Sanjay Sanjay
Proud of hyderabad police !! Jaihind !! #hyderabadpolice
sri ram ka sevak sri ram ka sevak
Dharam ki jai ho Adharam ka naas ho Praniyo mein sadbhavna ho Vishva ka kalyan ho @MamataOfficial @RahulGandhi @aimim_national @Shehla_Rashid @IntolerantMano2 @kajal_jaihind @BajpayeeManoj @KapilMishra_IND @TajinderBagga @rishibagree
indian citizen indian citizen
Hyderabad ke case me political partyon ko politics mt kro police ne jo kiya wo sahi hai q ki police me Encounter kiya hai na ki jaan bujh kr nhi jiya I am happy as a Indian citizen Jaihind jaihind
Ghanshyam Agrawal Ghanshyam Agrawal
indian citizen indian citizen
mujhe lagta hai ki rape karne walo ko Dya yachika ka vikalp nhi hona chahiye Mai Apne desh ke राष्ट्र-पति G se maang karta hoon ki rapist ko Dya yachika ka options khatam kr dijiye plz JaiHind JaiHind
kumar kr kumar kr
#TelanganaPolice i welcome the move, jaihind justice for priyanka
Sachin Amrutiya Sachin Amrutiya
Congratulations and #JaiHind to #TelenganaPolice for shooting down the four rapists of #PriyankaReddy in an “ENCOUNTER”.👏👍 @TelanganaDGP
Published By : @Sachin Amrutiya
Ishant Solanki Ishant Solanki
JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED🙏🏻 #JaiSriRam #JaiHind #jaibharat
Published By : @Ishant Solanki
Pavan Kaipa Pavan Kaipa
Human is not for religion, But Religion is for Man Remembering on his #DeathAnniversary. My Humble Tributes to the BharathRatna and the Architect of the Indian Constitution Dr.Ambedkar. His Fights and Service to People, Nation will always be remembered. #Ambedkar #JaiHind
Published By : @Pavan Kaipa
There should a provision for the encounter of the Rapists and terrorists. They should pe encountered at the same place where they committed the crime. #DeathForRapists #EncounterNight #Encounter #hyderabadpolice #JaiHind
Mir Mahmood Ali Mir Mahmood Ali
#BabriMasjid We haven't Forgotten the Day & the Judgement of Betrayal YET We are ready to move Forward with Humility, Humbleness & Peace for India ... #JaiHind
Indeed you are crying because this is also the same day when Indian Forces initiated final assault on your home country ( Pakistan ) army. #ShauryaDiwas #Ayodhya #JaiHind
Rana Ayyub Rana Ayyub
Also a brutal, painful reminder that today is the 6th of December.
👊🏻 SUPERMAN 👊🏻 #Sada : I'm proud oF you all @TelanganaPolice. Really I am. #JaiHind boyS. 🇮🇳
Sandra B S Sandra B S
A big salute to the Hyderabad police officers for the #Encounter which is truly deserved by the accused of #PriyankaReddyCase......The Justice has been served... The act marks the beginning of a change in the existing perspectives of all!!!! #JaiHind
Swapnil Swapnil
@Swapnil_jaihind why are they giving judgement as if it was a fake encounter..2 police officers are injured as well... @ShwetankRaj16
BJP MP Maneka Gandhi on Telangana encounter: Jo bhi hua hai bohot bhayanak hua hai is desh ke liye, you cannot kill people because you want to. You cannot take law in your hands, they(accused) would have been hanged by Court anyhow
Published By : @Swapnil
Vinay Pandey Vinay Pandey
#hyderabadpolice #JaiHind #JusticePrevail Good Job #ThanksToSajjanarSir
Justice delivered on the spot. Bravo @cyberabadpolice .& the entire police department... Daughter’s of India can’t bless you enough for your kind action. #justiceforpriyanakareddy #jaihind #isupport @cpcybd
Elavarasan Elavarasan
Hats off Sajjanar ji!! New india is born...#JaiHind #justiceforpriyanakareddy #Encounter #TelenganaPolice
Chinna BHÅÍ Chinna BHÅÍ
Serving justice to #Disha doesn’t stop here but starts from here by preventing such heinous crimes through education, empowerment and enlightenment from childhood. JaiHind. Now Rest in Peace Disha.
