LEIGHTON — Thomas Fuqua sat in a chair in his carport Friday and explained how stormwater runoff from the nearby farmland will flow over Cassie Davis Street and into the home he's lived in for 40 years.
City of Melville City of Melville
Find out about current road works across the City, including new roads, road widening, resurfacing, sweeping, crack sealing, footpaths, signage and stormwater works:
North Beach, MD North Beach, MD
Stormwater and Flood Mitigation Committee Meeting
Angela D. Dow Angela D. Dow
Everybody's Workin' on the Weekend. #FieldNStream #biolife #stormwater #stream #ScienceSaturday #LakeCounty @ Kelseyville, California
NJ Environment News NJ Environment News
As weather gets wetter, what can towns do to cut down on flooding from stormwater? -
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. NYC’s #greeninfrastructure Expansion @MarkandFocus #stormwater #SUDS .
WaterNow Alliance WaterNow Alliance
Seattle Public Utilities and King County are protecting community health by reducing #stormwater runoff into local waterways! @SeattleSPU @KingCountyWA Check out the article to learn more about their #resilient water management strategies.
Day 19: Businesses w/ large parking lots generate large volumes of stormwater runoff & pollution. One solution is a microbioretention practice (MBR). MBRs are functionally like rain gardens but involve more engineering features. Businesses in our Clear Creek area can save 70%!
Published By : @Gunpowder Valley Conservancy
PublicSource PublicSource
“The GROW program is not the type of green infrastructure that we think about that is benefiting communities by providing a more ecological and green neighborhood. It’s really whatever it takes to keep stormwater out of the ALCOSAN system.”
.@RepShusterman is hosting a forum on 12/13 on stormwater management and how residents, communities and local government can protect against the impact of flooding caused by severe weather.
Published By : @Conservation Voters of PA
CharMeck Storm Water CharMeck Storm Water
What is stormwater, and what exactly is a storm drainage system? Learn how we’re improving Charlotte’s aging infrastructure from @CharlotteFive, and how you can help, too! #ImprovementProjects #Infrastructure
John Tory John Tory
This year, Toronto had a $1 billion construction season to upgrade infrastructure across the city. We are making long overdue investments in our city’s aging transportation, water and stormwater infrastructure.
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MsDebra MsDebra
#JobAlert💡 Site Planning-Civil Engineer in Darien Illinois #chicagoland #civilengineering #landdevelopment #erosioncontrol #stormwater 🔗
Beachwatch NSW Beachwatch NSW
Partly cloudy days ahead with areas of smoke haze. Almost all swimming sites are unlikely to be affected by stormwater pollution this morning, for details check
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brendakonkel brendakonkel
Madison Equitable Workforce Plan, Edgewood, rezoning 1402 S. Park St (future grocery), Overture contract, stormwater ordinance revisions, campus building heights, design of new jail, Public Safety Review Committee and Education Committee priorities & more
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Town of HollySprings Town of HollySprings
2/2: If you are considering making an improvement to your property that includes impervious surfaces, consult your neighborhood HOA, if applicable, to see if any limitations are set in your area. Or contact the Stormwater Hotline at (919) 567-4011 or stormwater@hollyspringsnc.us.
Town of HollySprings Town of HollySprings
1/2 Be stormwater wise w/impervious surfaces. Impervious surfaces are any ground coverings that prevent rainwater from draining naturally, including cement, asphalt, pavers and even structures, like out buildings. The surfaces increase stormwater runoff and impact water quality.
Whitney Yadrich Whitney Yadrich
The agenda for Monday's @MerriamKS council meeting is available! The city nerd in me is looking forward to the JoCo Stormwater Management Program (SMP) presentation. The dramatic @vanderjames in me is looking forward to the SuperPass vote. 👀
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The $38.4 million in federal funding will go towards Maryland’s Intended Use Plan, which aims to upgrade wastewater treatment plants and stormwater control measures throughout the state
Lizzy Ewing Lizzy Ewing
Currently hiding in my car so I can finish writing two stormwater permits while the kids are at their cousin’s party. I’m not sad about this 😂 #consulting #partyisatapettingzoo #toomanypeople #introverting
Storm Water Hawaii Storm Water Hawaii
Today, we honor all who served our country during the attack on Pearl Harbor. #PearlHarborRememberanceDay #PearlHarbor
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Nate Jones Nate Jones
Great new paper on #biogeochemical processing in #constructed #stormwater #wetlands from @UrbanH2O
Rebecca Hale Rebecca Hale
First student-led paper from my lab group is out: Dry Wetlands: Nutrient Dynamics in Ephemeral Constructed Stormwater Wetlands. Congrats #notwitter Carolyn Macek!
Pacific Institute Pacific Institute
To deal with worsening flooding in SF Bay Area, we need to 1) improve and update gray infrastructure, i.e. sewers and pipes 2) invest in green infrastructure like rain gardens, constructed wetlands, stormwater retention basins, and tidal marsh restoration:
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melissa ocallaghan melissa ocallaghan
Cristina Vanberghen Cristina Vanberghen
My local community is fighting for @Donderberg2 🔊Hear its nature, beautiful, catch stormwater runoff, improving health.If we take care of #urbangreen, it makes a difference for the safety of the surrounding area.@PhilippeClose @anspersoons @BenoitHellings
WaterNow Alliance WaterNow Alliance
In the 1980s, @SeattleSPU began water efficiency programs, which initially focused on education + outreach. Since then, this program has dramatically transformed. See how this urban hub builds #water #resilience, while protecting community health...
