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Chicago ukončilo vítěznou sérii Bostonu, Carolina zdolala San Jose po nájezdech
Eagles Fans Germany Eagles Fans Germany
Wow! Auch die Cowboys haben schon wieder verloren, sie müssen eine 31-24 Niederlage gegen Chicago hinnehmen. Können die Eagles Montag Nacht daraus endlich Kapital schlagen?
Yoondongssmile Yoondongssmile
ATEEZ PRESALE CODES!!!! If you are interested DM me! $5 each (good deal since people are asking $10+ and $20+) Warsaw x6 Berlin x4 Amsterdam x6 Madrid x4 Paris x5 Moscow x5 Atlanta x1 Chicago x1 HAD 15 SUCCESSFUL SALES #ateezineurope #ateezpresale #ateez #ATEEZinUSA
タカハシカゴ タカハシカゴ
白鯨攻略戦🐳☄突破からの勝利デザート🍰✨蔦屋書店もあるし無限にいられる気がする😊🌟現代アート系の本が割と多くて1人でテンションあがってます⤴︎⤴ #GINZASIX #Starbucksreservebar #蔦屋書店 #AstralSea
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✨stardust✨ ✨stardust✨
I swear the Park Chicago app doesn't actually send a notification because it wants you to get a ticket. A "your session is about to expire" 20 minutes after the fact when I finally remember to check it does me no good.
This has been the first game night in 2+ months that I haven’t gotten absolutely roasted for my constant backing of Mitch Trubisky. It’s kinda nice not being called a total idiot by half the city of Chicago.
Makayla Makayla
Got a job promotion. A new crib in Chicago. A new Jeep. And dare I say it?... A mans with great pipe. Yup. 2019 was definitely my year. 🥰
damn 2019 finna be over with .. what chu got to show for this year ?! **i dead ass wanna know ! loll good and bad.
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Coach Taylor Lucas Coach Taylor Lucas
Wheels up for Manchester! Great week in Chicago. Got some big time dudes coming to campus tomorrow to keep the week rolling! #ALLGAS #BCM
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I’ve lived in Tallahassee years ago. There was this white guy who would ride his bike while dressed like this. Haha now that I’m currently in Chicago, I’ve heard about this legendary street preacher
Published By : @Dora Dora Dora 🇭🇹🌱 Published By : @Dora Dora Dora 🇭🇹🌱
𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐛 𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐛
every city has a "guy" they all know about. you can visit a friend in their town and see a man dressed in robes, riding a horse & your friend will go "oh yeah haha that's horseback jesus" and then that's just the end of the explanation.
Mikey Mikey
Especially in Chicago !!!!
✨Vivrant Thang ✨ ✨Vivrant Thang ✨
Y’all will never understand what a time it was to be alive during this era man I had some good ass summers after this 😭
670 The Score 670 The Score
#Bears linebacker Roquan Smith's pectoral injury could be serious and cost him the rest of the season. "It doesn't look real good for him," Matt Nagy says.
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Kathleen Meek Kathleen Meek
CHICAGO —His school was shut down after a police-involved shooting left a suspect dead and one of his teenage interns seriously injured last month.​
zyntrax zyntrax
Chicago World Fair 1893
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We in Chicago tonight baby
Sarah Evans Sarah Evans
special shoutout to Lakefill Phil, who has limited days to be in the spotlight due to Chicago winter
𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐛 𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐛
every city has a "guy" they all know about. you can visit a friend in their town and see a man dressed in robes, riding a horse & your friend will go "oh yeah haha that's horseback jesus" and then that's just the end of the explanation.
001: 178 N Wabash A loud customer in #TacoBell refusing to leave #Chicago #ChicagoScanner
Ville de Niort Ville de Niort
🗓 Aujourd'hui à #Niort :Chicago Blues Festival via @LeCamji
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Go portillos with the fam last night on my final night in Chicago, then flew to Phoenix today and got more portillos 😂 that’s commitment 💜
Pablo Adrián Guede Pablo Adrián Guede
Bienvenidos a la cuenta oficial de Pablo Adrián Guede Barriero. Argentino, 45 años, Director tecnico. ex Nueva Chicago, Palestino, San Lorenzo, Colo colo, Al-Ahli. Actualmente en Monarcas Morelia, Mexico. Por este medio nos mantendremos en contacto, ¡un saludo a todos! Pablo.
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Ed Werder Ed Werder
The #Cowboys have won three of their last 10 games and have their second three-game losing streak. Jerry Jones: “Chicago took it to us. We won’t be going anywhere until we can win a football game.”
