Barbara Santana Barbara Santana
À Sydney, la ville est plongée dans une épaisse pollution Ce brouillard est la conséquence des incendies qui font rage dans le pays #ENDEGO
jœnnüï jœnnüï
On one hand I think the smog over Sydney is a serious health hazard and warrants our concern but on the other I can’t deal with priveleged media gays whining about it while people outside of the city lose their homes and all their worldly possessions to an actual wildfire
Tanya Lee Rogers Tanya Lee Rogers
Okay residents of Margaret Street in North Sydney, what is the house number of the older duplex with bay windows and large backyard?
Syd Syd
Read this thread:
m. h. murray m. h. murray
30 years ago, a man walked into a university in montreal and murdered 14 women in what he called a "fight against feminism." he entered a classroom and told the male students to leave so he could kill the women. instead of teaming up and fighting the shooter, all of the men left.
Chiaroscuro Bags Chiaroscuro Bags
Woven Big Caro love from Sydney, Australia @_savourthemoment_ customized her Big Caro with an Ana handle and branded address tag. And then sent us the most beautiful photos :)
Published By : @Chiaroscuro Bags Published By : @Chiaroscuro Bags Published By : @Chiaroscuro Bags
lolita lolita
No cap, a 3 day festival I was meant to be at was cancelled because of the bushfires in the greater Sydney area
marlene marlene
climate change be fucking with y’alls festivals
Sydney Television Sydney Television
"Go to Blazes" starts late morning at 10:56 AM on 9Gem Sydney. #GoToBlazes
Laziana Grande Laziana Grande
sending a care package to all my favourite dj's in sydney
Terry Aspray Terry Aspray
Thanks to the teams of authors for these excellent articles on vitamin D, including: Kevin Cashman of @UCCResearch; @ProfNickHarvey; Bill Fraser of @UeaMed; @MartinHewison; Karen Maes of @KU_Leuven; Christian Girgis of @Sydney_Uni & @Dr_BoAbrahamsen …
Karsko Karsko
À Sydney, le ciel est devenu orange (et ce n'est pas un filtre Instagram) Another ecology disaster
Judy Zhu Judy Zhu
This is what's currently happening in Sydney (and elsewhere)
Valentina Valentina
From disbelief to dread: the dismal new routine of life in Sydney's smoke haze | Bushfires | The Guardian
ddbAgentur ddbAgentur
#Feuerwehr kämpft bei #Sydney gegen „Megafeuer“ – Brand kann nur mit Hilfe von.. Read:
s :) s :)
“she not tryin to get out. she tryin to make a life down there” - jared 2019
Global Analytica Global Analytica
Australia fires: Sydney warned 'worst is yet to come' as smoke shrouds city
Now playing on RED: "Motors too Fast" by James Reyne from 'James Reyne'
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Danial Hakimi Danial Hakimi
Padam kebakaran di Sydney ambil masa berminggu
Published By : @Danial Hakimi
OtherJarryd OtherJarryd
Today was a good day. Seen my favourite band @FIROfficial. First time going to any form of live festival. Therapy has done me some good to get me out of the house more. 🤘 untill next time Sydney. #goodthingsfestival
SydneyReddit SydneyReddit
Anyone hear all the sirens around the Paddington area right now? What's going on? #Sydney
Mackenzie Thomas Mackenzie Thomas
I had a really enjoyable time being part of the @GolfAustTAS team at the @JNJGTOUR in Sydney this week. I was happy with my golf & I learnt a lot about my game on a difficult course in smokey, windy conditions. Coastal scenery was amazing. Thanks for the opportunity.⛳️😀⛳️
Published By : @Mackenzie Thomas Published By : @Mackenzie Thomas Published By : @Mackenzie Thomas Published By : @Mackenzie Thomas
Don’t message me looking for times. I’ll give a 1 hour warning 😆 👇 Ring Walk Times: 🇷🇺 11:45PM (Moscow) 🇬🇧 8:45PM 🇺🇸 3:45PM (Eastern) 🇺🇸 12:45PM (Western) 🇲🇽 2:45PM (Mexico City) 🇦🇺 7:45AM (Sydney) 🇳🇿 9:45AM 🇧🇷 5:45PM 🇩🇪 9:45PM 🇯🇵 5:45AM 🇸🇦 11:45PM #RuizJoshua2
#SYDNEY 🏙️ Spots filling fast only in town for a few days so pre-booking is a must 💮 Dec 12th-16th 💮 @ScarletBlue9 @ScarletBlueTour @Girls_DownUnder 📲 +61478122940
Published By : @POPPY 🌻 Sydney: 12th-17th December
I'm guessing #Sydney's water supply ain't great and after rain will be worse. #NSWfires #auspol
Bill Code Bill Code
Take a swim in the charcoal, kids - Sydney beach today (Malabar) #NSWfires #ClimateChange #AustraliaFires
Now playing on WHITE: "The Immigrants" by Gaby Moreno & Van Dyke Parks from '¡Spangled!'
