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Pakistan witnessing mammoth surge in COVID-19 cases, Brookings Institution blog blames it on PM Khan's inexperience #CoronaInPakistan #COVID2019
ایسے نہیں ویسے کرنا تھا، یہ نہیں وہ کرنا تھا، ابھی نہیں تب کرنا تھا۔ Everyone can be a better Prime Minister than the Prime Minister, until he/she actually becomes the Prime Minister. #Pakistan #SaturdayThoughts
Umar bin abdul aziz Umar bin abdul aziz
We want to expand media society across all universities of Pakistan to built a positive image of Pakistan and positive image of our educational institutes. #UoMediaSociety
Sheikh Awaiس Sheikh Awaiس
One is actually the democracy here, you know, people are, people assume that this election means that there is democracy in Pakistan. There is no democracy. IK #StopPoliticsSupportPMIK
سونیاسید سونیاسید
#StopPoliticsSupportPMIK “Overseas Pakistanis have a responsibility to see themselves as the ambassadors of Pakistan in a foreign land.”
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COVID-19: Pakistan confirmed cases rose to 2708, recovery rate jumps to 130
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WordBeyond WordBeyond
Coronavirus in Pakistan: Pakistan records 2,700 coronavirus cases; Punjab crosses 1,000-mark | World News – Times of India
Russaz Russaz
World knows what #Pakistan went through. World knows how much debt they have. But you can also see what they did with those money. मेरो देश भने खाली loan मात्र लिना जानेको छ। एउटा फुटेको पाइप बनाउन १० बर्ष लाग्छ । रिजल्ट बिनाको loan ले कहिले सम्म बाँच्न सकिएला र खै ?
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Radio Pakistan Radio Pakistan
Special Assistant on Health says National Command and Control Centre has a pivotal role in control of #COVID-19 situation in Pakistan
بات اوقات کی نہ کیجئے آپ جیسے رولا کے آیا ہوں 🔥😂😂😂😂😂 #Saudia #Pakistan
Sheikh Awaiس Sheikh Awaiس
In Pakistan politics is hereditary. IK #StopPoliticsSupportPMIK
Çehan Sakandar ⭕ Çehan Sakandar ⭕
Salute to our national hero #SirajRaisani, A truly proud Pakistani who made enemies of Pakistan afraid.Your passion, mission & message shall be Carried forward.We owe you,& we shall not let your sacrifice go waste. #TributeToShaheedSirajRaisani
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The Azamgarh Express The Azamgarh Express
#भारत से #जर्मनी राहत सामग्री ले जारही एयर इंडिया को #पाकिस्तान एयर ट्रैफिक कंट्रोल ने कहा" अस्सलाम अलैकुम एयर इंडिया, #Pakistan एयर ट्रैफिक कंट्रोल आपका स्वागत करता है, फ्रैंकफर्ट के लिए ज़रूरी सामान ले जारही @airindiain, हमें आप पर गर्व है !
Bimal Mirwani Bimal Mirwani
#Yousuf has made some incredibly shocking remarks about #Hafeez and #Malik! #MohammadYousuf #MohammadHafeez #ShoaibMalik #Pakistan #Cricket
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Being a dog lover, I condemn this piece of Art. Please go to Pakistan @karanku100.
It took me 10 days to complete this sketch. Please rate my art. 🙏
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Aman Anand Aman Anand
Ask Shahid Ali, Is he able to say Pakistan is a enemy of India. If he say this on National TV then we take all Responsibility on us not on Jamat #AskZee
24 News HD 24 News HD
Death toll rises to 40 as Pakistan registered 2,723 cases
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Ahmad Ahmad
Totally Agreed With PM of Pakistan Imran Khan And Fully Support His Decisions On CoronaVirus. #StopPoliticsSupportPMIK
Riaz sohail Riaz sohail
سونیاسید سونیاسید
#StopPoliticsSupportPMIK Vigilant prime minister, a great human being, a sincere, dedicated and honest leader. The most suited Quid e Azam’s portrait above any PM Pakistan’s head ever.
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Ani 💙 Ani 💙
Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign (PTUDC) nd Revolutionary Students Front (RSF) issued the following joint statement in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Jammu Kashmir National Students Federation (JKNSF) nd Unemployed Youth Movement (BNT) fully endorsed ths statement
Bharat Retweet ®️ Bharat Retweet ®️
China send top quality N-95 masks to Pakistan. When the consignment landed, Pakistanis found that China had sent masks made up of underwear. Pakistani anchor says “China ne Choona laga diya, Underwear se banna hua mask de diya.” 😂😀 #ChineseVirusCorona #ChineseWuhanVirus
sirfurdu sirfurdu
4 اپریل کے واقعات ایک نظر میں #StopPoliticsSupportPMIK #TributeToShaheedSirajRaisani Bhutto
Mirza Saif 🇵🇰 Mirza Saif 🇵🇰
Islamabad, Pakistan 🇵🇰
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#StopPoliticsSupportPMIK The line he say every time " ghabrana nahi hai " realized us that he is the true leader of Pakistan may Allah strengthen him to fight with the situation in a country.