NFL Chicago Bears New White T-Shirt Unisex Med. Cotton Blend #Trendystyles5 #Etsy #Chicago
Kops all over America are fuxking up...Santa is NOT happy...has a kop rescued a kitten recently? Is anyone hugging one of these blue lives? Anything? Damn...not looking good...state of Florida, cities of Baltimore and Chicago...
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Dirt™️ Dirt™️
Joey and Josh and I just drove to Chicago and back on a Thursday night to see Berhana
Published By : @Dirt™️
aldo lombardo aldo lombardo
Céline Dion - INCREDIBLE Vocals in Chicago! 'Courage World Tour' (1st De... di @YouTube
Rhodes Rhodes
Chicago latinas are wild
Mr.Jay Too Mr.Jay Too
Throwback shot from a few years back with Dion Bracken at Reynolds..Chicago..We be havin fun!
David Shellenberger David Shellenberger
An illustrated guide to Chicago architecture "While no list can include everything, here is a sample of Chicago’s defining architectural styles and types—and how to identify them." #Chicago #Architecture via @CurbedChicago
Black Panther Party leader Fred Hampton killed 50 years ago in Chicago police raid
duro wicks duro wicks
J5 #pressplay w/ sound on ▶️🎧 @ South Shore, Chicago
シカゴ シカゴ
♥イカサマ経済で国民は借金を背負わされる !? ◆全ての国民は、お金の仕組みを学び【信用創造特権】の実態を知るべし! ◆世界の紙幣発行権が民間【中央】銀行のイカサマ !? ★スライブ
I’ll never forget at @MODSUN’s show in Chicago in 2016 when he had no idea @iamblackbear was coming to surprise him & open up for him. We were literally the ones to tell @joeyyalva & he said Mod had no idea 😂
CTA's Mood CTA's Mood
😀: Riders are feeling better than they did an hour ago. Analyzed 13 tweets, with 62.79% feeling Cheerful. #Chicago #CTA #CTAMOOD
Patrick Finley Patrick Finley
#Bears WR Anthony Miller on QB Mitch Trubisky: " “A lot of people have been down on him, calling him this, that and the third, but we’ve been rocking with him in this locker room. We’ve always had confidence in him. Coach has confidence in him.”
Midwest Unrest Midwest Unrest
“We stand with those who affirm the value of their life over the cost of living!” Beautiful action in tonight Chicago.
Security at Jewel-Osco murdered 55-year-old Eugenio Guzman for suspected petty theft. Chicagoans staged a vigil, distributed free food, and chained a "ghost cart" to the store in his honor.
Published By : @Midwest Unrest Published By : @Midwest Unrest Published By : @Midwest Unrest
hugo romo hugo romo
Puedes fumar cannabis en tu patio o en balcones después del 1 de enero
queen queen
hi I plan on going to the Eric nam concert in Chicago on February 28th and the Stray kids concert on February 5th in Chicago, anyone willing to go 🤓
Richard Spilotro Richard Spilotro
Officer Followed From Police Station, Shot While In Car
Jennifer Chapman Jennifer Chapman
I made u a birthday waffle, u made me laugh all day, and the Cowboys made me mad! Happy birthday, Reese. I love u so much! @ Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile
Richard Urban Richard Urban
nate nate
There is nothing I love more than the Chicago White Sox.
PaunovicSZN PaunovicSZN
Chicago sports is about suffering.
Offseason Jiggly Offseason Jiggly
There is not love of #cf97 without despair about #cf97.
arthuralmassy arthuralmassy
Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää, Suomi! Happy Independence Day to Finland! 102 years! 🇫🇮 🇫🇮 🇫🇮 6.12.1917 #itsenäisyyspäivä #itsenäisyyspäivää #suomi #finland #finlandia @ Chicago, Illinois
I’m pleasantly drunk, flirty, and happy rn! CHICAGO!!!! You’re always soooo good to me!!!! The night is young! Keith Young!
Jnell 🌺 Jnell 🌺
Since I can’t see @Excision when he comes to Chicago next year, I’m gonna have to plan a trip out of state to see dad’s Evolution tour. I AM NOT missing that
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me & my bf stepped into a store in downtown chicago & he seen a ring with the infinity symbol, tried it on my finger and asked to get it without even asking the price like 🥺🥺🥺
CBS Chicago CBS Chicago
Attorney: Chicago Police Officer Who Slammed Man Into Pavement Used His MMA Skills As ‘Lethal Weapon’
Published By : @CBS Chicago
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