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“not your average #solana ape.”

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got some questions about how I handle missing out on projects that end up performing well… simple - the more you DWELL on the past opportunities the more you MISS out in the new ones. we have no time for “what if’s” crypto moves FAST

just landed and $sol decided to take off ALWAYS ON THE MOVE 🤝

cant handle your emotions with current volatility? this game might not be for you the harsh truth.

new conclusion - you want to gain traction from a credible community? airdrop mid to low supply a DERIVATIVE of their art. earn passive income from % rev on marketplace community is happy & the exclusivity creates demand = success 💰

back to the mainland in the AM we going to dig DEEP this week…seems the $sol NFT ecosystem had a nice bounce showing it’s true strength LFG 👊🏼

cant wait to see my Monkette’s when I’m back @MonketteSolana

projects that fill their roadmaps up with ‘key’ words to capture attention rather than let their product speak for itself…NGMI

missin’ out on @TowerDAO 
but at-least we got puppy & farmland

missin’ out on @TowerDAO but at-least we got puppy & farmland

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