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2 books down, 7 to go. I absolutely LOVED lord @GavThorpeCreate Armageddon Saint. One of the truest books to the spirit of Warhammer 40K, it has truly memorable quotes and characters that are both flawed and inspiring. Next reads are lady @Danacea Sisters and their crusades.
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Liam White Liam White
Okay, I'm gonna put Warhammer 2 down, and play the other things I was actually meant to be playing
brookhammer40k brookhammer40k
New on Instagram - #warhammer
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Michael Manley Michael Manley
Next week, for your Wednesday #Warhammer stream, you should wear green hoodies, and make it look like your heads are on suits of armour! @Bedgarsan @Angory_Tom
Bagzmystro Bagzmystro
Bought my first Warhammer piece to use as my characters miniature for #dnd and didn't realise I had to build it....
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Botanical Botanical
23日に東京の西側で時間空いたから立川ラダーを荒らしに行きたいな。 【対戦相手募集】#WHS立川 1/23(木) 午後~ AOS 750~1250pt (午前の仕事鞄の都合で…) こちら低ポイント戦に弱いシルヴァネスです。立川ラダーの順位を上げるチャンスですよ(о´∀`о) #warhammer #ageofsigmar
The Bastard The Bastard
For anyone that's into video game stuff: my Warhammer mods for RimWorld are still going strong. Released the Beastmen yesterday, and am working on some Dwarf updates. #rimworld #mod
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gamersloth gamersloth
My Zarbag’s Gits in their new home at Warhammer Sydney. My storage space was low so this makes more sense to store them at my local GW. #paintingwarhammer #warhammerunderworlds #miniatures #goblins #boardgames
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Steampunk Girl Steampunk Girl
Warhammer 40K Terrain Horus Heresy Wargaming Warlayer Gothic Train Container Car Wargame Terrain Heresy Train Steampunk - Shop Handmade Steampunk Gear Here:
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Gotten another spooky boi painted and done, absolutely chuffed to bits with how this ones turned out. #warhammer #AoS #Warmongers
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Page Of Sigmar ⚔️ Page Of Sigmar ⚔️
On eBay: 8 Blood Warriors Regiment Khorne Chaos Age Of Sigmar Fantasy Warhammer
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Asce_rhae Asce_rhae
Warhammer seria um dos meus jogos de tabuleiro favorito se cada bonequinho não fosse o preço de um carro!!!!
ENKIL world ENKIL world
Pre-pedidos anunciados para esta semana en Warhammer Community 👍 #ENKIL nice shopping 🛒 👉
A.Hadi A.Hadi
Total Warhammer II. New Campaign.
Cees2233 Cees2233
Warhammer 40k - Battlefleet Gothic
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Duende  Tacaño Duende Tacaño
1era Reunión Trimestral de Miniaturas en @legendsgt junto al Gremio miniaturil. #duendetacaño #legedsstore #convention #art #art #paint #warhammer #guatemala🇬🇹
Travis Huber© Travis Huber©
Primed and ready to go. 19/19 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #warcry #warhammer #ageofsigmar #tzaangors #tabletopgames #painting #warhammerpainting #ageofsigmarpainting #warcrypainting
well warhammer tonight sure happened
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prudis prudis
The Shadow & The Blade - Release Trailer | Total War: WARHAMMER 2 Introducing Malus Darkblade and Deathmaster Snikch both with their own objectives, mechanics, units and playstyle.
Paddy Paddy
Been working on and off on Bobby G for a while now. It's technically my second time painting him since I stripped my first attempt from when he was first released. Way more happy with how this version is coming along. #warhammer #PaintingWarhammer #Warmongers #warhammer40k #40k
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M. H. Bruun Christensen M. H. Bruun Christensen
Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is a lot more fun than I remember. Hmm.
Gems of War Gems of War
The current bid for this #warhammer unit is 165 AUD, held by @KnightRadace! The bidding ends on January 22nd. We are accepting bids in AUD, increasing by $10. To track this item more easily, check and follow the #gemsofwarhammer hashtag. (Also feel free to use it in your bids!)
〈Guetz〉 〈Guetz〉
um nicho que eu tenho experimentado no youtube são de videos de analises de coisas tipo "comparando tinta de 3 dolares com a de 1000 dolares" "pintando miniaturas de warhammer por 3 dias" eu acho lindo como a internet permite existirem nichos diversos e a galera poder dividir
Earned 2 PSN trophies (1 gold and 1 bronze) in Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr
Jacob Jacob
Some 70s Warhammer knocking about there
Eyes On Cinema Eyes On Cinema
British audience reactions to Star Wars from 1977
Emperor JohnKill3D Emperor JohnKill3D
Who would like to see more heretics get slayed In warhammer by myself & @PS_Inquisitor Next weekend. I’m sure my imperial brother would not refuse the call of the emperor.
