“Having the ability to cope under extreme pressure, work well through times of challenge or change and bounce back following disappointing setbacks unquestionably matters in business. Contemplate, for a moment, the strength of yo…
fats fats
absolute madness how much social media can affect your wellbeing
Judy Goldman Judy Goldman
Neal's Yard Remedies Four organic range of Remedies to Roll: Energy, Night Time, Relaxation and Travel. Each contains a blend of invigorating, comforting, calming and revitalising essential oils to enhance your mood and wellbeing throughout the day.
Published By : @Judy Goldman
futcher fu futcher fu
#happiness ? What about us #outdoorpeople I thought I had hit the age of peak happiness. How wrong I was
Chriselly🇵🇦 Chriselly🇵🇦
Literally everything influences who you are and become as an individual. All of your experiences. Social experiences, politics of the time you are living in, etc, so, yes, absolutely can be beneficial or detrimental to your overall wellbeing, including mental health
rossco_pc cumming rossco_pc cumming
#wellbeing #weightloss #weightgain #fitness #FitnessMotivation ⬇️👇⬇️👇⬇️👇⬇️👇⬇️👇⬇️👇⬇️👇⬇️👇⬇️👇⬇️👇⬇️
Published By : @rossco_pc cumming
Dennis Pinna Dennis Pinna
"Extreme wealth is a sign of a failing economic system," the report said. "Governments must take steps to radically reduce the gap between the rich and the rest of society and prioritize the wellbeing of all citizens over unsustainable growth and profit."
The PE Geek The PE Geek
Take part in @DaleSidebottom Gamifying Mental Health and Wellbeing in PhysEd in this upcoming @ConnectedPE online conference. Secure your place here:
Published By : @The PE Geek
onnellinenoulu onnellinenoulu
Oulu's Emotional wellbeing rating: 71.1 % (good OR hyvä)
Leukaemia Foundation Leukaemia Foundation
Cancer-related fatigue is a side-effect that has an enormous impact on quality of life and wellbeing - have you watched these videos on how to manage it? #bloodcancer #fatigue
latina babe latina babe
Thank god I learned how to forgive others for my wellbeing.
djemal ua djemal ua
** the chills ** #haiku #poetry - about emotions, pain and suffering posted on .@Medium #writing #poetry #poet #writingcommunity #poetrycommunity #life #health #love #wellbeing #psychology #mindhealth #wisdom #mentalhealth #spirituality #creativity
PredelaHabana® PredelaHabana®
👂 Don't put up with the discomfort of tinnitus! 😞 That mysterious whistling and ringing can seem relentless!👂 This great guide lists some of the things that can help. via @WiseLivingMag 👍😀 #tinnitus #hearing #earhealth
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#NowPlaying Sayama - Karuna Sayama Karuna #webradio #musique #NewAge #Wellbeing #Relax
Published By : @Radio PLENITUDE
Discard problems with wellbeing & excess body fat should you research this kind of evaluation video
SaintHilarionAgedCare SaintHilarionAgedCare
We are delighted that Seaton Community Child Care Centre visit us regularly. The scarecrow we built together is now ready for installation in our organic garden. #EmbracingLife #Wellbeing #KidsinAgedCare #ChildreninAgedCare #Intergenerationalplay
Published By : @SaintHilarionAgedCare
Mara B Mara B
Sharing some Mara B energy to rev up for what you need to do in the week ahead #therapyhorse #motivation #emotionalwellbeing #horses #energy #SundayMotivation #contentment #wellbeing #snow #winter #equine #equinetherapy #cantering
Caroline Lenette Caroline Lenette
For those of us researching #ArtsandHealth and #Wellbeing this ⬇️ looks like a great resource. Develops the case for #ArtsandHealth as a social movement #HealthandHumanRights @KBoydell @LouisaESmith1 @LynPhillipson @elenam @Jill_TBA @NelliStav @maggieoneill9 @ShD23608105
Norma Daykin Norma Daykin
There is more on social movements & boundary work in arts, health & wellbeing in my new book - it’s intended as an e-book so it’s much cheaper to download a copy!
