Andre Locquiao Andre Locquiao
Grabe si Maam nagturo pa ata sya ng Hapon :3
Mapúa University Mapúa University
The Department of Mathematics, with the help of the Office of Social Orientation and Community Involvement Program, distributed relief goods to the affected families of the recent Taal Volcano activities in Judge Ladislao Tapia Elementary School, Tanauan, Batangas;
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white☆witch white☆witch
Bachelorette Party in San Francisco with JaiVegas™ at Audio Nightclub Fri. & Sat FREE Guest List Sign Up Ends at 6:25PM let's chat 3 mins
Gig in the Goil Gig in the Goil
Okay, we’ve announced 3 of our Main Stage headliners so far. Anyone for a fourth? 👀
Karla Karla
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4 年ぶりに職業訓練校時代の人から電話きた 終電逃したーいまひま?だって いやおれ今福岡だから無理だと。でも 3 月東京行くから、そんときならおkって伝えた 彼女は、俺が当時ずっとプログラミング勝てなかった人。今はどうか。今さらそんなんどうでもいいけど
ferpilol ferpilol
He acabado los exámenes. Lo he conseguido y ahora solo quiero dormir, a esperar resultados (por ahora he aprobado el primero, me faltan 3)
aa. aa.
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Amanda Kelle Amanda Kelle
Cheguei a conclusão de que eu posso ser a burguesinha do seu Jorge Desde que eu faça um procedimento a cada 3 meses KKKKKKKKK esse mês eu vou no cabeleireiro Em março vou no esteticista Em junho malho o dia inteiro
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Interesting day 2 years ago today managed a tiny bit of snow during the afternoon 1.3°C and finished the day at 10.6°C at 11pm.
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Troy Allen Troy Allen
Surprisingly high number for Iowa. LSU lost a lot so how will 2020 go? Alabama lucky to only lose 6 it feels like. Clemson & Ohio State only losing 3 each screams rematch. Oh, and with A&Ms talent, 4 isn’t so bad.
Brett McMurphy Brett McMurphy
Most underclassmen declared for 2020 NFL Draft LSU 9 Alabama 6 Georgia 5 Iowa, Texas A&M 4 Auburn, Clemson, Miami, Michigan, Missouri, Notre Dame, OhioSt, Washington, Wisconsin 3 ArizSt, Baylor, Boise, FSU, Md, MichSt, MissSt, OU, PennSt, TCU, Temple, UCLA, Utah, UtahSt, VT 2
Razek76 Razek76
No es justo empatar este partido en el 90 cuando he tirado 3 palos, he sido superior al rival, y al descanso me voy perdiendo 3-2 con tres tiros a puerta del rval que son gol...
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jeni jeni jeni jeni
3 anos atrás criando Twitter pra entrar no if
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bruna bruna
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Centurion Action Centurion Action
Centurion Cricket - A: A$$ beat SOWETO SWING OCTET 71(3.0) - 61(1.0)
Não há 2 sem 3... 😕
Força Custom Força Custom
코튼마루 코튼마루
" #증평출장맛사지 #성동출장업소강추 🅱️20대 여대생이 30분이내로 찾아갑니다 🏉문의전화 010*2199*6449 🎆카톡 x c 2 3🌈️ "
rocket軍曹 rocket軍曹
征服者への道 第12話 4067 +3 残133 マイナス-、かと思ったが(´Д`) +で終われた(´ω`) まだまだ打ち合い&ポジションどりの修行不足 高速くらったけど、その次怒りのパワーでドン勝つ取れた(´ω`) もっと日頃から自分自身気を引き締めてやらないとと思った1日です。
mariapaolalugogomez mariapaolalugogomez
Interesante saber cómo realmente China está impactando en el cambio global donde un 1/3 del país q es casi 1/2 continente asiático se convertirá en zonas conservación y q el eje partido comunista busca una sociedad ecológica sumado a una integración energética limpia global
um bb um bb
Nos primeiros 21 dias do ano eu já: 1 - sim 2 - sim 3 - not 4 - not 5 - not 6 - not 7 - not 8 - sim Em 2020 eu quero: 9 - sim 10 - sim 11 - simmm 12 - not é meu bro
Nate's Nate's
Chat off 🙃
William Tan William Tan
The secret of winning for #YangGang 1. Canvassing as many as possible. 2. Phone banking 3. Text banking 4. Talk to people about @AndrewYang 5. Focus on #Iowa 6. Work extremely hard from now to 2 Feb 2020 7. Stay cool. Show enthusiasm. Thanks.
Erik Larson Erik Larson
We’re going rapid fire #TheBachelor thoughts from ep 3
lexxx lexxx
Looking for 3 roommates in Stillwater. Message me!
