D'Laun Montgomery D'Laun Montgomery
He who angers you controls you
#Futbol⚽ Resultados Finales: #Ligue1🇲🇫 Olympique Marsella 1-3 Nantes Angers 1-0 Montpellier Dijon 1-1 Mónaco LOSC 3-0 Toulouse #LigaFUTVE🇻🇪 Estudiantes de Mérida 4-0 Carabobo FC Metropolitanos FC 2-1 Gran Valencia Aragua FC 0-1 Deportivo Lara #LuisitoSports⚾🏀⚽🏈
Darrell Samuels Darrell Samuels
This has to be shown to MLSE ownership because this angers me as a @MapleLeafs fan + hearing Kyle Dubas apologists for him #FireDubas #LeafsForever #NHL
A memory we'll all have forever
Hebert Salas Hebert Salas
-Marsella 1-3 Nantes FT Sanson 39'/ Limbombe 34'-Bamba 53'-Soberón 90+4' -Dijon 1-1 As Mónaco FT Baldé 56'/ Maripán 79' -Angers 1-0 Montpellier FT Bahoken 68' -Losc Lille 3-0 Toulouse FT Rémy 2'39' Sanches 72' #Ligue1Conforama
Vik Bataille Vik Bataille
Zelensky angers Putin, as Ukraine considers pulling out of Minsk Agreement via @YouTube
🐦 nik 🐦 🐦 nik 🐦
I have a lot of gripes with the furry fandom but the one that truly angers me is how obnoxiously consistent the fursonas are I am so sick of seeing the same neon fox or wolf fursona please for the love of god change it up
natalia ⁷ natalia ⁷
he is so cute It Angers Me
The reason things are so bad in the States is because we do not select leaders with the divine right to rule, and this angers God. Blasphemy should be punished.
Each time i see this beautiful smart intellectual woman photo Amie Harwick it angers me that this woman beater is still not convicted and hanging from a tree. What a low life punk
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Lorean Siller Lorean Siller
Zelensky angers Putin, as Ukraine considers pulling out of Minsk Agreement via @YouTube
THE Mighty Alaskan Ute THE Mighty Alaskan Ute
Watching Oregon versus Arizona and it just angers me. We should be in the thick of the conference hunt every year. College football is still King but college basketball when you’re good this time of year is so much freaking fun
サルエル風 リラックスパンツ
Bon c'est qui qui s'est connecté sur mon Twitter le 17 février à 7:05 du matin à Angers avec un Iphone (j'ai ma petite idée ) 😭😭😭
Trevor Whitnell Trevor Whitnell
There's not enough alcohol to dull the pain. I've been a Leafs fan my whole life. Watching 3 players who screwed us on contracts and now just play shinny and spend time on social media posting selfies angers me. Definitely thinking on stop being a fan. #45YearsOfThisCrap #ImDone
Bryan Johnsen Bryan Johnsen
This one child angers our Orange Lord. I pray that his cult will not begin their death threat campaigns against her. It appears that is how they wish to control dissent from those who challenge his divinity. So sad and pathetic is he.
When a child knows more than a whole political party... "Many people think that climate change is an opinion but it's not an opinion, it's a fact. It's a fact. You can't say I don't think the heart is pumping blood, it's a fact." ~ Greta #ClimateCrisis
Maji Lucas Maji Lucas
this angers me a little
Fight Vids 🎥 Fight Vids 🎥
She hit him first tho🤔
seeing stuff like this really angers me. can y’all not see how beautiful she is ?? and i would say that it’s not all about beauty, but it is. they don’t think she’s pretty enough bc of the color of her skin and that’s just what it is. doesn’t make it right.
IG:Negraitta🇹🇬 IG:Negraitta🇹🇬
Appreciation post for myself because the 4th modeling agency this week told me they were no longer in need of darker skinned models atm & not making height exceptions at the time🥴
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Josseth Josseth
don't look up to people who talk down to you - a lot of people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges - 3 words, 2 seconds, 1 moment: Thank You God...3 palabras, 2 segundos, un momento: Gracias a Dios - (s)he who angers you controls #you
Judy Hasday Judy Hasday
Sorry... BS angers Non supporting Dems more & more everytime he opens his lousy yelling piehole. I WILL NEVER vote for him, even if pond scum is his opponent, And what makes everyone think those votes are legit? Rethugs are voting for him to skew the primaries. America is dead.
I’ve really hit bottom when Joe Walsh—JOE WALSH!—is talking sense to me. It’s going to be a loooooooong summer.
Only Republicans would do this, angers me
Kamala Harris Kamala Harris
Utterly shameful for the GOP to play games with the Census and deliberately mislead Californians with this mailer. A reminder for everyone: official questionnaires for the 2020 Census will begin arriving on March 12. This is not it.
Judy Hasday Judy Hasday
Add vote totals= BS 6,000+, Biden, Buttigieg, Warren, Klobuchar, and Styer= 9,700 + votes. That means 9,700 voted for anybody BUT Sanders. #NeverBernie. He angers no BernieBros more & more everytime he opens his yelling, angry mouth. He's not a uniter. Doesn't care either.
Gene Rossi Gene Rossi
Dear Dems: The @BernieSanders “juggernaut” as portrayed by the media is this: he has just won decisively a caucus that awards a mere 36 delegates. Congrats on an impressive win. But a nominee needs 1,991! A marathon and not a sprint.