Christians of Iraq Christians of Iraq
We held a candlelight vigil today in #Chicago for the safe return of Hermiz and Shmoni Diril. #Christian couple was kidnapped on Jan. 11th from their home in the #Assyrian village of #Mehr, #Kovankaya in #Turkey. We are extremely concerned about their wellbeing. @realDonaldTrump
Published By : @Christians of Iraq Published By : @Christians of Iraq Published By : @Christians of Iraq
Lauri Poldre Lauri Poldre
How to de-stress behind your desk: on @iamwellandgood #stress #work #office #wellbeing #mentalhealth #mindfulness
gigi🥀 gigi🥀
I want someone to care about my wellbeing and actually make my day
There is more to life than economic growth and politicians and economists should give less attention to growth and more to the many less tangible, less well-measured social factors that also affect our wellbeing. Interesting analyse from @smh Ross Gittins
Michael Bean Michael Bean
“Adding biophilia into the office’s design can also deliver a more relaxing environment for employees and provide an atmosphere that everyone enjoys.” #buildingscience #workplace #biophilia #retention #wellbeing #wellnessatwork #wellness #openoffice
The Wealth Zone The Wealth Zone
Reconstruct your wellbeing implementing stylish action resources
Get & Stay Wealthy Get & Stay Wealthy
The foregoing website online my wife and I posted considering that we unearthed the plan to reduce your fat stores successfully plus resurrect health and wellbeing
I thought I had hit the age of peak happiness. How wrong I was
Rev.Taka Kawakami Rev.Taka Kawakami
Zen in Kyoto: today (Jan. 20th), Zen meditation class and Dharma talk in English starts at 9:30 am () #zazen #Buddhism #philosophy #mindfulness #wisdom #wellbeing #history #culture #Japan #temple #retreat
Published By : @Rev.Taka Kawakami
Vitalized Future Vitalized Future
It turns out that you're NOT what you eat, but what you absorb. Discover the best form of Vitamin D for absorption right here. #Healthy #WellBeing
Dr. Mark Pirtle Dr. Mark Pirtle
New Video: The Cause of Stress: Attentional Fixation. Subscribe! There's so much here to support your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Then, watch and enjoy the whole SkillfullyAware Tools for Transformation video course. via @YouTube
Hatha Yoga with Tejas™ Hatha Yoga with Tejas™
" Whatever kind of business you are into, ultimately, there is only one business, that is human wellbeing" - Sadhguru
Bayou State Bayou State
Amen, brothers. Pray for the safety & wellbeing of all TRUE patriots at this [event].
Major Patriot Major Patriot
This Virginia rally deal is looking more and more like a long range, planned coordinated Clown/Media op as time goes on. It's been in the works a long time...everything that will appear spontaneous is anything but. Praying for you good Virginians. We have your back.
Workplace happiness - Health & Wellbeing - Why we all need to be a bit more flexible - | #HR
ñeque. ñeque.
i probably shouldn't be applying for jobs and dating at the same time. not good for my emotional wellbeing to be randomly meeting all of these new people at the same time. sorry guys. *deletes apps*
Wonderful Scents Wonderful Scents
russel russel
emotional wellbeing, biology (which am skipping) , maths, english (also probably skipping) and pe (HARD SKIP) tomorrow.... shld be like... fun
Loretta Hope Loretta Hope
Current mode Plant & nurture. #lorax #positivity #wellbeing
Published By : @Loretta Hope
Our approach to health is radically different. We believe optimal health and wellbeing is about what's added to your life, not what's subtracted from the scale. Sunday motivation from Josiah Alipate. 👏👏👏 #LifelongTransformation #OPTAVIA
Published By : @OPTAVIA®
Oxford Freegle Oxford Freegle
Table Tennis for Wellbeing on Tue 21st January 11:30 am
Published By : @Oxford Freegle
The New Daily The New Daily
The doctor-dope drought has broken. New figures from the Therapeutic Goods Administration show medical cannabis prescriptions are snowballing.
Cycling Executives Cycling Executives
For 2020 we will be holding a formal event series where we will be sharing experiences, challenges and insights. To find out more about ICE’s 2020 plans visit us here: #execswhocycle #wellbeing #networking #community #active #success #goals
Published By : @Cycling Executives
Is Birmingham Happy? Is Birmingham Happy?
Birmingham's Emotional wellbeing rating: 56.8 % (average)
Master Health Now Master Health Now
Here, I've ranked seven of the highest quality Vitamin D supps on the market for males. The killer question is... which is no. 1? #WellBeing
Miss Rawlins Miss Rawlins
Book 1 of 2020 complete! Trying to get back into reading for pleasure this year, not just for work! #Wellbeing
Published By : @Miss Rawlins
makayla makayla
You know how people always say there’s a point where you see who truly does care about your wellbeing and who just wants you around when it benefits them?? Yeah, I used to roll my eyes at that and now I really freakin see it dude
Francesca Hill 🌱 Francesca Hill 🌱
Glad to see #Sustainability featuring so much. One part of #biophilic design I think is often overlooked is lighting that mimics your #circadian rhythms! #interiordesign #wellbeing
James H James H
Finally my new website for I am James Wellbeing & Recovery is live! More functionality to be launched in due course but here is the starter..... New email too! For all wellbeing & recovery enquiries email me at james@iamjames.on…
All prepped for tomorrows training #torfaen #MentalHealthAwareness #Wellbeing #staffdevelopment
Published By : @Creadau Training And Consultancy
danti danti
here's a little reminder: your wellbeing always comes first and every little bit of progress is important 💛
Albert Grant Albert Grant
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