Clifton Barnhart Clifton Barnhart
Use the Vanguard promotional notepad to make a funnel. Man smart with tools. It's infuriating how wrong librarians are in writing on official library business. $3 #CookBook #Anthropology
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Nicole Fragosa Nicole Fragosa
3 seconds away from another mental breakdown
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#Expose2020 Part 3: 2nd Bernie Staffer "I'll Straight Up get Armed" "Guillotine the Rich" 01.21.20 Project Veritas
Frank Gallagher Frank Gallagher
1. Hectic scenes 2. Keep it moving 3. So now what now? 4. Gepoes 5. Shut up! You know nothing!
Name your top 5 phrases (you say a lot) Mine are 1. The game is the game 2. You see the vision? 3. Fight Me 4. Summertime Fine 5. It is what it is
gira girassol gira girassol
já estava mal, agora estou 3× pior
ارقام جوفينكو افضل من بقير ولاكن 🤷🏻‍♂️
- في الجولة (9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13) في دورينا : 🇮🇹 مع #الهلال جيوفينكو (سجل 3، صنع 3) 🇹🇳 مع #ابها : سعد بقير (سجل 4 ، لم يصنع) - بقير حقق جائزة أفضل لاعب في هذه الجولات.
Dan Stretton Dan Stretton
The 3 most important things to remember in a relationship: talk to each other; listen to each other; and be honest with each other.
Usnoozeulose Usnoozeulose
Feral cats - Tip #19 Q. When it's below 20 degrees, is there anything I can do to help the feral survive the cold? 1. Put a sweater on the cat? 2. Raise the heat in its shelter? 3. Supplement its meals with pepperoni? A. #3 4 thin slices with the morning meal is best.
lindsayek. 🌞 lindsayek. 🌞
A car alarm has now gone off 3 separate times. I’m about to lose my f*cking mind.
gopal gopal
*गोवा मे आज नरेंद्र मोदी जी का भाषण सुनकर कांग्रेस पार्टी के सारे नेता घबराए *३ मिनट का वीडियो है कृपया अवश्य देखें और पसंद आये तो आगे भी सेंड करिये* ☝ #Supportहिंदुतत्व 🚩🚩 #SupportPMModi #Support_CAA_and_NRC #SupportForNewIndia #JaiHind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Haruka Kira Haruka Kira
Published By : @Haruka Kira Published By : @Haruka Kira Published By : @Haruka Kira
The Automated Chef The Automated Chef
Whip together 1/3 cup Danish pastry with 4 cups eggrolls. Mix in Orange Juice. Chill. Serve with chili
$SVL.JA (up $3.98) $KW.JA (up $3.50) $JP.JA (up $3.00) lead price gainers at this point this afternoon. Grab our Android app from the link in our bio!. See more at #JSE20200121
Might Be Damian Might Be Damian
war übrigens doch erst um 10 nach da. schon dumm, wenn man a) die handschuhe erst draußen vermisst und wieder in den 3. stock muss und b) der offiziellen umleitung folgt anstatt - illegaler weise - über die "gesperrte" kreuzung fährt.
Might Be Damian Might Be Damian
wenn ich so weiter mache, bin ich heute schon um kurz nach 7 auf der arbeit. meine kolleg_innen werden mich für verrückt erklären. das sind sie gar nicht mehr gewohnt.
Santu Santu
Hi sir.... I have realme 3 Pro. I have not yet received the realme UI. What's the problem?
Allah korumuş iyiki 3 Temmuz bu yönetime olmamış. Anlardınız o zaman LİDER ne demekmiş Yürek ne demekmiş
D. Souza D. Souza
Lugares onde beijei 1- Não 2- Não 3- Sim 4- Sim 5- Sim 6- Não 7- Sim 8- Sim 9- Sim 10- Não 11- Sim 12- Sim 13- Sim 14- Não 15- Sim 16- Não fav q eu te mando as perguntas
Lary ✌ Lary ✌
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Kendrick Nunn’s last 5 games: - 23.6 PPG - 3.4 APG - 3.4 RPG - 1.2 SPG - 57% FGs - 47% 3PFGs - 100% FTs He’s a BALLER
When is @AtlantaFX season 3 coming out we are tired of waiting
1세션 3펌블 연속펌블(잡아당김)
たのしひもの 「4人生存で勝ち確している鯖を通電後3吊りして勝った時」
Suman Kumar Datta Suman Kumar Datta
I casually made a survey asking people.. What is on 26th Jan..?? 93.7% replied "Dry day." This is disturbing. We have to educate remaining 6.3% immediately !! 😂
♊︎ ♊︎
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Gigi Beltrame Gigi Beltrame
iPad Pro: meccanismo a forbice anche sulla Smart Keyboard 2020 | Rumor #digilosofia

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