As we await the recommencement of the 2020 AFL season, @michelangeloruc details another time Port Adelaide fans were left waiting at Alberton Oval while Richmond were stranded on the tarmac at Tullamarine 🐯🛫⏱️ #weareportadelaide
Upside News Aust. Upside News Aust.
Published By : @Upside News Aust.
Courtney Barry Courtney Barry
Sureal. Proud of Adelaideans #StayAtHome
10 News First Adelaide 10 News First Adelaide
HEADLINES: All the news you need to know this Wednesday. Full details in Adelaide's #10NewsFirst at 5pm. @katefreebairn
'Opening across what will come to be known as a dividing line of history, the exhibition finds itself at the mercy of a context its artists or its curator could hardly have anticipated'. @ArtlinkMagazine reviews Monster Theatres.
Published By : @Art Gallery of South Australia
todo mundo cheirando um cigarro nesse momento. @manugavassi trolando o brasil
An exceptionally quiet Good Friday (as always) in Adelaide but a big rd2 w/end of Easter Footy to look forward to: Tomorrow - @GlenelgFC v @SturtFC @WestAdelaideFC v @Ceeentrals Woodville v @southadelaidefc Easter Monday - @PAFC v @NorwoodFC @NorthAdelaideFC v West Torrens.
George Michaelson George Michaelson
Shout out to Matt Roughan at Adelaide uni who gets a quote.
Disco Morales Disco Morales
How am I possibly expected to eat guilt-free when this old man looks at me like this before each individual bite? You're killing me smalls. @ Adelaide, South Australia
✿ Adelaide ✿ ✿ Adelaide ✿
new oc
Published By : @✿ Adelaide ✿ Published By : @✿ Adelaide ✿
veathika veathika
Flatten the #COVID-19 curve by following social distancing rules. #Adelaide
Steven Marshall, MP Steven Marshall, MP
By staying apart, we're working together to stop the spread of #COVID_19. To keep South Australians connected and informed, the State Government has created - a local, reliable source of information. #SouthAustralia #StopTheSpread
World Concert Hall World Concert Hall
Right now, rebroadcast: #Milliken #Schumann with Marwood and #Dvorák's Ninth from #Adelaide #wch
AFL Feeds AFL Feeds
Who are Port’s 150 Greatest Players? Part One: 1870-1950 #AFL: Who have been Port Adelaide’s greatest footballers since the club’s formation in 1870?...
Science and Perspective Science and Perspective
The dogs are freaking out. It turns out a leaf fell from the royal palm. @ Adelaide Village Nassau Bahamas
Jodan Perry Jodan Perry
Indigenous women and children camping near Adelaide after being stranded outside of closed APY Lands | NITV via @NITV
Nick Fabrio Nick Fabrio
A sad tale about a man with too many rolls of toilet paper recontextualized to financial markets..
Published By : @Nick Fabrio
#MetroStars #MetroStars
This Saturday we head into the archives and we will relive a classic game in full with a rewatch of our memorable Round 14 Super League match between #MetroStars and Adelaide City. 🏆 ⏯ Tune in this Saturday from 3PM to watch!
I think that’s the part that gets me. Half tether kids that are red’s have foundation on/no eyebrows but Adelaide’s half tether kids do? Lol this doesn’t make sense. Most of it didn’t.
Christopher Hogarth Christopher Hogarth
Really? Anyone? “A Brisbane, on vous demande “Quelle bière buvez-vous?” A Sydney: Quel revenu avez-vous?” A Melbourne: “A quelle université appartenez-vous?” A Adelaïde: “A quelle religion appartenez-vous?”A Perth, comme à Brisbane, on vous demande: “Quelle bière buvez-vous?”
SarwarHussain SarwarHussain
Beautiful 😍 pomegranate tree in the neighborhood, wow #adelaide #morningruns
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"S" no peito do capitão América é de "isntupro" @EduMBarros
Adam Hillier Adam Hillier
On your own Twitter feed list six football teams you've seen play live, but ONE is a lie. People leave a reply as to who they think is the lie. Here's my list: 1. Real Madrid 2. Man City 3. Liverpool 4. Adelaide United 5. Malaga 6. Sunderland
catti🛸 catti🛸
aturar a adelaide e o gustavo a estas horas , ninguém merece
Billy Smith Esq. Billy Smith Esq.
Such a wonderful chap from the Downer Dynasty of Adelaide - he's good
Coalition Tea Lady Coalition Tea Lady
Idiot ...
