I, Themba I, Themba
being a student with car and no friends is tough . This guy is riding alone and he just passed us 3 times already 😅 he's most definitely scouting girls
Dave McDonald Dave McDonald
I spent years defending Toronto from the “center of the universe” jokes I got from friends & family out west that we only thought of ourselves. And today, I’m sorry I did. I’m embarrassed to be a Torontonian. My heart goes out to the people hurting in Alberta. We let you down.
With 30 years experience scouting models the staff at can help you find the industry's most trusted agencies.
bisa di adu emang scouting gw sama scout nya nottingham forest
Baseball America Baseball America
Say the #MLBDraft *does* get pushed back. How will that affect the scouting of prep players leading up to the event? @CarlosACollazo spoke to several scouts about a re-imagined summer showcase circuit and the potential for a medical draft combine.
ab ab
Take a moment to support my son's #Scouting fundraiser and #scholarship fund by purchasing my favorite @TrailsEndSnacks products! Save $5 off a cheesy or chocolate tin with code MAR5SC or MAR5CL!
Rob Hoffmann Rob Hoffmann
Where to next? Any rally ideas for 2020? 😀 #rallyraid #lookingforadventure #offroadlovers ----------------------- Gravel scouting with @klimmotorcycle @enduristan @rockoil.germany @metzelermotorrad @swt_sports @transitalia_marathon ------------------…
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Yiğit jk Yiğit jk
Fikret Orman dönemi : Kaosing Ahmet Nur Çebi dönemi : Scouting
Girls volleyball: Scouting the Mid-Suburban League championship
Nigel Taylor Nigel Taylor
Great support for local Scouting from @misshoknews at the @bucks_herald as she includes details of the @bucksscouts sleepover at @gulliversfun in Milton Keynes last weekend. @juliaanneupton @AnnLimb
ET Auto ET Auto
ETAuto | VW says it is not scouting alternative locations to Turkey plant
Unsung Hero: Eagle Scout rescues group of swimmers caught in dangerous riptide
Call of Duty Competitions Call of Duty Competitions
ESHUB COD is recruiting admins! with #ModernWarfare out in 3 days we are scouting for admins to assist in the running of our leagues and tournaments ✍️📈 If you've been looking to get your Esports career on track now's the time! ⬇️⬇️⬇️APPLY BELOW⬇️⬇️⬇️
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Cam Mellor Cam Mellor
OOOOO so finally @PFF_Mike Renner is drinking the Antonio Gandy-Golden Kool-Aid in his latest scouting notebook (it only took 8 weeks of 2019, and all of 2018 to wear ya down) 🔽🔽🔽
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Ash Williams Ⓜ Ash Williams Ⓜ
Practiced my #scouting shelter building skills with Charlie #seascouts and Albert #cubscouts today at #rendleshamforest. Found the perfect South facing spot to build the shelter, just needed a covering of Ferns then…
Lieve Beest Lieve Beest
Scouting. U raadt het al.
C@|^!n♣⚡ C@|^!n♣⚡
We can clearly tell you're so great at scouting talent Mike. We cant all be as good as Kwame Brown.
SportsCenter SportsCenter
"He's still a great player. Not a hall of famer yet, though." Michael Jordan doesn't think Steph Curry is set for the Hall of Fame just yet. (via @TODAYshow)
Daily Herald Daily Herald
Girls volleyball: Here's preview of the 47th annual MSL championship featuring Hersey at Fremd #DHpreps
Daniel Guzman Daniel Guzman
102.4 Velo in game vs Elev8, 2022 @DeanGuzman11 , @PG_Scouting
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TSN Hockey TSN Hockey
CRAIG'S PROSPECT UPDATE: #TSNHockey Director of Scouting @CraigJButton examines five players who are delivering on the hype and increasing their stock - #DraftCentre
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Brian Spilbeler Brian Spilbeler
Our clients no longer question if Tracking Football athletic analytics are attempting to replace the need for subjective evaluation. These talent evaluators supplement opinions with our objective scores. This empowers them to make better decisions when scouting players.
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#NowPlaying She's So Lovely by Scouting For Girls On Atlantic Radio Uk #Hits #AtlanticRadioUk
Published By : @💜Atlantic Radio Uk💜
I have been saying this for years- The Jets must sell to REAL football owners or NOTHING will change! It hast to start at the TOP level, and manifest down to a savvy GM, scouting dept and winning coaches! If it doesn't start at the very top level it will be the same BS every yr!
Lucas K Lucas K
The Cardinals are really scouting their BP throwers
Russ Steinhorn Russ Steinhorn
The @Cardinals are currently hiring for our 4th coach position in Player Development. Great opportunity if you want to coach in professional baseball and have an impact in various departments. Apply below 👇🏼
#NowPlaying Elvis Ain't Dead by Scouting For Girls On Atlantic Radio Uk #Hits #AtlanticRadioUk
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#NowPlaying Heartbeat by Scouting For Girls On Atlantic Radio Uk #Hits #AtlanticRadioUk
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No sh*t Ed.
Gerardo Macalpin II Gerardo Macalpin II
Belicheck keeps finding value. Insane how much better the Patriots are at scouting the talent in the NFL than everyone else.
