mina mora? mina mora?
Serei obrigada a me juntar aos meus vizinhos ouvindo música alta pra caralho e eles que lutem
léo léo
se o luan santana faz uma live com as antigas é só me enterrar que a morte chegou
ひ🦅 ひ🦅
YB vs YAK 👀
Emoji Wars Emoji Wars
🇹🇷 vs. 🏄 Who would Win? Retweet for First Emoji Like for Second Emoji
aglovale's top aglovale's top
having 2 do mun vs muse thing thru my tears to prove that im not percival kin
宙猫 宙猫
Esports Picks Esports Picks
LCK Griffin ML (2.25) vs APK Prince Griffin is playing really bad, but they have a lot of potential and are just unable to work as a team so far. Despite that I think they should be able, based on raw talent, to defeat APK, who are on a winning streak but are not a better team
Luv. 💗 Luv. 💗
22 vs 39 😂
Published By : @Luv. 💗 Published By : @Luv. 💗
99! 99!
EU IMPLOREI PRA VOLTAR vs VAPO VAPO - Henrique e Juliano - Passinho do Magrão (DJ Gordão do PC) 2020
Schalki Cazorla Schalki Cazorla
I wanna see/hear a Drumma Boy vs DJ Toomp battle 😩
SamoTech SamoTech
I've posted: Best internet providers in 2020: How to choose cable vs. DSL vs. satellite and more - CNET at
Ri Ri
Gladys vs Patti
3crazy 3crazy
Lloyd vs Trey
8💜24💛 8💜24💛
Babyface vs Teddy Riley bout to be the Rumble In The Jungle 😂
Vintage Mania Vintage Mania
Undertaker vs aj style boneyard match is the best at this moment. @WrestleMania wwe should do more match like this in future, for sure the rating will be shoot to the sky
That T-Pain. Vs lil Jon ig live 🐐🔥
Bene Bene
Of course newbz loses next round just got so unlucky vs them, we should be in finals rn lol love rng
OTHERS - MEN Liga Pro (Russia) Table Tennis 05-04-2020 04:30 PM Ermilov A. (Rus) VS Sadkov A. (Rus) Watch Live Here :
Umami God🍜🍥 Umami God🍜🍥
T-Pain vs Lil Jon was LITTTTT
De10 De10
UADE VS UBA En UADE vos te pagás todo, podés dedicarte a tu carrera sin que te jodan y cuando terminás sos ciudadano del mundo. En UBA te la pagan los 40% de pobres, te hacen militar socialismo en los pasillos y cuando terminás tenés que defender al populismo, a Cuba y Venezuela
Yahs Sorrow vs Worldly Sorrow 2 Corinthians 7:9,10 Link: - To help edify The Body of Messiah
Isis (Black Eve) Isis (Black Eve)
I wanna see a live comedy battle. One liners or jokes with one minute setups. @TonyBakercomedy vs @KevOnStage @iamdesibanks vs @HaHaDavis @IAmJustNesh vs @SamJayComic @deoncole vs @ComedyByTuRae
あいぼん あいぼん
So in the Face vs Teddy battle, are they both allowed to do stuff from “Don’t Be Cruel?” I thoufht about that this afternoon before I took a nap
Muhd Alif || blxck Muhd Alif || blxck
puaka vs petala langit
claydsbails 😼 claydsbails 😼
ceux qui prenne la juv vs êtes trop ds bolosses
Antonio Antonio
Me vs the rest of twitter last night 🤣
💣 💣
rah rah
Nelly vs ludacris ??
すけっち すけっち
【遊戯王】いにしえのデュエル【遊戯デッキvs海馬デッキ】 @YouTubeより ホントこの動画好き
Kim V Kim V
😉Ngày của Hổ @BTS_twt #TaekookDay T2-T6: nh huyết như comeback🔥 -Cày MV từ 6h-22h (no never cày hết từ 2020->2013😭 -Học+việc nhà -Cập nhật vote trên twt T7-CN: NGHỈ -Cho máy nghỉ ngơi -Xem vid của BT (Luôn xem trễ 😅 Tgian đâu mà đi sân si vs thiên hạ😌
Published By : @Kim V
Published By : @$HIG∈しげ(ティス) Published By : @$HIG∈しげ(ティス) Published By : @$HIG∈しげ(ティス) Published By : @$HIG∈しげ(ティス)
Keith Bowe Keith Bowe
2000 Clinton vs Bush flipped party colors. Do you know why? Historically Red is liberal, Progressive, Communistic and/or Oligarchies. Historically Blue is freedom loving Conservatives. When Republicans Were Blue and Democrats Were Red
En el partido vs México en el cusca, mis primos me llevaban chineados, las puertas de la popular topadas y en cierto punto me dieron ganas de chillar porque no sabía que estaba pasando JAJA, después del gol del puma al 90+3, el de cheyo es el que más he gritado en un estadio
TheRealDrewGonzalez TheRealDrewGonzalez
Yo, Tpain vs Lil John was crazy.
NorCal D4 Boys: Half Moon Bay vs Cardinal Newman, 5-13-15
mon ❀ mon ❀
me vs calling jade baby 🥺🥺
Bre. Bre.
This babyface vs teddy Riley battle that’s happening tomorrow will be EPIC
vs êtes sah là
✨ Happy Panda 🐳 ✨ ✨ Happy Panda 🐳 ✨
15 hours on pokemon vs. 35 hours on acnh
React Planet React Planet
Framework vs Librería ☞ #reactjs #javascript
Published By : @React Planet
I can say #AJStyles vs #TheUndertaker was fantastic and too good for #WrestleMania
Aaron Canales Aaron Canales
Me IRL Vs Me in Townsville
Published By : @Aaron Canales Published By : @Aaron Canales
Me IRL vs. Me in Townsville
Published By : @Aaron Canales Published By : @Aaron Canales
gatawlahhhh gatawlahhhh
mahasiswa vs dosen
neymiş efendim korona sigara içenler için tehdit oluşturabiliyormuş , bırakın vs vs KIYAMET KOPSA BEN O SON FIRTI ÇEKERİM kusura bakmayın
boo boo
me vs wanting to change my name all the time
𝓛𝓸 💅🏽 𝓛𝓸 💅🏽
Yb vs Yak yeah nahhhh 😭😭😭
Flightradar24 Flightradar24
Saturday night over North America at midnight eastern time (0400 UTC) 1 March vs today. March: 3,183 flights visible Now: 925 flights visible
Published By : @Flightradar24 Published By : @Flightradar24
Barre Baby Barre Baby
Now watching Diego Corrales vs Angel Manfredy
O cap 36 foi muito bom pois a luta de Bondrewd Vs Reg tava bem menos confuso que no capítulo atrás.
Wearing my finest turtleneck for the Teddy Riley Vs Babyface IG live battle
レオン レオン

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