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twosheeep twosheeep
'Worst is yet to come' as smoke shrouds Sydney -
Melissa Sweet Melissa Sweet
Authorities fear overnight winds could whip up Sydney 'mega fire'
SydneyReddit SydneyReddit
Air pollution and pets #Sydney
Tony T.🎩 Tony T.🎩
Even less teeth than the front row of a Sydney Devine concert. #pissyoldcodgers4indyref2
Watch out! Wishart's about! @tattiesfortwo
Published By : @Tony T.🎩
Wendi F. Wendi F.
I can relate #sydneyfires #bushfiresNSW From disbelief to dread: the dismal new routine of life in Sydney's smoke haze | Charlotte Wood
'Worst is yet to come' as smoke shrouds Sydney
Published By : @The Breaking News Headlines
You’re the face of our useless, climate denial government. Does this make you proud, ⁦@ScottMorrisonMP⁩ #auspol #australiaburns #climateemergency #drought #nonewcoalmines #stopfracking
Oz Aussie Oz Aussie
Un nuage de cendre s’est abattu sur #Sydney #AUSTRALIANBUSHFIRES #Australia #AustraliaBurns #australian
Watskeburtinmijnstraat? Watskeburtinmijnstraat?
Marly uit Den Bosch loopt met stofmasker rond in Sydney: ‘Je krijgt er een schorre keel en branderige ogen van’ -
BeSmart 🇬🇧 BeSmart 🇬🇧
Australia fires: Sydney warned 'worst is yet to come' as smoke shrouds city #ClimateEmergency
Published By : @BeSmart 🇬🇧
1ApuestaSegura 1ApuestaSegura
#fhglist 07.12.2019 Part 1 4/4 winners Next free tip 08:30 Sydney✅ 09:00 Mioveni✅ 10:00 Setif U21✅ 11:00 Rostov U19✅ 12:00 Real Madrid(ESP) #inplay #1apuestasegura
Published By : @1ApuestaSegura
Dennis Dimick Dennis Dimick
Australia Fires: For the week ahead @BOM_NSW forecasts strong winds and temperatures ranging from 43C to 44C (109-111 F) in and around Sydney, Australia's largest city. via @guardian
johnnyho johnnyho
Giant fire near Sydney may burn for weeks as people struggle to breathe via @ChannelNewsAsia
'Worst is yet to come' as smoke shrouds Sydney @SkyNews
Published By : @🇬🇧   MyAmigo   #LetsGoWTO
greeen greeen
'Worst is yet to come' as smoke shrouds Sydney -
geffy geffy
อากาศ Sydney ไม่ไหวแล้ว Take me to home pls... 😥
Yadab Raj Ojha Yadab Raj Ojha
This is a real @starbuxman in the poster behind me 🤩🎄🙏🇳🇵, it was like my dream comes true to meet you in real. #Reactive Spring, #Josh long, #Yow conf, #sydney #fan
Published By : @Yadab Raj Ojha Published By : @Yadab Raj Ojha Published By : @Yadab Raj Ojha
Lillian Saleh Lillian Saleh
Stay classy #Sydney. Brawl of the roses at #RosehillGardens via @avabmorrison @JackMorphet #SundayTele @dailytelegraph #GiddyUp
Lee Dolbear Lee Dolbear
Australia fires: Sydney warned 'worst is yet to come' as smoke shrouds city
Paul Wilson Paul Wilson
That's why a federal ICAC is required, if Angus hadn't attack Sydney's Lord Mayor no one would look into what he or the government are corruptly up to!
Ewart Dave 🎺 Ewart Dave 🎺
Angus Taylor is the current Energy Minister. Since 2010, over $98 million in government handouts has been issued to companies with which he has direct involvement.
Claire-voyance Claire-voyance
Sydney weather = literal hell. Smoke, ash & dust entering our lungs. They say living a week here is equivalent to smoking one & a half packs of ciggies a day! @Ameliadandridg1 @lightwxxd_bane @OdeShadowhunter or @Kyberry32 come save me pls or box me up & send me to your houses 😭
Published By : @Claire-voyance Published By : @Claire-voyance Published By : @Claire-voyance
A banana duct-taped to a wall was sold for $120,000 at Art Basel Miami @ SYDNEY EASTERN SUBURBS VIEW
What's on in #Sydney: December 8 to 14 @smh #Australia
Alain Létourneau Alain Létourneau
La carte de l'espace effectivement en feu se trouve dans cet article (en date de vendredi le 6)
Andrew Moran Andrew Moran
According to a news item this morning, 330,000 hectares, an area 4.5 times the size of County Cork, is burning north of Sydney in Australia.
bushfires #NSW Queensland: Helicopter crash lands in NSW as home lost in #Ipswich #Queensland bushfire with smoke haze continuing in #Sydney @9NewsAUS
野村泰寛 野村泰寛
流石はビール大国! 今まで飲んだことの無かったオーストリアのエール系ビールもとても美味い。 #australia #sydney #オーストラリア #シドニー #🇦🇺 #シドニー旅行 #オセアニア #photo #写真 #moda #mônhọc #photography #ビール #ビール好きな人と繋がりたい #beer #🍻

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