Published By : @Chinna BHÅÍ
Sachin Sachin
Proud of @hydcitypolice @AmitShah Jee for Fastest Action. Well Done Hyd Police. Let's celebrate Diwali one more time. JaiHind JaiShreeRam VandeMataram..
Krishna Krishna
Every damn government in power is responsible for this mess. Non of them took time to look into Police & Judicial reforms and the result is in front of us. 👇 This is the reason why majority of Indians are praising #hyderabadpolice for the #Encounter
Published By : @Sachin
sandip debnath sandip debnath
Shame on the politician like #asaduddinowaisi and grandson of Dr.B.R Ambedkar #prakeshambadkar who want judicial enquiry for those 4 rapist are they innocent.#JaiHind
Parimalsinh Parimalsinh
आखिर न्याय गोडसे गिरी से ही संभव हुआ , वरना गांधी गिरी से देख लीजिए निर्भया के आरोपी अभी तक सरकारी दामाद बने हुए हैं ।@ArvindKejriwal @ZeeNews @aajtak @kajal_jaihind @narendramodi @PMOIndia @INCIndia @asadowaisi
rainashukla rainashukla
Great, marvelous,fantastic, superb all the good words for Hyderabad police...commendable job you have done.....😊😄💃👍✌👌👏👏🍰🍰 #encountered #Encounter #justiceforpriyanakareddy #JaiHind #PriyankaReddyCase #singham
Arpan Mitra Arpan Mitra
Thank you and Congratulations to the brave #TelenganaPolice for recreating the crime scene. She will be in peace now. Chalo, aj uski maa chain ki neend soyegi kiunki insaaf jo mil gaya. Aur agey jaake aise log rape karne sey pehle ekbaar sochenge. Ekbar darenge. #JaiHind
Satish Kumar Satish Kumar
देश में हर कोई मांग कर रहा था कि दिशा के आरोपियों को जल्द से जल्द कड़ी सजा दी जाए और शुक्रवार सुबह इस #Encounter की खबर आ गई #JusticeForDisha #हैदराबाद_पुलिस #JaiHind
Published By : @Satish Kumar Published By : @Satish Kumar
Imam🇮🇳 Imam🇮🇳
I salute #TelenganaPolice 🇮🇳#JaiHind
Ankit Govind Ankit Govind
Bravo, I request @TelanganaDGP not to run further enquiry or trial on the #Encounter. The whole country is celebrating. #JaiHind
Chakravarthi @🏏 Chakravarthi @🏏
No #act No #LAWS #Onlyencounter🔥 #JaiHind TS POLICE 👌
Chandni_Singh Chandni_Singh
Bravo Telangana police 👌 Congratulations and #jaiho #JaiHind to Telangana police for shooting down the four rapists of #Priyanka_Reddy in ENCOUNTER
Akshay Gurjar Akshay Gurjar
#PriyankaReddyCase ...aam log to yhi chahte hai ki ase kutto ko kuttey ki mout hi Milni chahiye ...or unko mili..#jaiHind #TelanganaPolice #saluteToAcp of this case..🙌🙌
Akash Kharka Akash Kharka
Justice served. #priyankareddy #DeathForRapists #jaihind The other pending cases will be treated in the same way..
