The Royal Society The Royal Society
#OnThisDay in 1971, the American space probe, Mariner 9, became the first spacecraft to orbit another planet, swinging into its planned trajectory around Mars:
Published By : @The Royal Society Published By : @The Royal Society
Urban Intellectuals Urban Intellectuals
ON THIS DAY IN BLACK HISTORY…. Tag someone that would appreciate learning this. #urbanintellectuals #blackhistory #OnThisDay Win over $100 in prizes this Friday. Join:
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The Phillips Collection The Phillips Collection
“Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it.” 🎂 Happy Birthday to #ClaudeMonet who was born #onthisday in 1840. 🎨 Claude Monet, The Road to Vetheuil, 1879, Oil on Canvas
Published By : @The Phillips Collection
#OnThisDay November 14, 1967 Major General Bruno Arthur Hochmuth, USMC was killed near Huế, Vietnam. General Hochmuth was the first and only Marine Corps division commander to be killed in any war. #USMC #SemperFidelis #Marines
Published By : @Buck Miller (1921-2018)
History of Portraiture History of Portraiture
Born #OnThisDay in 1567: #MauriceofOrange (1567-1625), stadtholder of the United Provinces of the Netherlands Portrait as a boy by #DaniëlvandenQueborn (1552-1602), ca. 1579 #MauriceofNassau #MauritsvanOranje #MauritsvanNassau #OranjeNassau #ChildrenInArt
Published By : @History of Portraiture Published By : @History of Portraiture Published By : @History of Portraiture Published By : @History of Portraiture
📅#OnThisDay ~ Zlatan did the unimaginable 🤯🚴‍♂️⚽️
Published By : @JAFA ⚽️📲
Worn On This Day Worn On This Day
Worn #onthisday in 1971 by @nyjets quarterback Joe Namath to watch his team lose to the @Colts at Shea Stadium in Queens, NY. The white shearling coat was one of many flamboyant furs “Broadway Joe” sported during his 10-game hiatus from the field, sidelined by a knee injury, #OTD
Published By : @Worn On This Day
Mick Ronson Official Mick Ronson Official
#OnThisDay in Ronson history: 1972: Ziggy Stardust Tour, New Orleans, Layola University, US. #DavidBowie, #ZiggyStardust
The Curious Reader The Curious Reader
#OnThisDay we celebrate Swedish, children's author, Astrid Lindgren's birthday. Her famous Pippi Longstocking #books can be read by any age and are sure to entertain you throughout with the wild escapades of the red haired girl. #ChildrensDay #authorlife
Your Morning Briefing - diabetes, guacamole, operating room nurses, and loosening up! - #daysoftheyear #morningbriefing #onthisday #today #diabetes #diabetic #health #diabetics #guacamole #stress #breathe #nurses #operatingroom #breathe #loosenup #lightenup #meditate #mindfulness
Published By : @What's Going On With Jon? Published By : @What's Going On With Jon? Published By : @What's Going On With Jon? Published By : @What's Going On With Jon?
#OnThisDay in 1981, the Philadelphia Flyers played on Hockey Night in Canada wearing Cooperalls They were later banned by the NHL, citing safety concerns
UMusic Publishing UK UMusic Publishing UK
#OnThisDay in 1997, @BeeGees played the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The show was intended to be the band's last ever live performance - but they played several more 🕺 Watch 'One' - #BeeGees #ThrowbackThursday
#OnThisDay in 1960, @RubyBridges became the first child to desegregate a white school. Our unit traces the #history of the black freedom struggle, focusing on the everyday people on the frontlines fighting for justice and equality. #sschat #socialstudies
James M. Lindsay James M. Lindsay
Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick" was published #OnThisDay in 1851, but fared poorly with book critics and book buyers. It didn’t become a classic until after Melville’s death in 1891. #GreatBooks #CallMeIshmael
Mo Mo
#OnThisDay in 1432 Anne of Burgundy died. She was born in 1404 as the daughter of John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy and his wife Margaret of Bavaria. In June 1423, Anne married John of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Bedford but they had no children.
