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Grizzlies ml Pelicans U230.5 PARLAY THEM

MIN Timberwolves ml DAL Mavericks ml Pelicans ml

Pacers +6.5 ❌ Pacers ml ❌ Warriors +8.5 ✅ Lakers U217.5 ✅

Pacers +6.5 Pacers ml Warriors +8.5 Lakers U217.5

Cavs ml & spread❌ Pelicans spread ✅ Nuggets U225.5 ✅

Cavs ml & spread Pelicans spread Nuggets U225.5

HOU Rockets ml ✅ Tsitsipas ✅ ORL Maigc ml ✅ WAS Wizards +8.5 ✅ ORL Magic U207.5 ❌ WAS Wizards ml ❌ GSW Warriors ml ❌

@MitchGregory123 Yeah that's true, but they rather lose to warriors and wizzards than clippers, rockets, etc.. I would say taking ml is good value, I think odds should be lower. Also spreads should be good in parlays to boost in my opinon. Just buy those +.5 points :D

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