Muhammad Junaid Tippu Muhammad Junaid Tippu
Those who Justify and glorifying #hyderabadencounter #HyderabadHorror , Thera are numbers of Rape Culprit/Accused in Jail all over India,I Request @hydcitypolice @TelanganaDGP @cpcybd @CPHydCity take "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan". #JaiHind #JaiTelangana
All 4 rapist has been shot dead encountered by Hyderabad police. Grand Salute to Our Police team. Naya bharat ! Vandemataram Jai Hind 🙏🚩 #ashoksrivastava #Hyderabadpolice #salute #JaiHind
#जश्न मे डूबा एनकाउंटर स्थल एनकाउंटर स्थल पर मिठाईया लेकर जश्न मनाने पहुंच रहे तेलंगाना के कोने से लोग पुलिस के बहादूर जवानों पर पुष्प वर्षा । जहा बेटी को जलाया था, उसी पुल से 300 मीटर की दूरी पर दरिंदो को ठोका @kajal_jaihind @SarojMi86385397 @PMOIndia @AmitShah @RSSorg
Published By : @डी.पी बन्ना एक कट्टर हिन्दू
JaiHind to government 💪🙏🇮🇳🇮🇳🇸🇱
Published By : @Ranga Rami Reddy B Published By : @Ranga Rami Reddy B
World is By "HER" & For "HER" Justice Served.. HER Majesty HER Highness #RIPDisha #disha #JaiHind
Jogendrasinhji C. Rathod Jogendrasinhji C. Rathod
आज सुबह दिन की शुरुआत एक शुभ समाचार के साथ हुई। भगवान उनकी आत्मा को शांति ....कभी ना दे। #JusticeForDisha #JusticeForPriyankaReddy #TelanganaPolice #Encounter #jaihind..
MoJaSaSr MoJaSaSr
అరాచక రాబందులందు తెలుగోడి పౌరుషం వేరయా! #JusticeForDisha #Telugu #TelanganaPolice #PriyankaReddy #Disha #Sajjanar #EncounterRapists #RipDisha #GodBlessWomen #HailPolice #JaiHind #JaiHo
Hemant Chandela Hemant Chandela
The Hyderabad police did a very great work. #wegotjustice in a right time. #JaiHind to Hyderabad police 🚨.
Ankit Kumar Ankit Kumar
We love you #hyderabadpolice. Well done and we #proud our Hyderabad police. Something must happen in all over #India. Arrest but dont file the case against #rape, #Encounter is the best solution for this type of #offense. #JaiHind @ZeeNews @narendramodi @hydrabadpolice
Finally Our sister gets Justice 😓 #selute to #TelanganaPolice #justiceforpriyanakareddy #justiceserved #HyderabadHorror #JaiHind
Meet Encounter Specialist CP SAJJANAR Sir , The Man Behind The Encounter Of The 4 Rapist . The Real Hero Of 1.3B Indians. #JaiHind #HyderabadHorror #hyderabadpolice #Encounter
Published By : @Amit Agarwal 🇮🇳
sandip debnath sandip debnath
After watching news of encounter of 4 rapist feeling happy at this Movement. Those rapist deserve this not only for them for every rapist there should be one solution encounter #JaiHind #Karma
Jogendrasinhji C. Rathod Jogendrasinhji C. Rathod
#HyderabadPolice की गाड़ियों पर लोगों ने बरसाए फूल। #Encounter #DishaCase #jaihind #proudhyderabadpolice #ATVideo लाइव:
Anamika Chopra Anamika Chopra
Sreekrishna said in Bhagwad Gita "Paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge".(For the protection of the good,for the destruction of the wicked,& for the establishment of righteousness,I’m born in every age.) #hyderabadpolice #JaiHind
Ritesh Jain Ritesh Jain
#PriyankaReddy country needs many more simmbas, singhams in police force. #JaiHind Justice delivered!!
Homage to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, on his death anniversary. The Constitution is the guiding light of our democracy. We must do all we can to protect it. The words of the Constitution must inspire our actions #BabaSahebAmbedkar #JaiHind
Published By : @Rajdeep Das 🇮🇳 Published By : @Rajdeep Das 🇮🇳
Gurdeep Singh Gurdeep Singh
Well done Hyderabad police. A big salute for you. Thank you very much, we are proud of you, whole country is proud on you. #jaihind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏🙏🙏

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