Adelaide Weather Adelaide Weather
current weather in Adelaide: few clouds, 18°C 48% humidity, wind 3kmh, pressure 1025mb
Glam Adelaide Glam Adelaide
The Latest: (Artists Wanted For Adelaide FringeVIEW Online Arts Experience) #Adelaide
Careers For Carers Careers For Carers
# Podiatrist at Australian Unity (Adelaide SA, Australia)
Lisa S. Minck Lisa S. Minck
Just a few stuco officers at theme dinner night! First, Savannah W & her brothers with the Ninja theme, & then Adelaide E with her dad & their fancy sushi night! Shoutout to Adelaide's dad for the hard work he's doing for our county and city! ❤️ #LTSpiritWeek @LakeTravisSTUCO
Published By : @Lisa S. Minck Published By : @Lisa S. Minck
Rachael McDiarmid Rachael McDiarmid
Message from Carol Lefevre. Her new novella MURMURATIONS was to be launched tonight in Adelaide. The link to the video is
Published By : @Rachael McDiarmid
World Concert Hall World Concert Hall
In 20 minutes, rebroadcast: #Milliken #Schumann with Marwood and #Dvorák's Ninth from #Adelaide #wch
Jacob Jacob
I love Adelaide :)
metaCapitalism metaCapitalism
‘Shoot them dead’: Aussie family’s fear via @newscomauHQ
7NEWS Adelaide 7NEWS Adelaide
Coronavirus Update: "Testing stands at over 313,000 tests that have been carried out in Australia" - @GregHuntMP - Minister for Health. "We are at the global forefront on that side with a less than 2% positive rate." #7NEWS
Adelaide Massive Adelaide Massive
New on #AdelaideMassive tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#AdelaideMassive: HORIZON – DNB AWARDS 2020 – EXCLUSIVE MIX #adelaide #dnb tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#dnb #adldnb tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#adldnb
SBS News SBS News
A 62-year-old woman from Adelaide has died from coronavirus, taking South Australia's death toll to two.
Daily Mindful Meditations Thanks for the share. Great resource #edtechsa tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#edtechsa #adelaide #homeschooling tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#homeschooling #wellbeing tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#wellbeing #stem500 tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#stem500 #remotelearning tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#remotelearning #freeresources tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#freeresources
Adelaide 💖 Adelaide 💖
We literally had a gnome wife and this is the most unrealistic about the show
forrest ⚢ forrest ⚢
so nicole has a purse, i need a picture of that, like could you imagine her walking out of the sheriff's department with it on her shoulder, i would die of laughter ngl
Glam Adelaide Glam Adelaide
The Latest: (Mentoring Service Launched To Support SA’s Startups And Scaleups) #Adelaide
Sean Fewster Sean Fewster
ICYMI: Last night, #Adelaide jurors convicted this woman of murdering her lover to claim his $300K estate. They had heard seven weeks of evidence. Now, the evidence jurors were *not* told can be revealed. via @theTiser #truecrime tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#truecrime
Adelaide Massive Adelaide Massive
New on #AdelaideMassive: Serum – Nap Time Vinyl Mix Part 2 #adelaide #dnb #adldnb
7NEWS Adelaide 7NEWS Adelaide
The number of coronavirus cases in New South Wales has risen overnight by 48 to a statewide total of 2,734. #7NEWS
7NEWS Adelaide 7NEWS Adelaide
The country's top health officials are reportedly considering a plan to expose Australians to the coronavirus in manageable doses. @olivialeeming #7NEWS
Published By : @7NEWS Adelaide
7NEWS Adelaide 7NEWS Adelaide
Coronavirus: The first group of Australians forced to quarantine in hotels have been let out. Almost 300 people who had been on the Norwegian Jewel cruise ship were placed into quarantine at the Swissotel in Sydney two weeks ago. #7NEWS
Published By : @7NEWS Adelaide
7NEWS Adelaide 7NEWS Adelaide
Three young children have been rushed to hospital after reportedly showing symptoms of COVID-19 while staying at a luxury Sydney hotel. #7NEWS
adelaide corbetta adelaide corbetta
mia sorella con @valtellini si è inventata #soscompleanni: riceve desideri, manda foto e video, prepara pacchetti e biglietti calligrafati e poi fa consegne amorose e io sono fiera di lei perché è brava ed è #genteseria (evviva @DidiCorbetta) #day30 #diariadi (1/3 segue)
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Adelaide Weather Bot Adelaide Weather Bot
#Adelaide #weather tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#weather is currently Partly Cloudy and 13° outside.
#DYK tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#DYK Mary Adelaide Nutting? Nutting had a profound impact on nursing, was one of the key figures in modernizing the profession, & her work is still influential in the field today. Read more about this remarkable woman here: #WorldHealthDay tag's videos, tweets, pins, comments and more details!">#WorldHealthDay
Published By : @National Women's History Museum
Adelaide 💕 Adelaide 💕
Buenas tardes ☀️ como les va en este día de lluvia?
Published By : @Adelaide 💕
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