Published By : @Mo
Osprey Publishing Osprey Publishing
In November 1941, a small party of British Commandos was tasked with the assassination of General Erwin Rommel, commander of the German forces in North Africa. Find out more about this mission with RAID 43: Kill Rommel! by Gavin Mortimer: #OnThisDay
Published By : @Osprey Publishing
Paige Madison Paige Madison
Happy #histsci birthday to legendary geologist Charles Lyell. He was one of the first scientists to recognize that humans had a deep prehistory. On the time he licked the first Neanderthal fossil: #OnThisDay
Published By : @Paige Madison Published By : @Paige Madison Published By : @Paige Madison
Michael Willis Michael Willis
14 Nov 2012, and 56312 approaching #WaterEaton foot crossing on a working from Calvert. #Islip is in the distance. The scene looks unrecognisable today @ewrconsortium @chilternrailway #onthisday
Published By : @Michael Willis
Al Raposas Al Raposas
#FilipinoHistorian #OnThisDay On November 14, 1875, the "Boy General" Gregorio del Pilar was born in Bulacan. Earning the moniker #Eagle (Agila), #Goyo first distinguished himself as a military leader at Kakaron de Sili (Pandi). He was then 21 years old.
1980s F1 🏁 1980s F1 🏁
#OnThisDay in 1983. Ayrton Senna tested a Brabham-BMW-BT53B at Paul Ricard. The Brazilian's fastest lap was 1 min:07.90 sec. Michele Alboreto in a Ferrari 126C3 was quickest with a lap of 1 min:02.50 sec. #F1
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Every Three Minutes Every Three Minutes
#OnThisDay in #history a white slaver just purchased someone.
Mayukh Ghosh Mayukh Ghosh
Grace Road. 1995. Young Australia v @leicsccc @gilly381 (born #OnThisDay) bowls 2 overs, concedes 10 runs. 18 years later, in a @IPL match, he bowls again and picks up a wicket with his first ball.
Published By : @Mayukh Ghosh
Bo Bowidowicz Bo Bowidowicz
#OnThisDay 1889: Inspired by the Jules Verne novel “Around the World in Eighty Days,” New York World reporter Nellie Bly (also known as Elizabeth Cochrane) sets out to make the trip in less time than the...
Adam Tebble Adam Tebble
Leopold Mozart is 300 today. Many Happy Returns, Mr. Violin! #ClassicalMusic #birthday #HappyBirthday #OnThisDay #VersuchEinerGründlichenViolinschule
Published By : @Adam Tebble
#OnThisDay 1889, journalist Nellie Bly began her journey around the world, aiming to beat the record of 80 days set by the fictional character Phileas Fogg in Jules Verne' 1873 novel. After 72 days and 40,070 kilometers she returned to New Jersey, where her journey began!
Published By : @Aficionado Prodigiosus, Purveyor of the Strange
LaLiga LaLiga
🔙🎩 Il y a 9 ans jour pour jour, @isco_alarcon débutait en #LaLigaSantander avec le @valenciacf_en ! 💫⚽ #OnThisDay
ZeroAssoluto ZeroAssoluto
#14novembre 1973 #OnThisDay A Wembley la Nazionale di calcio italiana vince per la prima volta in Inghilterra grazie ad un goal di Fabio Capello ed alle parate di Dino Zoff.
Published By : @ZeroAssoluto
OldRailwayAccidents OldRailwayAccidents
#OnThisDay 1914 platelayer James Coughlin was hit by a train & died between #Bury & #Bolton. He couldn't read: did that play any part in his death? Find out more in this blog post: @MLFHS @archivesplus
Published By : @OldRailwayAccidents
Ashmolean Museum Ashmolean Museum
'A Mill near Zaandam' by Claude Monet, who was born #onthisday in 1840. Monet was known for painting straight from nature, or 'en plein air', and was most interested in finding ways to express the effects of light and reflection. See this work in Gallery 65
Published By : @Ashmolean Museum
John Litster John Litster
#onthisday in 1991 midfielder Brian Martin signed for @MotherwellFC from @saintmirrenfc. Also with @FalkirkFC , Hamilton @acciesfc , @Stirling_Albion. Taken from 'A Record of Post War Scottish League Players'
Юлиян Динев Юлиян Динев
#OnThisDay in 1973,England-Italy 0-1 Bobby Moore(England),Giacinto Facchetti(Italy) @England
Published By : @Юлиян Динев
#OnThisDay in 1891 Sir Frederick Grant Banting was born. He was a physiologist and physician who (with Charles H. Best) was the first to extract the hormone insulin from the pancreas. Injections of insulin proved to be the first effective treatment for diabetes #WorldDiabetesDay
Published By : @PhysiologicalSociety
Zdravko Zdravko
#OnThisDay in 2010 at the Yas Marina Circuit, Jenson Button 🇬🇧 took his 7th podium of the season
Zdravko Zdravko
2010 #AbuDhabiGP. @JensonButton in #McLaren MP4/25 scored his 31st podium finish in #F1 © HOCH ZWEI
Published By : @Zdravko
LibriVox LibriVox
#OnThisDay 1779 was born Adam Oehlenschläger, Danish poet and playwright. German, English, & Danish: #LibriVox #audiobook
Published By : @LibriVox
Every Three Minutes Every Three Minutes
#OnThisDay in history -- a white person just sold someone's grandchild.