Bill Simmons Bill Simmons
Sanu for the 64th pick - sure! Thank you!
Matt Heiniger Matt Heiniger
Also this “seeing ghosts” thing is already so overblown it’s comical. Quarterbacks “seeing ghosts” is something you hear about constantly in the scouting community when evaluating QBs. It’s a common expression.
Liberty Ballers Liberty Ballers
Celtics opponent scouting regarding the switch from Kyrie Irving to Kemba Walker.
Andrew Patton Andrew Patton
Kyrie and Kemba - a per game gravity rank comparison (KI/KW) Rim: 55/36 Midrange: 9/7 Three: 12/5 Very similar profiles, but the at rim rank difference is key, for a Celtics team that struggled to get to the rim. @maxacarlin @celticsblog More @The_BBall_Index
Published By : @Liberty Ballers Published By : @Liberty Ballers Published By : @Liberty Ballers Published By : @Liberty Ballers
EN Sir Allan EN EN Sir Allan EN
Futbolun gelecegi scouting tir bunu anlayamayan kulupler batmaya ve basarisiz olmaya mahkumdur
♥ Bianca ♥ ♥ Bianca ♥
for anyone confused on what “photography” actually is: -taking the pictures AND -networking -editing -scouting locations -getting permits for certain locations
Kelley Bermingham Kelley Bermingham
Urgent collection of clothing to raise vital funds for this fantastic scouting group - 93+ young people supported in learning, achieving and exploring our world #skillsforlife THIS WEEK
Kirk D Kenney Kirk D Kenney
ICYMI ... Scouting Report: @SDSUFootball at UNLV
Francisco Acedo Francisco Acedo
En #LaHoradelDeporte en @tvmarbella esta semana @acedotor tuvo de invitados al scouting @Mrxsrp y al aifcionado @Marbellerofutb1 : Hablamos mucho de #futbol sin forofismo. Siempre objetivos #Marbella
Mark Baxendale Mark Baxendale
The British Olympic committee want to start scouting in crack dens for new athletes. I’ve never seen smack head walk normally they are either fast walking or running. There could be a champion that we never knew existed with insensitive of pawning their medal for bags of brown.
Scouting Report Scouting Report
HS Coaches in Texas, I need your help. We are in the process of updating our website. Adding EVERY school in the state GPS location & the HS coach to contact for recruiting at your school. Please DM me contact info for recruiting at your school. This is 100% FREE!
JoeBucsFan JoeBucsFan
Arians talks self-scouting: “Change What They Have On You” (full story)
Anthony Escobar Anthony Escobar
"Eagles don't flock, you have to find them one at a time." Scouting is FUN! #CaddoAreaCouncil
Published By : @Anthony Escobar
The @Musketeerhockey have a #2020NHLDraft prospect who’s uncommitted & another who might hear his name in Round 2 @HAHA_Hockey @biondi_blake7 @UMDMensHockey @jopetsu @HarvardMHockey @tafthockey @KehrerAnthony @BadgerMHockey
Eintracht Frankfurt Eintracht Frankfurt
All you need to know about @Standard_RSCL...👀 #SGEuropa #SGESTA
Dill Jr Dill Jr
The Bears scouting team NEEDS to be FIRED!!!! How the hell did this happened?
Elizabeth WS Elizabeth WS
Well done @WesStrachan #BeingCoop 👏👏❤️
Co-op Funeralcare Co-op Funeralcare
Well done to our hairy hero in East Kilbride, Wes Strachan, whose decision to go bare-faced saw him raising £345 for East Kilbride Community Food Bank #BeingCoop
Published By : @Elizabeth WS
Scouting Report: SuperSeries AAA-Boston Breakout (U12) Part 1 Now Posted. View Report here
Juan Arturo Recio Juan Arturo Recio
Hay que reconocer el tremendo trabajo de scouting que ha realizado el @Profedeportes con los Gigantes. Esta firma no hubiese sido posible sin él.
Gigantes del Cibao ® Gigantes del Cibao ®
El inicialista Greg Bird es nuestra nueva contratación. Bird cuenta con experiencias de Grandes Ligas con los Yankees de Nueva York. #ElCibaoSomosTodos #ElCibaoEsGigante
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MagicLive MagicLive
Funny, a homeowner with a sense of humor. I shot this photo yesterday, scouting locations in Davie, Florida for my next film.
Published By : @MagicLive
The Midday 180 The Midday 180
LIVE now: Blake Beddingfield @BlakeBeddingfi1 giving his take on the #Titans win over the Chargers, scouting report on the Bucs At 12:15, @EddieGeorge2727 𝗪𝗮𝘆𝘀 𝗧𝗼 𝗟𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗻 🎙️@1045TheZone 💻 📱
Published By : @The Midday 180
Jo Storie Knitwear Jo Storie Knitwear
It’s one of those days where I’m trying to catch up after being on the road for a week, so I’m scouting my archives and found some shots I still love. A turban twist hat with an extra long cardigan are silhouettes…
DavaraTumblr DavaraTumblr
Another new account is taking age related digs at Shaheer. the self goals are so funny to read😂 Fandom folk- dont give the person what she is scouting for - attention #YehRishteyHainPyaarKe

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