _
“I work 12s” this kid says. Me “PARDON?!” Spada “what?...”
雪だるま消してps4とかの遅延けしてみんなピースでいこ 変なものふやつな
Donna Elliott Donna Elliott
12s 12s
The #12sEverywhere are what make Sundays so special 💙 In honor of #NFL100, we asked 12s to share why they became fans of the Seahawks as a part of a collection of stories called ‘We Are 12’. Read their stories »
Published By : @Donna Elliott Published By : @Donna Elliott Published By : @Donna Elliott Published By : @Donna Elliott
Josh Rosen and Rashaad Penny were drafted ahead of Lamar Jackson, wow #RedSea #Seahawks #AZCardinals #12s
Kelly Scott Kelly Scott
Well - that’s a wrap on the 2019 #schoolyear! A week of PD ending with a lovely staff brekkie this morning. A mixed year work wise - lots of highs, but also lows I’d rather forget. But now I’m on the #couch & watching @HistoryVikings ⚔️ Now for the #12s results on Tuesday! 😱
Published By : @Kelly Scott
パズドラやってます! 主なリーダーはゼウスLv最大やトールetc... 9倍光パ使いです(・∀・) パズドラーのみなさん是非フォローお願いします(๑>◡<๑)
Someone tell me not to work 8 12s in a row
yaSosa_callmedat yaSosa_callmedat
Taxi 12s hardest Jordan ever released who wanna argue??? Thought so .. go make plans in ya vans
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