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So basically we are being told about terrorism by a country that refuses to recognize its human rights violations inside Kashmir despite the world forum screaming it at top of their lungs at them... Nice.
SocioPoliticalWatch SocioPoliticalWatch
Another success of #NarendraModi jee & #AjitDoval. Due to their successful advocacy, Royal Couple hurriedly reached #Pakistan to scold them. Great going......
Firstpost Firstpost
Britains' #PrinceWilliam and his wife #KateMiddleton were accorded a red-carpet reception on their arrival at the Nur Khan Airbase in #Rawalpindi, the garrison city adjacent to the capital #Islamabad, #Pakistan.
Ram Ram
I heard that Imran Khan has blackmailed the Royals that if they don’t come to Pakistan & fake it that they are in love with HELL he will secretary release all the picture he has of late princes Diana & him in compromising situations. Tussi great ho Bajwa #RoyalVisitPakistan
Uzair Shaikh Uzair Shaikh
Pakistan ko gaali dene se tu desh bhakt nahi baan jayega bro😉
Bro Bro
All dumbass indians are quoting, "Pakistan should put on black list" guys, rather than saying and discussing about Pakistan everyday, u should concentrate to your own country! U don't know about your country anything and chanting Pakistan Pakistan every single time!
Bol News Urdu Bol News Urdu
مصالحتی مشن: وزیراعظم عمران کی آج سعودی عرب روانگی
Bol News Urdu Bol News Urdu
برطانوی شاہی جوڑے کی آج صدر اور وزیراعظم سے اہم ملاقاتیں
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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was accompanied by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and head of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), put forward the proposal during his visit to Tehran on Sunday.
Outlook Magazine Outlook Magazine
Trouble brewing? @TheRealPCB #Pakistan @captainmisbahpk #MisbahUlHaq @SarfarazA_54 #SarfarazAhmed #PCB
Brij_Nandan Kashyap Brij_Nandan Kashyap
Pakistan KY bhekhariii Imran apni awaam ko jhooth hi bola aur bolta hi rhyga Ab bheekh bhi milna band ho RHA h #FATF
Published By : @Brij_Nandan Kashyap
Braj nandan Braj nandan
Pakistan must be blacklisted #FATFshouldBlacklistPakistan
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India-Pakistan relations.
Dont even try.a management guru already on work Now sahib acting as by birth communist.and india has great relationship with china Despite of war Pakistan support Hafiz saeed support Arunanchl pradesh Tibbat Occupying indian border area And so on.
Sudhir Sudhir
Someone outside Mahabalipuram waiting for an invite to Meet Xi #Mahabalipuram #ModiXiSummit #TNWelcomesPMModi
Published By : @Socialist and friendly
Zoya ♡ Zoya ♡
Maulana Fazlu and his madrasa slaves 😂 He's the most harami mulla ever happened to Pakistan like his father by using Islam.
Rais Zahid Riaz Rais Zahid Riaz
GDP Per Capita - 1970 🇵🇰Pakistan: $172.61 🇨🇳China: $113.16 🇮🇳India: $111.26 - 2017 🇨🇳China: $8826.99 🇮🇳India: $1939.61 🇵🇰Pakistan: $1547 (World Bank)
#Turkey 🇹🇷 #Pakistan 🇵🇰
Ali Keskin Ali Keskin
My God, give power to Turkey and Pakistan Army! #TurkishSoldierSalute
Published By : @Gold Leader (Alias SamKhan Master Yoda)
İslam İnkılabı Lideri'nin Pakistan Başbakanı ile Görüşmesi -
Published By : @RASTHABER.COM
Umer Ali Umer Ali
What on earth is a 'dark grey list,' and why is the entire Indian media reporting Pakistan is set to be on it?
Firstpost Firstpost
#Pakistan is on the verge of strong action by #FATF, given its inadequate performance, whereby it managed to pass in only six of 27 items, an official privy to the development said.
Jimmy Patel Jimmy Patel
These Pakistanis duffer and Dumb people arguing that whether Pakistan will put in Black List or not but these duffers are enjoying the status of Pakistan that is already in Grey List..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #FATF
Prince William and Princess Kate visit Government Girls High School University Colony shortly in Islamabad Will Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton have their first visit to Pakistan #RoyalVisitPakistan #RoyaltourPakistan
Published By : @ℳ A̷w̷a̷i̷s̷ ℙℂℱ🇵🇰
Pakistan News Pakistan News
Guarantees on Afghan transit goods: FBR chief issues warning to insurance companies. #pakistan
Zac Zac
Dear Lahore.....this is the whole version and it's beautiful, moving and poignant. A must watch #partition #Punjab #Pakistan #Lahore #India
Muhammad Misbahat Muhammad Misbahat
رجب طیب اردوان نےفوج کامورال بلند کرنےکےلیےوردی زیب تن کر لی,اگر یہ کام ہمارے صدر, وزیراعظم, حتی کہ کوئی چھوٹا موٹا وزیر ہی کر دیتا تو ملک میں ایک بھونچال آجانا تھا,میڈیا، اپوزیشن، پٹواریوں، بھٹواریوں، زیبروں اور لنڈے کے ارسطوؤں نے آسمان سر پہ اٹھا لینا تھا. #Pakistan #FATF
Published By : @Muhammad Misbahat
Unprecedented level of security for Royals' Pakistan visit
It is true that the UN passed a resolution on Kashmir in 1948, calling on both Pakistan and India to demilitarize their parts of the valley and hold a plebiscite
ShahXaib ShahXaib
'India is trying hard and using all means to get Pakistan blacklisted by the #FATF'' Shah Mehmood Qureshi ... But inshaallah inshaallah that's never gonna happen...your sapna will remain the sapna... 🤣
Her tinder profile - I am a #feminist Me - I left swiped her so far she reahed pakistan
Black list me shidhe dala ja sakata hai. Par #FATF wale bhi maze le rahe hain #Pakistan ki dhire dhire le rahe hain #FATFshouldBlacklistPakistan #ImranKhanToGayo #PakistanDarkGray
ACIARPakistan ACIARPakistan
#Women are the key stakeholder of #water management. @ACIARAustralia through its porjects in #Pakistan is ensuring #women involvement by buidling capacity of #ruralwomen. Let us commit to #enagage and #empower #ruralwomen on this #Ruralwomenday
Published By : @ACIARPakistan
Sword of Damocles: FATF Review & looming repercussions for Pakistan (Part-II) - Daily Times -
Yasir DilNawaz Yasir DilNawaz
Only "Pardosi Mulk Media" and "Bughz e Imrani" sharing news of Pakistan in Dark list of FATF...