Samuel Miller Samuel Miller
Police force faces anger for telling young people to avoid rape by 'not getting drunk' | inews
#Ligue1 🇫🇷 #Fecha26 Res Finales: #Marsella 1(M. Sansón) - #Nantes 3 (Limbombe, K. Bamba, A. González e/c), #RCStrasbourg 0 - #Amiens 0, #Angers 1(S. Bahoken) - #Montpellier 0, #Dijon 1(Balde) - #Monaco 1(Maripan), #Lille 3 (L. Remy x2, R. Sanches) - #Toulouse 0
it angers me that so many people are watching why r u through unofficial links/platforms. is it really that hard to just use the official links and support the series? not it isn't!
bubu bubu
Morning tales and how Khirsti angers her family by proving how impossible it is for her to be a frugal person.
Judy Hasday Judy Hasday
Me either. Every day he angers anyone who isn't a BernieBro. He'll burn this country to the ground. He is NOT a uniter. If he was just up against 1 or 2 others, it would be A LOT closer. The votes are getting spread among those who have no chance.
Scottsdale Hub Scottsdale Hub
Do not do to others what angers you if done to you by others. - Socrates
#freesouthafrica🌲 #freesouthafrica🌲
This angers me to violence
Mark Dice Mark Dice
All they wanted was to be able to get legally “married” they said...
Andi⁷ ♡s BTS • Andi⁷ ♡s BTS •
He angers
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Lafontaine Michelle Lafontaine Michelle
Moi qui aime ( ou aimais?) le hockey.... je préfère regarder Angers démon pour la 15e fois!😖😳
There is nothing that angers me more instantaneously than seeing Gene Simmons’s stupid face. The weird thing is Paul Stanley has the exact opposite effect and is my grounding key in therapy
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Maria Maria
It really angers me that my English lit book isn't made of thicker paper. It's basically tissue and the damn thing weighs about 10 pounds.
Gray Wolf Gray Wolf
"YouTube star's Whataburger review angers Twitter: 'Texas seems very upset with me'" Uh oh ... then he asks what five things he should try during his visit to Austin! I suggest a healthy dose of "crow". 😂
2h30 du matin, Angers, nuit d'un calme plat, silence assourdissant quand soudain, un homme, dans la rue, hurle : "C'EST LA PÉTÉE !" salut à tous les fans de @Groland
Les réactions, Angers - Montpellier, 1-0, Der Zakarian, "On ne fait pas ... via @YouTube
Nana✪ Nana✪
IM SORRY I DID IT AGAIN Deleted last tweet because the more I look at it the more it angers me so I'll try to fix it tomorrow Unless I fail, then it will go to the vault
Belle Belle
He who angers you, controls you.
Khalil Ismail Khalil Ismail
Nothing angers me more then the lack of common sense
Josep Rodrigo Josep Rodrigo
#Ligue1: • Marsella 1-3 Nantes • Dijon 1-1 Mónaco • Lille 3-0 Toulouse • Angers 1-0 Montpellier • Estrasburgo 0-0 Amiens
Published By : @Josep Rodrigo Published By : @Josep Rodrigo Published By : @Josep Rodrigo Published By : @Josep Rodrigo
sarah sarah
nothing angers me more than someone on depop requesting to bundle items.. and then me making a post for them.. and then they don’t buy it and also never respond.
Diane McHugh Diane McHugh
I am old enough to remember the race riots it breaks my heart and angers me that our country has a president that encourages racism
Thomas Kaine Thomas Kaine
I never met a trump supporter who was not also a racist. The bigger the supporter, the bigger the racist. How about you?
Giselle Giselle
Just thinking about the way he behaved then angers me. I have little fondness for men who do not treat their spouses with respect.
The show mad men angers me to my core
uh oh pasghetti-o 😳 uh oh pasghetti-o 😳
9 times out of 10 someone will tweet something like this, that somehow angers them, even if it doesn’t effect them in any way, shape, or form, yet the whine and complain about it either way. let people find community, idk why people do this. is it a need to feel right?
EmmyJewel EmmyJewel
9 times out of 10 a bio with pronouns will also have identified every past ailment & setback. For instance: She/her bi-pan-genderqueer 🌈 •chronic fatigue •allergy sufferer •mum of adhd child •autism •hearing impaired •disabled cat carer Is it a need for sympathy?
K A R L E Y✨ K A R L E Y✨
I wake up everyday and think about how @RavenHUNTY was robbed on season 2.... and it still angers me to this day!!!
Published By : @K A R L E Y✨
Gold plated... Optical cable. OPTICAL cable. GOLD. PLATED. What kinda people buy these? What kinda people MAKES these?? This angers me more than it should. :T
Published By : @【Jͦaͭyͭ 】
Dean Dean
Prince Harry’s exit angers helpers who built Invictus. Has he betrayed and let them down?
Ugh we just really never talk about vernon top dancer and it angers me
#Futbol⚽ Resultados Finales: #Ligue1🇲🇫 Olympique Marsella 1-3 Nantes Angers 1-0 Montpellier Dijon 1-1 Mónaco LOSC 3-0 Toulouse #LigaFUTVE🇻🇪 Estudiantes de Mérida 4-0 Carabobo FC Metropolitanos FC 2-1 Gran Valencia Aragua FC 0-1 Deportivo Lara #LuisitoSports⚾🏀⚽🏈
Vik Bataille Vik Bataille
Zelensky angers Putin, as Ukraine considers pulling out of Minsk Agreement via @YouTube
actum4life actum4life
Who would've thunk it? Focusing on love and positive thoughts has reduced a lot of anger and frustration. Just like that. Amazing really. The gangstalking has reduced as well but then, today, it ramped up again and it may have been due to a bad thought? I don't know.
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