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F.C. Motagua Reserves

F.C. Motagua Reserves is a Honduran football club, based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and it is F.C. Motagua' reserve or "B" team.

Motagua–Real España football rivalry
Motagua–Real España football rivalry

Motagua vs. Real España, is a classic football match played between F.C. Motagua from Tegucigalpa and Real C.D. España from San Pedro Sula, two of the most successful and popular football teams from Honduras.

2007–08 C.D. Motagua season

In the 2007–08 season Motagua won their first international trophy in the 2007 UNCAF Interclub Cup, and were the league's runner-up in the Apertura tournament being beaten by C.D. Marathón. They were the only team to beat C.D. Victoria, doing so twice.

2008–09 C.D. Motagua season

For the 2008–09 C.D. Motagua season, F.C. Motagua played in three competitions, the Apertura tournament, the Clausura, and they were also invited to the 2008 Copa Sudamericana.

Motagua New Orleans

Motagua New Orleans is an American soccer club based in New Orleans, Louisiana that plays in the Gulf Coast Premier League. The team was founded in 1984 and competes in both the ISLANO and Louisiana Premier League.

Platense F.C.

Platense Football Club S.A. de C.V. or simply Platense is a Honduran football club, located in Puerto Cortés, Cortés. The club was founded on 4 July 1960 and in 1965 became the first champions of the Honduran National Football League.

Motagua River
Motagua River

The Motagua River is a 486-kilometre (302 mi) long river in Guatemala. It rises in the western highlands of Guatemala where it is also called Río Grande, and runs in an easterly direction to the Gulf of Honduras.

Motagua Fault
Motagua Fault

The Motagua Fault is a major, active left lateral-moving transform fault which cuts across Guatemala, continuing offshore along the southern Pacific coast of Mexico, returning onshore along the southernmost tip of Oaxaca, then continuing offshore until it merges with the Middle America Trench near Acapulco. It forms part of the tectonic boundary between the North American Plate and the Caribbean Plate.

Motagua Valley thornscrub

The Motagua Valley thornscrub is one of the ecoregions that belong to the deserts and xeric shrublands biome, as defined by the World Wildlife Fund. The ecoregion is located in the Motagua valley in eastern Guatemala, and covers an area of 2330 km2.