Green Dallas Green Dallas
See the new Dallas #Stormwater permit renewal & annual report at Tell us what you would like to see in the permit & what the City should do to protect water quality by sending comments to kevin.hurley@dallascityhall.com by Dec 15, 2019. #StormwaterSaturday
Cynthia Neely Cynthia Neely
84-year headline that could happen again in 2020. City building codes should require 100% stormwater mitigation & no loopholes.Until Houston gets serious about flood prevention, developers will win and more lives & property lost. Thanks, Matt Lanza. @HoustonRAF @HigherGround
Matt Lanza Matt Lanza
The front page that Houston would wake up to 84 years ago tomorrow, as the December flood of 1935 kicked off today. This was the flood that ultimately led to serious flood control measures in Houston.
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How Developers Can Integrate Design With the Natural Environment
Just 5 percent of NJ waterways meet federal water quality standards. Here's one way to address, but is it nearly enough? Tom Johnson has the report.
Greg Johnson Greg Johnson
The sustainability of our urban water systems starts with effective stormwater solutions. Fixing the Leaks in U.S. Water Infrastructure
Wichita, KS - Division Manager, Stormwater. Apply at @@CityofWichita @GovHRUSA #WichitaKSjobs #localgov #govjobs #govhr #divisionmanagerjobs
Published By : @GovHR USA
NJHighlandsCoalition NJHighlandsCoalition
Only 5% of #NJ's waterways meet federal clean-water standards and more than one-third of the state’s waters are impaired by runoff. This will only get worse as #climatechange drives increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. #cleanwater
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Sustainable Saratoga Sustainable Saratoga
How do trees benefit you? Urban forests play a significant role in moderating temperatures, reducing stormwater flows, improving air quality, reducing building energy, and increasing property values. #SustainableSaratoga #GiveGreen #SustainabilityGoals2020
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Alan Alan
There goes the stormwater...
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foldablefour foldablefour
🐢 🐢
After today’s #larain, this storm drain in Santa Monica flushes usable water out to sea. Good thing local cities can tap into Safe Clean Water Program funding to implement equitable & nature-based stormwater projects that capture, treat, & reuse this resource! Video:
Mary Kimball Mary Kimball
Our partners and friends at the Yolo RCD did a great job getting the native grasses seeded today in our new “stormwater detention basin” at #TheMaplesFarm @LandBasedEd. Got it in before the rains! Container stock of trees, shrubs and forbs to be planted by Woodland HS next week!
A week after stormwater runoff contaminated the water supply in Poway, the city lifted the boil-water advisory Friday.
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ABC7 News ABC7 News
When it rains-- it pours-- and that's a bad thing when it comes to stormwater runoff in the Kincade Fire zone. Volunteers are anxious to shore up burned home sites, hoping to keep toxins from entering the water system.
What was your last class assignment this semester? For students in @NCStateHort's Design Build Studio, it was planting a #raingarden that will improve accessibility and #stormwater management in the area in by Kilgore Hall: via @NCStateSustain #ThinkAndDo
Published By : @NC State CALS
Brown Water Advisory, Island of Maui    Brown Water Advisory, Island of Maui 12/6/19 #kihei   A Brown Water Advisory has been issued for the Island of Maui. Heavy rain has resulted in stormwater runoff entering into coastal...
Published By : @KCA  Kihei Community
Do you like oysters? You'll be happy to know that oyster shells are helping mitigate stormwater pollution! Read about the "industrial-scale" demonstration site ECOSS is building up with Equinox Studios: . @PortofSeattle @KingCountyWTD
Published By : @ECOSS
#Greeninfrastructure is a cost-effective approach to #environmental #engineering that reduces and treats #stormwater at its source while delivering environmental, social, and economic benefits.
Published By : @Bangor Area SWG
Luck Ecosystems Luck Ecosystems
#KendedaBuilding on the campus of #GaTech. Stormwater Remediation Principles & Sustainable Green infrastructure-Atlanta! Leaning in with industry partners and announcement of Bio Media in market!
Published By : @Luck Ecosystems Published By : @Luck Ecosystems Published By : @Luck Ecosystems
Storm Water Hawaii Storm Water Hawaii
It’s time to get your Christmas Tree! This holiday season, go green and consider a pesticide-free or organic Christmas tree for your home. And don’t forget to recycle your tree when the holidays are over. #ChristmasTree #ProtectOurWater #StormWaterHawaii #TrashFreeHawaii
Published By : @Storm Water Hawaii
King Edmond De Rothschild King Edmond De Rothschild
Trump water comes from the ground to a pumping station filtered pumped into main water lines into saddle taps that go to the customer's house when it leaves Wastewater goes to a refinery plant not to the ocean brother that is stormwater.. infrastructure Federal water bill new
Pacific Institute Pacific Institute
Urban impervious surfaces make it hard for #water from storms to permeate ground and replenish underground aquifers. As rain touches down in California, let's re-visit the power of nature-based solutions like rain gardens to enhance #stormwater capture:
Published By : @Pacific Institute
West Van District West Van District
The Five Creeks Stormwater Flood Protection Project traffic and construction update for December 9–13 is now available: #WestVan
Published By : @West Van District
OurWaterLA OurWaterLA
After today’s #larain, this storm drain in Santa Monica flushes usable water out to sea. Good thing local cities can tap into Safe Clean Water Program funding to implement equitable & nature-based stormwater projects that capture, treat, & reuse this resource! Video: @healthebay

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