Grimdark Live! Grimdark Live!
Grimdark Live! Warhammer Show – Tzeentch Changehost, Slaves to Darkness, Beastgrave. 20200116
40k Rules Bot 40k Rules Bot
Warhammer 30,000 Book 2 Massacre Night Raptor Squad #Warmongers
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Fantasy Square Fantasy Square
Warhammer 40.000: così il progetto prova a diventare il nuovo grande successo #fantasy in tv.
TeamEmmmmsie [TeEm] TeamEmmmmsie [TeEm]
Oh yeah I forgot to tell you #TeamEmmmmsie.... @WoefulDragon1 would be proud of me.... I’ve started building little warhammer Minis. Lots of fun but my bloody nails keep getting in the way! Thought I’d try out a new hobby ❤️
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J O R D A N 🌃 J O R D A N 🌃
UK : 1080p60fps // SFO - Warhammer Dragonslayer Dwarves! Very Hard...
Mathew Davies Mathew Davies
Had a great time over the weekend playing warhammer on hard mode, chuffed to have done well as a mercenary team finishing 12th, but have to give huge thanks to @AdamMumford8 @the_black_sun @tzeentchmike for getting me involved in this fantastic event! #sylvaneth
Claire Claire
Test paint schemes I'm working on for a friend. Once I get more done I plan on finishing touching them up and shading and highlighting and all that. #40k #warhammer
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Colin McNeil Colin McNeil
Caught a guy at the gym leg pressing 5 plates and looking at warhammer models on his phone between sets. I see you fellow nerd.
#warmongers, Warhammer Conquest is available in Germany and I may have bought one. Or two. Now I'm stuck with Easy to Build Astartes sprues, so I decided to not work on Imperial Knights and kitbash the crap out of the little blue men. Going Templars for sure.
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GiantWaffle GiantWaffle
Building the Creative Stream setup today. Very excited to bring back weekly comfy streams of building Lego, Warhammer, and Gundam. Most likely starting next week. <#
Amy Walker Amy Walker
Maybe putting my Warhammer snow in an unmarked bag isn't the best idea. #warhammer #warhammer40000 #Warhammer40k #modelling #models #hobbying
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Jack Creed Jack Creed
First game of our #warcry campaign. Untamed Beasts Vs Stormcast Vs Nighthaunt. Cracking game with Stormcast running away with the treasure #AoS #Warmongers #wargaming #gamesworkshop #warhammer
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ダレカ ダレカ
Next weekのニュース見るたび、毎週思うんだよね。 セラフォンのこと 時々でいいから 思い出してください。 #warhammer #gamesworkshop
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Emma Voltaire Emma Voltaire
First sister built to join my raven guard, so needed to green stuff a fringe on her #paintingwarhammer #warhammer40k #ravenguard #warhammerworld #warhammer #sistersofbattle #modeling #miniatures
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gruntzilla8 gruntzilla8
A new video is up and live on #YouTube, our first one of the new year. Featuring @Codeman from our @totalwar Warhammer 2 stream. This was a crazy battle that saved his campaign and worthy of a highlight reel. Join us Monday and Thursdays 5EST to see more!
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Did you know that not only can @airbone1337 hit heads, but he can also paint heads? 😏 Come join in on the stream and watch him paint some Warhammer miniatures! ⚒️
Daniel Daniel
The artwork that started it all, now proudly displayed in my bedroom thanks to @Warhammer_Art 😍
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このタイミングでウォーがクライしちゃうわけですか。。。 シスター連打にしなさいよ。。。 大型ユニットと新カードパック(セラフォン無し)と旧カード入ウォークライ陣営箱6900円3種類 #warhammer
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Lord Metal Man Lord Metal Man
Tonight's progress with the troops. Been enjoying the hobby so far has helped take a lot of stress out of me as of late. Thanks @Kirioth for your vids man, your tips have helped me and a few mates make the jump into #warhammer #warhammer40k.
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たるい たるい
1/20の更新です。とりあえず所感書きなぐりましたがウォークライについてはもう少し詳しく記事書くかも。 【気になったニュース】エイトポイントとネクロムンダからの手紙(NEXTWEEK) - たるいのウォーハンマーブログ
ダレカ ダレカ
シルヴァネスがねーよ! #warhammer #warcry
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Dies Dies
The Stormcast try to defend a small village from the Slaves to Darkness #Warcry #AgeOfSigmar #Warhammer
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Warhammer 40k seems like it might be cool if there were even a single good game in that universe

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