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Kanwar Bedi Kanwar Bedi
In recent days, several attempts were made by the infiltrators with #PakistanArmy giving them covering fire along the Line of Control (LoC) in #Poonch and #Rajouri districts of #Jammu region. #TerroristsInfectedWithCorona #COVID19Pandemic #Pakistan
Muslims in Pakistan clash with police outside a mosque as they try to enforce Coronavirus lockdown during Friday prayers (video)
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*coronavirus in pakistan : अपने सदाबहार दोस्त पाकिस्तान को चीन ने दिया 'धोखा', भेज दिया अंडरवेयर से बने मास्क
Ahmad Ahmad
Totally Agreed With PM of Pakistan Imran Khan And Fully Support His Decisions On CoronaVirus. We Must Support Our Govt At This Crucial Time, Hope We As A Nation Control This Disease Under Supervision Of Our Government... #StopPoliticsSupportPMIK
Voa Islam Voa Islam
Pakistan Batalkan Hukuman Mati Jihadis Pembunuh Wartawan AS Daniel Pearl -
Responding for COVID patient from pakistan from all those millions of msgs is what I call humanity and positivity. I stan my idol. #Sidharthshukla #Sidnaaz #SidheartsProudOfSid #Shehnaazgill
#ImranKhan & #GenBajwa will be remembered in history of #Pakistan as killer of #Kashmir. #Pakistan pushing #Terroristsinfectedwithcorona across. #BioTerrorism #ChineseBioterrorism #ChineseWuhanVirus #CoronaVirusPakistan
Farzana Shah Farzana Shah
#Pakistan has decided to temporarily open border with #Afghanistan on humanitarian basis to facilitate #Afghan nationals who wish to return to their country. #Torkham and #Chaman border crossings will be opened from April 6 to April 9 D border was closed down due to #COVID19
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Manish Verma Manish Verma
पाकिस्तान के गरीब हिंदुओं और सिखों के लिए फरिश्ता बने दानिश कनेरिया, जरूरतमंदों को बांटा राशन
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Reliving India's 🇮🇳 famous victory against arch-rivals Pakistan 🇵🇰 in the 1992 Cricket World Cup😍😍 A beginning of Pakistan's World Cup nightmare against INDIA 🇮🇳 #India #Pakistan #Cricket #Sachin #WorldCup1992 #INDvPAK #PAKvIND Here's more on it 👇👇
انکل جمہوریت انکل جمہوریت
Pakistan’s confirmed COVID-19 cases lower than European countries, Iran, SC told
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Harris Harris
“Due to the instability caused by a few bugs, we regret to roll back the latest version of ‘NAYA PAKISTAN’ to our older version ‘PURANA PAKISTAN’. We thank our supporters for being with us. Please don’t ask any qs bec we won’t ask you any. Thanks Dev Team Naya Pakistan”
Beauty is overloaded. Here is cute girl student from Tharparkar desert of Sindh Pakistan. It’s really good that people of Tharparkar now know importance of girls education and sending their daughters to Schools.
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This is the last thing we need 🤦‍♂️ عباسی شہید ہسپتال کے ملازمین نے تنخواہوں میں تاخیر اور کٹوتی پر شدید احتجاج کیا۔ #MayorKarachi #WasimAkter #CORONAVIRUS #Pakistan #DawnNews
My Beautiful Pakistan 🇵🇰♥️🇵🇰♥️
Which One Is Your Favourite City? ISLAMABAD LAHORE
Published By : @Malik Muzammil🇵🇰🇺🇸 Published By : @Malik Muzammil🇵🇰🇺🇸
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Pakistan rearrests four men acquitted in Daniel Pearl murder case #InternationalTravelNews
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Imran Khan addressing #corona Relief Tigers in #Lahore says, we do not know what the future holds for #CoronavirusPandemic “I will lead you in this also.” Sir, you are the Prime Minister of #Pakistan we expect you lead the country NOT a roomful of #volunteers!
Ahmad Ahmad
#StopPoliticsSupportPMIK PM Imran said that the State Bank of Pakistan will provide loans on concessions to businesses that do not lay off employees as long as the crisis persists.
Dr.Fahim Abro, Chairman Pakistan Patriotic Youth. Grocery distribution task should be handed over to Pakistan Army, not to any political party. #Pakistan_Patriotic_Party #PPY
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Akbar ❤ Akbar ❤
We are blessed to have such a leader! We need him to make Pakistan a great nation! So please #StopPoliticsSupportPMIK
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Tahseen Tahseen
FBR will get real-time tax if Govt allows cryptocurrency, common Pakistani can trade with the world anytime and FBR & State bank can monitor each activity, can online banking of Pakistan do the same? NO WAY, then why not #ImranKhan #ImranKhanPTI #WaqarZaka #StateBankPakistan
Beautiful Pakistan Beautiful Pakistan
Beautiful Tirah Valley- #Pakistan 🇵🇰 📍Tirah Valley, Khyber Paktunkhwa, Pakistan Credits: Zia Ur Rahman #BeautifulPakistan #Travel #HamaraPakistan #Pakistan
Published By : @Beautiful Pakistan Published By : @Beautiful Pakistan
سونیاسید سونیاسید
#StopPoliticsSupportPMIK Oh yes And use new technologies for Pakistan safety. Excellent Steps.
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Fatima, Anila Pakistan Fatima, Anila Pakistan
"Nobody could have predicted the sheer impact of COVID19 on the World economy in such a short space of time. The slowdown of business and the repurposing of government attention and cash to the health industry. In this webinar, we…
Team #Tinimash Team #Tinimash
Muslims in Pakistan clash with police outside a mosque as they try to enforce Coronavirus lockdown during Friday prayers (video)
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