#OnThisDay in 1832, the first horse-drawn streetcar debuts along Fourth Avenue and the Bowery in Manhattan. Fare was just 12 cents. #OTD #ThursdayThoughts Image: Untapped Cities (depiction of first streetcar and a later model)
Published By : @Historium Unearthia Published By : @Historium Unearthia
PetShopBoys Edition PetShopBoys Edition
Every Three Minutes Every Three Minutes
#OnThisDay in 1823 someone was just traded.
Ralph Krugler Ralph Krugler
#Onthisday in 1998, the Hillsboro Lighthouse Preservation Society was in the process of fixing the historic #HillsboroLighthouse’s #FresnelLens, and other restoration efforts. This article appeared in the…
ElectronicsNotes ElectronicsNotes
#OnThisDay in #TechHistory in 1922 the first broadcasts were made by the British Broadcasting Company (as it was then known) from their studios on the Strand in London using the callsign 2LO.
The Sportsman The Sportsman
#OnThisDay in 1973, World Cup winning captain Bobby Moore played his final game for England. The West Ham legend captained the #ThreeLions for a record-equalling 90 games! 🦁
Published By : @The Sportsman
James Davidson James Davidson
#OnThisDay in 1953, Chapel Hill-based Colonial Records released “What It Was, Was Football," a folksy story that a little-known UNC grad named Andy Griffith wrote and performed. The record went on to sell more than 1 million copies...
📆 #OnThisDay I Un día como hoy en 2017 debutaba nuestro ex #LFC @suso30oficial con @SeFutbol en un Rusia 🇷🇺 3-3 🇪🇦 España
Published By : @EstoEsAnfield ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Published By : @EstoEsAnfield ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Published By : @EstoEsAnfield ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
John Litster John Litster
#onthisday in 1987 midfielder Joe Miller signed for @celticfc from @AberdeenFC. Also with @ClydeFC , @dundeeunitedfc , @RaithRovers. Taken from 'A Record of Post War Scottish League Players'
44 years ago today, the closing credits to an episode of ABC soap "Ryan's Hope": #OnThisDay
Born #onthisday in 1907: Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, best known for several #childrensbook series, such as Pippi Långstrump, Emil i Lönneberga or Mästerdetektiven Blomkvist. She is the 4th most translated children's writer after Enid Blyton, H.C. Andersen & Brothers Grimm.
Published By : @Of Things Past And Imagined Published By : @Of Things Past And Imagined Published By : @Of Things Past And Imagined
HaikuHistory HaikuHistory
38 year reign Building, conquest, riot, plague Left empire stronger? #OnThisDay #otd #HaikuHistory #haiku #JustinianI #Romans #Byzantines #LateAntiquity
Published By : @HaikuHistory
#OnThisDay 1949 Dylan on finding things in unusual places: ‘A friend of mine once found a poached egg in his Blake.’
Global Analytica Global Analytica
Wayne Rooney scored a superb brace as he starred for @ManUtd #OnThisDay in 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣4️⃣...
📻 #OnThisDay in 1922 the @BBC began daily radio broadcasts. The first programme was a news bulletin which was read twice - once fast and then slowly, so that listeners could take notes! 🎙️ 🎧 Tune into the new #TfGMPodcast on Spotify/ iTunes/Audioboom
Published By : @TfGM

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