Jerry Springer is a bit bad at giving directions! . Also Donald Trump was born in Pakistan
Mr Wasi Mr Wasi
DIL DIL PAKISTAN🇵🇰 🅱 FB 💯 @MrWasi99 A😍 @Sam_99i c😍 @Daisy_11_ A 🎁 @MLion_Heart @AshfaQ_SahilL @YousafzaiParvez @sultan_ibrahim4 @iqbal_malik88 🎁 @UmarAns__5 @JavedCh01 @ShoaibAwan_1991 @khan57740 @IkraamAhmad @N_S_k4
Bizz Directions Bizz Directions
Try Bizz Directions! For your social media marketing services to reach the target audience. #bizzdirections #seo #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing #smm #targetaudience #socialmedia #karachi #pakistan
Published By : @Bizz Directions
tariq tariq
Pakistan is wakt Aqdar(values) vs iqtedar ki siasi jang lar raha ha--fatah aqdar ki siasat ki hi ho gi IA.
Ch Sardar Ahmed Ch Sardar Ahmed
قائد محترم کے تاریخی الفاظ! اگر اقتدار کی سیاست کرنی ہوتی تو آنکھیں بند کرکے اُن کی غلامی میں لمبے عرصے تک حکمرانی کرسی پہ بیٹھا رہتا لیکن میرا ضمیر یہ گوارہ نہیں کرتا میں نے ایسی ذلت کی نوکری سے عزت سے جینے کو ترجیح دی میں اقتدار کی نہیں اقدار کی سیاست کروں گا @Atifrauf79
A.minamoto A.minamoto
Tokyo(Japan) 14:00 Hong Kong(China) 13:00 Bangkok(Thailand) 12:00 Islamabad(Pakistan) 10:00
SuheilSiddiqi SuheilSiddiqi
#Dracula inpects IMF team reviews Pakistan’s ailing #tax system
Great work by ASER Pakistan teams! #ASER2019
ASER Pakistan ASER Pakistan
A sneak peek into ASER Pakistan district trainings! District training workshops are being held across Pakistan to conduct #ASER2019 survey to bring you the most reliable estimates on schooling status of children aged 3-16. #ITA #SDGs #SDG @itacec1 @itacecorg @palnetworkHQ
Pakistan Cricket Pakistan Cricket
#OnThisDay in 1921 Gul Mohammad was born. Gul Mohammad was one of the few cricketers who have represented two countries in Tests. He played eight times for India and once for Pakistan.
Published By : @Pakistan Cricket
This is so much better than before. Yeah, the first image still looks like Pakistan Sonic, but the second images looks pretty good.
Malik Naveed Awan Malik Naveed Awan
Pakistan is a peaceful country Royal family visit will put some good impact to whole world We Pak ppl love peace and we promote peace #RoyalVisitPakistan #welcome_in_pakistan
Published By : @Malik Naveed Awan
Zaheer Chaudhry Zaheer Chaudhry
Good News. No likelihood Pakistan will be included in FATF black list
Mr Wasi Mr Wasi
DIL DIL PAKISTAN 🅰 فالو بیک 💯 @MrWasi99 A @Sam_99i C 🍊🍏 @Daisy_11_ @sultan_ibrahim4 @YousafzaiParvez @Riaz1i2 @zara_billy @HectorOscar4 @EKohee @Tahir_R__ ،🍏🍊 @Falak_77 @zubair89muhamad @Aman_Educator @WhiteMafia2 @DrshurjeelR @Muneeb__Jan
The Current The Current
In 1996 and 1997, Diana visited the country to see her friend Jemima Goldsmith and Imran Khan. During the latter trip to Lahore, the princess had helped Imran with raising funds for Shaukat Khanum.
Mahesh Adhikari Mahesh Adhikari
Global Hunger Index 2019 Rankings: India stands at102 out of 117 countries just below Niger and just above Sierra Leone. Pakistan is at 94, Bangladesh 88, Nepal 73 and Sri Lanka at 66. In 2014, India was ranked 55 out of 77 countries. What an achievement for This Govt.👎👎 👇
Published By : @Mahesh Adhikari
vidhayakji vidhayakji
WhatsApp forward #1: #NobelPrize is funded by Pakistan and it does not matter. #TuesdayThoughts
Islam Awan Islam Awan
Syrian ‘Shawarma guy’ brings authentic Arabic food to Pakistan
🇵🇰Rabi gram crop target in Pakistan set at 525,500 tonnes. Federal Committee on Agriculture (FCA) called to focus on oilseeds and pulses seeding in order to reduce the import bill.
Islamabad Weather Islamabad Weather
10 AM Weather Update: Current temp. now 26C with outlook Sunny. Pollen . #Islamabad #Pakistan

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